Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 254

Chapter 254: Make Sacrifice to the Sword, Exert Dominance

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Zhang Zhihui didnt reply because he didnt need to. At the moment, more than ten people had surrounded them.

Ye Mo scanned these people coldly and didnt talk. Out of the 12 people, there was one Earth Level elementary stage, 4 Black Level and 7 Yellow Level.

"Brother Zhang, we Broken Fist Hall also know what youre here for, we just want to ask that you give us this Mo Xiao Bei after you take the Liu Blue carrot. I, Zheng Chengfa, will pay you back." It was the Earth Level talking, he thought Ye Mo was apprehended by Zhang Zhihui.

Zhang Zhihui didnt even look at this Earth Level martial artist and said very respectfully to Ye Mo, "Qian Bei, these are the people from the Broken Fist Hall, because Qian Bei killed Zheng Chengze last time who was the brother of their leader, they brought almost all of their elite here. Their head is the leader of the Broken Fist Hall, Zheng Chenfa."

"Zhang Zhihui, what are you doing?" the Earth Level heard Zhang Zhihuis words and was shocked. Although they had a lot of people, numbers were useless against Earth Level masters.

Ye Mo scanned Zheng Chengfa and blandly said, "From today onwards, the Broken Fist Hall no longer needs to exist, I will erase it from existence."

"How dare you, Zhang Zhihui, do you think you can take on our Broken Fist Hall all by yourself? Your Zhang Family will experience bloodbathed from us." Although Zheng Chengfa was concerned with Zhang Zhihui, he wouldnt resist anyone who stopped him from getting revenge. He believed that the reason Ye Mo was so bold was because Zhang Zhihui was supporting him.

"You talk too much." Ye Mo didnt want to waste words. His flying sword turned into a purple beam and smashed towards Zheng Chengfas forehead like a shooting star.

Clank, Zheng Chengfa blocked the flying sword in that instant, but his sword was already in half. Before he could see what projectile it was, Ye Mos flying sword turned and pierced the back of his neck.

"Flying Sword" Zheng Chengfa just spat out these two words and fell dead to the ground. The intense shock was still there in his eyes. The flying sword still floated in the air with purple rays striking fear into peoples hearts.

The remaining eleven people were frozen on the spot. What was this, flying sword? The legendary flying sword! No one believed it, but their strongest leader had been killed. He had only blocked once, and that was because he sacrificed his precious sword.

They were far from Earth Level and didnt have good swords in their hands. They wouldnt even be able to see the sword before they were killed.

Zhang Zhihui was sweating. If he didnt act fast, he would be a cold body now too. Even if he could block it, he could block it 3 times at most. This flying sword was fast like a comet. Any Earth Level master wouldnt be able to block more than ten strikes unless it was a Great Heaven Level master.

"Argh" A Black Level peak master was the first to react. He looked at the sword floating in the air and screamed. He could no longer control the fear in his heart and turned to run.

"Hmph" Ye Mo sneered. Since he killed, he had no intentions of letting any of them go. The Broken Fist Hall was different to Zhang Zhihui. It was a hidden sect, so if he didnt kill them all, it would come back again. Plus, he killed the brother of their leader, so there was no way around this feud. The only way was to erase it.

Meanwhile, Zhang Zhihui had a large family wealth and had his concerns. Plus, he didnt have that much feud with Ye Mo so it would be far more useful to let him live than kill him.

Under the control of his spirit sense, the flying sword twisted into a purple beam and pierced all of their heads quickly.

In the blink of an eye, there were only two people left. Ye Mo controlled the sword to spin in the air but didnt move anymore.

The remaining people were shocked by Ye Mos carnage and kneeled down after half a beat not daring to say anything. All they did was keep bowing their head on the ground.

Seeing the bloody scene, Zhang Zhihui shiveredthis was real carnage. At this moment, he wouldnt doubt for a bit that Ye Mo could kill his entire family. This guy killed without any emotions. He could tell that Ye Mo often did these types of things.

Broken Fist Hall was still a middle ranked hidden sect, but more than 90% of their elites were gone like that. This Qian Bei was far from as easy to talk to as he had imagined. He didnt kill him probably due to other reasons. Thinking about this, Zhang Zhihui wasnt just feeling cold, he could even feel his calves shivering. Suddenly, Zhang Zhihui felt a frigidness and he subconsciously looked at Ye Mo and saw that Ye Mo was staring at him and sneering.

"Qian Bei" Zhang Zhihuis head was tingling.

Ye Mo didnt say anything but just stared at him once and looked away closing his eyes.

What did the Qian Bei mean? Zhang Zhihui was scared. Was he going to be killed too? But then why did he leave two alive?

Ye Mo didnt seem to hear what Zhang Zhihui said but just looked up at his flying sword and his eyes were indifferent.

Zhang Zhihui couldnt understand Ye Mos intentions for a long time, but now he saw Ye Mo look at his flying sword and then on the two remaining people on the ground. He suddenly understood, Ye Mo wanted him to kill them. If he didnt show his loyalty now, perhaps this Qian Beis flying sword would pierce his head immediately.

Thinking about this, Zhang Zhihou didnt dare to wait at all. He immediately picked up his sword and rushed quickly in front of the two remaining people and sliced twice.

The two kneeling on the ground was confused. They didnt why Zhang Zhihui killed them instead of the flying sword wielder Qian Bei.

"Youre very good." Ye Mo scanned Zhang Zhihui and took back his flying sword.

Zhang Zhihui secretly wiped some sweat, thinking he almost didnt understand what Ye Mo meant. Since you want me to kill them, just say it, why be so mysterious and stuff.

Zhang Zhihui took a breath of relief and said, "Qian Bei, these Broken Fist Hall people are evil, they dare to offend Qian Bei, serves them right to be killed. Just wait for me to deal with these bodies first."

Zhang Zhihui was about to clean away the bodies. After all, even though it was fighting amongst the hidden sects, they still needed to deal with it in secret.

Ye Mo smiled and said, "No need."

Then, Ye Mo casually threw out more than 10 fireballs. He was Stage 3 Chi Gathering peak now, so he could barely use 14 fireballs at once. The bodies on the ground were burned to ashes, and even the ground started to crack.

Zhang Zhihui was dumbfounded. If the flying sword gave him great shock, then this fire ball made him realize it was the means of gods and sages. He stared at the bodies that had become ashes in disbelief and couldnt say anything.

"Zhang Zhihui." Ye Mo had asserted his dominance so he no longer needed to be polite.

"Yes, Qian Bei." Zhang Zhihui immediately reacted and looked at Ye Mo with reverence and fear.

Ye Mo, of course, knew that after the club, he needed to feed the old guy a carrot to make him completely obedient. Now, he nodded satisfactorily seeing Zhang Zhihuis state and said, "Do you know the address of Broken Fist Hall?"

"Yes, Ive been there once." Zhang Zhihui didnt dare to hide anything.

"Okay, in that case, you go finish them, that shouldnt be a problem, right?" Ye Mo looked at Zhang Zhihui, giving him an invisible pressure. He wasnt afraid this old man wouldnt agree. He purposely left the last two men for the old man to kill. Now, the old man had to listen to him and exterminate the Broken Fist Hall.

Zhang Zhihui didnt dare to say half a no. Even if he didnt kill the Broken Fist Hall people, he didnt dare to disobey Ye Mos words.

"Okay, in that case, after you exterminate them, wait for me at the Zhang Familu. Youve stayed in Earth Level Middle Stage for quite some time, right? As long as you make me happy, I dont mind letting you progress a step further." Ye Mo knew it was time to give the sweet fruit.

Zhang Zhihu was shaken. He had been working hard for decades, but he still wasnt able to break through Earth Level Middle Stage. If he could, he wouldnt be robbing Ye Mos Liu Blue Carrot. It was because the seduction of breakthrough was too great for him that he tried to rob Ye Mo. Now that Ye Mo said he could help him break through, it was like dropping a nuclear bomb.

He didnt doubt Ye Mos words the slightest bit. Ye Mo was a Great Heaven Level master, so how could he care about a mere Earth Level Middle Stage breakthrough. Plus, if he couldnt breakthrough, his lifespan would be up soon. Even those ancient martial artists who cultivate to Earth Level Peak Stage couldnt extend their life. At most, their bodies would be healthier, and they would live a few extra years than mortals.

Only those who reach the legendary Great Heaven Level could extend their life by 60 years immediately. However, if he couldnt even reach Earth Level Tertiary Stage, how could he even reach Great Heaven Level?

Ye Mo promised that he could reach Earth Level Tertiary Stage, and Zhang Zhihu was willing to do anything even if he sold everything he had. After a long while, he woke up from this huge joy and immediately knew that Ye Mo wanted him to show his loyalty. As such, he quickly said respectfully, "Qian Bei, dont worry, I wont let a single person escape from Broken Fist Hall."
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