Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 253

Chapter 253: I Will Make Sacrifices to My Sword

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
"Xiao Bei, youre cocky indeed, I just didnt expect your qing gong to be so excellent. But no matter how good your qing gong is and how talkative your mouth is, this is your last time. Im afraid Broken Fist Hall will kill you first, so Ill send you on your way," Zhang Zhihui said. The long jian on his back was already in his hand. He swung it, bringing out a sharp sword ray.

Ye Mo coldly looked at this. He didnt expect this old guy to still have more moves. It could be seen that these old farts in Earth Level werent easy to mess with. They werent so superficially angry as they looked. He knew the reason why Zhang Zhihui wanted to kill him so much was to find the Liu Blue Carrot.

If he fought with Zhang Zhuihui head on, Ye Mo was sure he was no match for him. However, he was a cultivator, and with a flying sword, why would he need to fight head on with Zhang Zhihui?

Ye Mo stood and raised his hand, then a faint purple flying sword quickly took on the flying sword ray.

Clank, Zhang Zhihuis jian ray disappeared, and a 15 cm piece of the tip of Zhang Zhihuis jian fell to the ground. It was just one move, and Zhang Zhihuis long jian was broken. Ye Mo felt satisfied remembering how Zhang Zhihui hacked so many crevices into his sword last time.

"Flying sword" Zhang Zhihui stared at the flying sword in shock and was dumbfounded. He held his jian, dumbfounded.

After a long while, he looked at Ye Mo with extreme shock. "You can actually use a flying sword You, who are you?"

Ye Mo sneered. "What, old fart, werent you going to rob my stuff? How come you look like a p*ssy now. Old fart, how dare you try to rob me, you really think youve lived long enough, huh?"

Zhang Zhihuis face was green, but he didnt dare to move. He knew that if he moved, the flying sword above his head would immediately decapitate him.

He really didnt imagine someone in this world could use a flying sword; this was only in the fairy tales. If someone else told him that he saw a flying sword, he would for sure say that person was dumb, but now, he saw it with his own eyes.

"Since you have nothing to say, Ill use your head to sacrifice to my flying sword." Ye Mo sneered. The flying sword made a beautiful swirl in the air before landing on Zhang Zhihuis neck.

"Dont, Qian Bei." Zhang Zhihui didnt dare to talk useless things anymore. Although he could dodge this one, what about next time and the time after that? As long as there was a flying sword, he was dead for sure.

Ye Mo controlled his flying sword and blandly said, "Any last words? Or you can tell me which sect youre from, Ill annihilate them all."

At this moment, Zhang Zhihui no longer dared to doubt Ye Mos words. Ye Mo really had the power to annihilate an entire sect.

"Qian Bei, please have mercy, although I belong to the hidden sects, Im from the Xuan River Zhang Family." Zhang Zhihui knew that if he spoke one word wrong, the flying sword could easily pierce his head. Although the flying sword was only an inch away from his neck, he could feel his skin was already pierced and bleeding. He didnt dare to lie; after all, quite a lot of people knew about him from the hidden sects.

"Xuan River Zhang Family?" Ye Mo repeated and took back the flying sword. He had heard of this family. It was the biggest of the 5 great families, but it was very strange that their main power wasnt in Beijing. Although there were some, their main power was in Xuan River.

No wonder they could become the first family, they had an Earth Level Middle Stage master. Which other family could compare to this? Before he had a flying sword, even he couldnt mess with Earth Level Middle Stage masters.

Ye Mo was thinking about whether to kill this old fart or get some benefits out of him.

As though seeing what Ye Mo was thinking, Zhang Zhihui quickly said, "Qian Bei, although our Zhang Family isnt so good, if theres anything Qian Bei needs, we have a lot of manpower at the Zhang Family."

Ye Mo smiled, he knew what Zhang Zhihui meant. He didnt really mean they had a lot of manpower, but that their Zhang Family had been passed down for so long, they have a certain amount of savings. The reason this Zhang Zhihui could reach Earth Level must be due to Zhang Familys huge wealth other than his own luck.

Although Ye Mo had a flying sword, his cultivation speed here was too slow. If he could use the Zhang Familys wealth to help him search for some herbs, it would benefit both.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo took back his sword and said, "In that case, Ill let you go for now, but if I find that youre useless to me, I will still kill you."

"Yes, Qian Bei, I will do everything that you order." Zhang Zhihui wiped the sweat from his head, knowing that he finally saved his life.

He was sure that Ye Mo didnt want to expose himself in front of so many people. If Ye Mo wanted to kill him last time, it would be all too easy, but then, everyone would know that he could use a flying sword. Funny how the Space Association still wants to act against him. He was fine falling from such a high cliff, so it mustve been intentional because he had the ability.

Luckily, Zhang Zhihui was a fast thinker. Otherwise, he would be killed immediately much less reach Earth Level Tertiary Stage. In his view, Ye Mo was older than him, perhaps a master of the legends. Although Ye Mo looked young, he had Face Preserving Pill. Who knew how old he really was.

"Brother Zhang" Since he was going to cooperate with Zhang Zhihui, Ye Mo gave him some respect. After all, he was that old. However, it would be impossible for Ye Mo to call him Qian Bei or something like that.

Zhang Zhihui heard this and shivered. He quickly waved his hand and said, "Qian Bei, you musnt call me Brother Zhang, just call me Zhang Zhihui."

In his heart, Ye Mo was at least a master beyond the Earth Level, perhaps more than 100 years old.

Ye Mo smiled. The reason he didnt kill Zhang Zhihu was firstly due to the Zhang Familys huge wealth. Another was that Zhang Zhihui cultivated ancient martial arts. Since he was at Earth Level, it meant that he knew about ancient martial arts. Ye Mo didnt know that much about it, so it would be good to ask him about it.

Seeing Ye Mo not talk, Zhang Zhihui stood by the side not daring to talk, but his heart was like a ravaging river. In his eyes, Ye Mo was a magical person. If he could get on his good side, perhaps he would get some unimaginable benefits.

Ye Mo thought a while before saying, "In that case, Zhang Zhihui, your current power is Earth Level Middle Stage, then after Earth Level Peak Stage, would you be Heaven Stage?"

Zhang Zhihui was dazed and looked strangely at Ye Mo. "Qian Bei, did you not reach beyond Earth Level? After the Earth Level its not Heaven Stage, we call it Great Heaven Level."

Ye Mo embarrassed himself. There actually wasnt Heaven Stage but instead Great Heaven Level. However, he wouldnt show any weakness in front of Zhang Zhihui and smiled. "The things Im cultivating is beyond ancient martial arts, you could say my current power is equivalent to Heaven Stage."

If he wanted Zhang Zhihui to be obedient, he couldnt say his power was too low. He was barely an Earth Level, but with a flying sword, normal Earth Level masters were no match for him at all.

Zhang Zhihui immediately showed a more reverent expression. His anticipation was right, those who could use the flying sword were indeed extraordinary.

"Then what about after Great Heaven Level?" Ye Mo asked again after seeing Zhang Zhihui was shocked.

"After Great Heaven Level?" Zhang Zhihui murmured and shook his head. "According to what I know, there is currently no one who is at Great Heaven Level much less after it."

"What? Theres actually no Great Heaven martial artist? You mean Earth Level is the highest here?" Ye Mo asked in surprise.

Zhang Zhihui seriously nodded. "Yes, Qian Bei, those who cultivate martial arts here including the hidden sects, the highest is not at Great Heaven Level. Of course, I dont know if there are a few who reached Great Heaven Level and goes hidden. But to be honest, there are even barely a few Earth Level Tertiary Stage much less Great Heaven Level."

Ye Mo took a sigh of relief; if it was really like that, he didnt need to worry. There wasnt even a single Great Heaven Level master. His flying sword should be able to dominate them all. Seeing Zhang Zhihui wanting to say something, Ye Mo immediately said, "If theres something you want to say, say it."

"Yes." Zhang Zhihui quickly agreed. "Its said that Wu Dao Monk of Wuliang Mountain is already half way Great Heaven Stage. He should probably be the strongest in the hidden sects."

"Wuliang Temple? Is it in Wuliang Mountain?" Ye Mo really wanted to go find this monk and test his flying sword.

Zhang Zhihui shook his head. "Wuliang Temples Wuliang isnt the same as Wuliang Mountains Wuliang, theres a great difference. Wuliang Temple means no one knows where it is, or no one can find it anymore.."

Ye Mo waved his hand; he already knew the approximate state of the hidden sects. He had no intentions of asking where the Wuliang Temple was. He just asked, "You said the Broken Fist Hall is here?"

Hearing Ye Mo ask about this, Zhang Zhihui quickly replied, "Yes, Qian Bei, when I came, I found the Broken Fist Hall people blocking the outside, they say you killed their elder."

Ye Mo grabbed the flying sword on top of his head and looked at Zhang Zhihui. "I will go make sacrifices to my sword, take me to those clowns."
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