Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 255

Chapter 255: Not a Minor Thing

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"Okay, in that case, go do it and wait for me. Remember, if there are some rare herbs and ores, collect it all for me. I will give you a list in some time, help me find the herbs on it. I wont mistreat you," Ye Mo noted.

Zhang Zhihui took a breath of relief. He was afraid Ye Mo had no requests, but since Ye Mo had some, he felt assured. If he had no value, he didnt believe a decisive killer like Ye Mo would let him go.

When Zhang Zhihui left, Ye Mo glanced at the brush on the side and sneered. This person was hiding there when he killed Zheng Chengfa. However, Ye Mo didnt expose him; he knew it was that Xi Wushan from the auction.

He believed that after the old guy saw his powers, the people from the auction wouldnt dare to mess with him. The reason he didnt get into more conflict with the auction association was because of resources. Perhaps he could collaborate with the association again. However, if they tried to play any tricks, he could annihilate them at any time with his current power.

As soon as he left Wu Liang Mountain, Ye Mo called Qiao Gang. After all, he promised him to race for him but had delayed it due to his own things. He didnt know whether it was finished already. But regardless, he had to greet Qiao Gang since he took his money. Qiao Gang was very surprised to hear Ye Mos voice. "Big Bro, I thought you had forgotten about this. I tried calling you but cant reach you. The race is in 6 days, where are you, Ill come pick you up."

Ye Mo didnt expect the race to not have begun yet. He looked at the calendar on the phone and discovered that it wasnt the end of the month yet. In that case, he would help Qiao Gang, after all, Qiao Gangs money helped him in a time of great need. Thinking about this, he immediately said, "Im going to Tan Du Shi Fan University to find my sister, just find me the day before the race."

"Ah, great, the race is near Tan Du, in the Gui Lin Valley. Ill come pick you up at that time. Thanks, how do I call you, brother?" Qiao Gang was worried for a month. Just when he was lost, he received Ye Mos call and was very excited.

It was not that he thought Ye Mo was a fraud, but he felt with Ye Mos supercar skills, it would be too easy to earn hundreds of thousands, and there was no need to cheat him.

"Im Ye Mo." At this time, Ye Mo no longer needed to hide. The hidden sects already know of his identity.

He hid his identity because he was too weak. Now that his flying sword was made, unless he wanted to fight the entire country or the entire hidden sects, he didnt need to be scared. Those two conditions wouldnt even exist. He didnt harm the country, and in addition, he was the instructor of Flying Snow and had the permit to kill.


Xi Shuang Temple.

A few people rushed over into that secret meeting room. Xi Wushan was already restless.

"Elder Xi, why did you call us in a hurry over here." The one talking was Lady Fang.

Yu Shi Xiong sat down slowly and said, "Lady Fang, dont worry, I think we probably found that Mo Ying."

However, Xi Wushan stood up and said, "Yu Shi Xiong, I have indeed found his traces and also saw his real face. That young man is only in his 20s but"

"You saw him being attacked by the Broken Fist Hall people?" the goatie said.

Xi Wushan nodded but before he said anything else, Lady Fang continued, "Was he killed by the Broken Fist Hall people? If thats the case, are they not giving us Space Assocation any face at all?"

Yu Shi Xiong shook his head and calmly said, "Lady Fang is too hasty. Their Broken Fist Hall is not bad, but theyre not at the stage to disregard us. Even if that Mo Ying killed Zheng Chengze, they wouldnt dare to act so confident. I think Xi Shi Di has something else to say. We must get Mo Ying, what conditions did they bring up?"

Xi Wushan shook his head and said, "Broken Fist Hall didnt say anything."

"Thats impossible, even if they are giving us face, they will certainly still have some conditions." Yu Shi Xiong shook his head; he believed his judgement was right.

Xi Wushan seriously said, "Its not that they wont, but they cant. The 12 people who attacked Mo Ying including their leader Zheng Chengfa were all killed by Mo Ying."

"What?" Yu Shi Xiong exclaimed as his cup fell to the ground. It splashed water, but he didnt notice it at all.

After half a beat, he gasped and said, "Zheng Chengfa is at the peak of Earth Level Elementary Stage and he has 11 good men, that young man can kill him, was he pretending before?"

Xi Wushen heavily nodded. "I think he mightve been acting before. I clearly saw from the side that this person is very decisive in killing, and he is also merciless."

"He could actually kill Zheng Chengfa and 11 strong mens attack, Xi Shi Die, what level is he?" Yu Shi Xiong recovered from the shock and calmed down.

Xi Wushan seriously said, "I suspect he has reached Great Heaven Level already."

"What?" not only Yu Shi Xiong was shocked again, but also Lady Fang and the goatie. Great Heaven Level, was Great Heaven Level this easy?

"Ancient martial arts hadnt had a Great Heaven Master in over a few centuries, Xi Shi Die, did you see wrong. This Mo Ying once killed Lone Wolf, but its too much too say hes Great Heaven Level." Yu Shi Xiongs face was getting more and more serious.

Xi Wushan shook his head and said, "Im sure I saw it right. I was suspicious last time when he fell off the cliff. Even an Earth Level Peak Stage master would die if they fall from that cliff, but he even managed to survive unscathed. And, you know how many moves he used to kill Zheng Chengfa? You might not believe it, but he only used 2 moves. However, I feel that these 2 moves was only a single and very simple move."

The remaining people were shocked into silence. Killing an Earth Level martial artist with one move, even an Earth Level Peak Stage couldnt do that. Then perhaps it was really possible that he was Great Heaven Level.

Seeing these few people with their mouth open in shock, Xi Wushan sighed. "I saw it with my own eyes, otherwise I wouldnt believe it too. At that time, there was Zhang Zhihui by his side, but he was also defeated by Mo Ying and he even surrendered to him. Do you know the weapon he used?

"He actually used a flying sword! You wont believe it, but he could actually command a flying sword. The speed of it was like a comet and even emitted light rays. Although Zheng Chengfa blocked that sword, that sword sliced apart his sword and then, the sword flew back and pierced Zheng Chengfas heart from the back. I really cant describe that sword."

Flying Sword?

The people in the room had turned to stone. Before, they still believed that the young man was really Great Heaven Level, but now, after knowing that he could use a flying sword, there was certainly no doubt that he was at Great Heaven Level.

After a long while, Lady Fang murmured, "He could use a flying sword, is there really a Great Heaven Level master, its really."

Xi Wushan sighed. "Thats not what shocked me the most. What stunned me was that he could throw out fire balls with his hand, and those 12 people were burnt to ashes."

"Huh" Yu Shi Xiong could no longer control the shock in his heart and sat down with a pale face.

After a while, he and lady Fang murmured, "We dared to challenge a Great Heaven Level master, he was actually a Great Heaven Level, were crazy"

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something and stood up. "Xi Shi Die, immediately stop the investigation and tracking of him as well as any operations on him. We cant mess with someone like that."

Xi Wushan bitterly smiled. "Its too late. Im sure he noticed me when I hid on the side, but he just stared at me and sneered. He didnt call out my name, but Im certain he noticed me."

"Hes that strong?" Goatie sighed after a long while.

Yu Shi Xiong sunk into a long silence before slowly saying, "If he really wanted revenge against us, we have no way to stop him. Since he discovered Xi Shi Di and didnt point it out, it meant he has some other intentions or some place where he needs our help. Plus, we havent really offended him yet. Zhang Zhihui offended him that much, but he didnt kill him and instead took him under his wing. Perhaps we can be like Zhang Zhihui too."

"Shi Xiong you mean?" Xi Wushans eyes lit up. He couldnt say this analysis was wrong.

Yu Shi Xiong had calmed down now and said again, "This person can take out something like Lotus Life Pill and Face Preserving Pill meant that hes definitely someone powerful and cares a lot about herbs. The reason he didnt fight with us was not because he was scared of us, but because he wants to borrow us to do something for him just like Zhang Zhihui."

"Then what do we do now? Contact him?" Lady Fang said.

Yu Shi Xiong shook his head, however. "No, this Qian Bei has a weird temper and plus hes probably more than 100 years old. We can only wait for him to come to us. If we annoy him again, our Space Association will really be in danger. And, we need to notify our elders, this is no minor issue."


Although Ye Mo wanted to give the association some pressure, he didnt expect the effect to be so well. Now, he was on the plane towards Tan Du. He would go see Tang Beiwei and treat her mother. Last time, he gave a pill to her, so Ye Mo was sure it could save her mums life for at least half a year.
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