Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 251

Chapter 251: Insane Killing Intent

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Luo Ying calmed herself and gently patted Ye Mos hair, "Im fine, itll just be hard on you, you need to take care of yourself."

Ye Mo couldnt understand Luo Yings words and pushed her into his arms. Luo Yings body froze but didnt push him away.

After a long while, Long Ying pushed Ye Mo away and looked at him carefully until Ye Mo felt it was a little awkward. Then, she said: "Mo Er, go out and wait for me, I want to clean myself."

"Okay, Ill be outside." Although Ye Mo didnt know what Jing Xi said to Luo Ying, he wouldnt let Jing Xi go no matter what. Even if he would starting feud with Serenity, he would finish this wretched nun.

As soon as Ye Mo walked out of the door, he saw that dark faced nun. She sneered at Ye Mo, "Such a cocky xiao bei, you dare to be arrogant in Serenity."

The nun pulled out her horse tail whisk and was about to attack. Her power wasnt even as strong as Lone Wolf. Ye Mo wouldnt be afraid of her but before the two attacked, Jing Xian walked over and said to that nun: "Jing Wen shi mei, I have a few words I want to say with Ye shi zhu."

TL note: shi zhu: what nuns and monks refer to other people not in their religion. It essentially means patron.

This black faced nun didnt dare to disobey Jing Xian and quickly said: "yes, leader shi jie."

Ye Mo had some good impression of Jing Xian and also thanked her.

Jing Xian looked at Ye Mo and said: "Ye shi zhu, come with me."

Ye Mo saw Jing Xian bring him to the room Jing Xi brought him to yesterday and felt strange, thinking dont tell me this nun is going to do the same as well.

What Ye Mo worried about didnt happen, Jing Xian took out a bag and gave it to Ye MO: "This was left behind by Susus master. When you take Susu away today, give this to her. Susu is a kind soul, you musnt let her be mistreated. Sigh, before shi mei left, she left Susu under my care but I let her be mistreated too much."

After pausing for a moment, Jing Xian continued: "Ye shi zhu, dont go down the sea of fire today. No one can pass that, I will talk with Jing Xi shi mei."

He took the bag and felt strange, why didnt she give it to Luo Ying straight away?

But still, he replied: "thank you, Jing Xian qian bei, qian bei please rest assured. I wont let Susu be mistreated. Even if I suffer I wont let her suffer."

"hmph, so bold statement." Jing Xi appeared at the door again.

Ye Mo got up abruptly. His eyes were extremely cold. If it wasnt due to Jing Xian, he would use all his means to kill his disgusting nun.

Jing Xi also looked coldly at Ye Mo, "you dont need to wait for Susu. She wont leave with you. She had left Serenity. You wont be able to find her forever, hahahaha, do you know, no matter how pretty she makes things sound, she is just lying to you, haha.."

"what?" Ye Mo immediately charged out and went to Luo Yings room with his fastest speed. The room was empty, last nights bamboo mat was still there. On it was a letter and a small pouch.

Ye Mo ripped open the litter, the content was very short: "Mo Er, Im going, dont think about me. You need to stay safe, theres a strand of my hair in the pouch, let it stay with you forever. Jing Xi is a mad woman, dont bother with her. Ill be happy as long as youre fine. Mo Er, I really dont want to go, I dont want to lose you, its because I love you. I dont want you to be my brother, I cant accept this fact, I just want to love ou."

The remaining content was soaked wet by tears.

"why.. Luo Ying. Susu..." Veins on Ye Mos forehead popped as he roared, "Susu, master, dont leave..." Ye Mo barged out of the room, his spirit sense searching everywhere. He went to the entrance with the stage and the metal chains but he didnt see Susu.

Ye Mo went back to serenity but was stopped by the black faced nun. Under intense range, Ye Mo threw more than ten fireballs and didnt even care about Jing Wens horse tail whisk. While Jing Wen was surrounded by the fireballs, she punched Jing Wen more than ten meters away. Jing Wen was paralysed on the ground spitting out blood. She didnt expect Ye Mo to have such power.

But Ye Mos back was also bloodied by the horse tail whisk but Ye Mo didnt care at all.

A few other nuns wanted to stop Ye Mo but was stopped by Jing Xian: "let him be, hes emotionally unstable now, wait till he stabilises."

A few nuns stared in horror at the fire ball charms Ye Mo threw out. Even Jing Xi didnt expect he had such a killing move.

Ye Mo charged into the frost room where Susu was kept. Other than the frigidness, there was nothing inside. Ye Mo could no longer control the violence in his heart and smashed towards the wall forgetting that his fist was dripping with blood.

This room just drew the frost from underneath the grond, it wasnt very stable itself. Under Ye Mos constant barrage, the stone wal finally started to crack.

Rumble, Ye Mo punched the wall again. This room that once imprisoned Luo Ying finally crumbled into rooms under Ye Mos furious attacks.

Ye Mo saw this room crumble and gradually calmed down. Jing Xi this old hag. Luo Ying left him because she listened to her words. Killing this nun wasnt enough to release his hatred.

Plus Luo Ying also said she would kill this nun. No matter why, Ye Mo had to kill this nun.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo charged back to the big yard with eyes red. He stared coldly at Jing Xi and said: "old nun, what did you say to Luo Ying? Speak,"

Jing Xi shivered subconsciously. She was actually afraid of Ye Mo subconsciously but she soon calmed herself down and laughed: "what did I say, I just spoke the truth. You are Luo Ying are siblings. You siblings did something interesting, hahahahaha.."

Everyone looked at Jing Xi, her hair was covering her face and she seemed quite crazy.

Unexpectedly, Ye Mo still looked at her coldly without any emotions.

"are you dumb, knowing that the person you love is your own sister?" Jing XI was very unsatisfied with Ye Mos reaction.

Ye Mo sneered, he had understood why Susu asked him those words. It seemed Susu was mistaken. He grabbed more than ten fire ball charms and said coldly: "before you die, I will let you be an enlightened ghost. I was adopted by the Ye family at Luo Hong temple indeed and I also have a sister. We both have a bracelet to recognise each other, see, its this one."

Ye Mo took out a bracelet and wobbled it in front of Jing XI, then, he continued: "oh, I forgot to tell you, my sister is younger than me, she was also adopted from the Luo Hong temple but Susu is two years older than me. She wasnt picked up by the Ning family from the Luo Hong temple."

"impossible, Susu was adopted from the Luo Hong temple." Jing XIs face became hideous.

Ye Mo sneered: "Susu was picked up by Qingxues mother outside the Luo Hong temple, there was still some distance with the Luo Hong temple. You probably didnt know that when Susu was adopted, she was already more than one."

"impossible, this is impossible." Jing Xi was losing control, her eyes became red as she pointed at Ye Mo: "Jing Xi is you and Susus mother, its Jing Xi that wretched bitch.."

"Enough.." Jing Xian couldnt help and reproached.

Jing Xian looked disgustedly at Jing Xi before saying slowly: "Jing Xin was a virgin even till the moment she died. How could she have children, Jing Xi, youre stepping over the line. Luckily Ye shi zhu isnt siblings with Susu. If they are, then your actions wont be allowed by the heavens."

"what? Jing Xin is a virgin? Ahaha.." Jing Xi seemed to have heard the funniest joke and laughed hysterically.

At this moment, the black faced nun and two other nuns closed their hands and said: "Jing Xi shi mei, Jing Xian shi jie is right, Jing Xin shi mei was indeed a virgin. Before she left, her virgin mark was still on her arm. We can testify to that."

"she isnt.." Jing Xi murmured, "all Ive done was for nothing, nothing, no..."

Ye Mo sneered and could no longer resist his killing intent for Jing Xi. He rushed up and raised his fist. Jing Xi who was half crazy was smashed away by Ye MOs fist, spitting blood in mid air. Ye Mo was about to follow up but was stopped by two nuns.

Although these two nuns no longer wanted to kill Ye MO, Ye Mo couldnt escape their barricade. Ye Mo threw out more fireball charms under his rage and yelled: "out of my way."

The two nuns knew how strong Ye MOs fireball charms were and didnt dare to block it. They quickly dodged. When they looked up, Ye Mo had already charged past them.

Ye Mo came in front of Jing Xi with his fastest speed and punched again. Jing Xi had clamed down now. She flicked up her horse tail whisk at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo wanted to smash Jing Xi to pieces now. He didnt even bother with the whisk and still punched.

"youre crazy." Jing Xi saw Ye Mo ignoring her whisk and yelled in shock.

Although Ye Mo wasnt crazy, his eyes were crazed with killing intent that anyone would shiver upon gaze.

Slap, when Jing Xis whisk hit Ye MOs chest, Ye Mos fist also landed on Jing Xis stomach.
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