Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 258

Chapter 258: Tang Jings Love

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Xi Long restaurant wasnt too far from the university, and it was near the lake. Moreover, the environment was elegant, though the price was a little expensive.

"Brother, the things here are very expensive, lets go another place," Tang Beiwei said.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, "No need, eat here, if people come later, I can let them go take a shower in the lake. Ive earned some money recently, and I still have a few millions." Ye Mo knew that the person who could imprison his sister in the school had extraordinary power, perhaps even not far from the Song Family.

"A few million? How do you have so much, I still havent used the card you gave me last time." Although Tang Beiwei was shocked, she thought about the Fireball Charms and understood. Each one of those would probably sell for quite a lot.

Ye Mo brought Tang Beiwei to the second floor in a private room near the lake, and after the waiter served water, he asked, "Tell me what happened? How is your mother?"

Tang Beiweis eyes darkened after a while. She slowly said, "I gave my mother the pill you gave me. She got better in just a day. I originally had enough money to take her to do surgery, but I still wanted to wait for you."

"Mhm, dont worry, 99% of the diseases are no problem for me." Ye Mo smiled.

Tang Beiwei nodded. "Mhm, I was thinking so as well, but the second day, a man in his 50s came to my house. When mother saw him, she was very excited and talked to him for a long time. I heard mother cry from outside."

Ye Mo frowned. This person seemed to come at this time too coincidentally.

Tang Beiwei sunk into that days memory as she spoke.

Tang Beiwei felt strange, usually, there were no guests in the house and she had never seen this middle-aged man before. However, when her mother saw him, she was stunned. Who was he? He talked with her mother for a long time. Her mothers voice was very excited and kept sniffing, but the mans voice was very calm.

"Beiwei" Tang Beiwei heard her mothers crying and wanted to go in and see, but her mother called her from inside. Tang Beiwei quickly went inside and saw the man holding her mothers hand. She was shocked. She didnt know who the man was, but she had a guess that this was the person who abandoned her. She didnt expect he had the face to come back. However, her mother was too kind-hearted and believed him so quickly.

"Beiwei, this is Uncle Song I told you" before Tang Jing finished, Tang Beiwei immediately understood. That mustve been the man her mother was talking about.

She immediately pointed at the man and swore, "Piss off, dont come to my house again. You harmed my mother before, and now youre here to harm her again, piss off"

Tang Beiwei thought about the hardship her mother had been in and felt more contempt towards this man. He harmed his mother for her entire life and now he dared to come back. Tang Jings rudy face immediately became pale. She quickly sat up and said, "Beiwei, dont curse at Qiming, he had his troubles. When he wanted to come find me, I had already left Beijing, Beiwei"

Tang Beiwei rushed beside her mother and helped her up while staring coldly at Song Qiming. "Go, I wont curse you anymore due to mom, stop trying to trick my mum."

Song Qiming looked at Tang Beiwei in shock. No wonder Dongfang Xi wanted to use her to seduce Ye Mo. This Tang Beiwei was too pretty, but she wasnt his daughter. If Tang Jing didnt tell him, he wouldve thought Tang Beiwei was his daughter. Thinking about Tang Jings miscarriage, he finally had some guilt, but it then disappeared very quickly.

"Beiwei, please dont make mum" Tang Jing saw that the person she had lived with for most of her life being so aggressive towards the lover she had forgiven and spat out blood in a fit of worry.

Tang Beiwei no longer dared to say anything about Song Qiming. She quickly came up and helped her mother up. "Mom, sorry, whats wrong."

"Beiwei, forgive Qiming, he really didnt mean it, I" Before Tang Jing finished, she started breathing heavily. Song Qiming brought a tub of water and washed Tang Jing carefully.

Then, he looked at Tang Beiwei and said, "Beiwei, regardless of whether you believe me, the biggest mistake of my life is not finding your mother. Now that I found her, even if I use up my remaining years, I will treat her condition and I wont let her stay outside anymore. I want to get your mother to Beijing. How about I help you transfer schools and you can come as well."

Tang Beiwei coldly looked at Song Qiming and ignored him. She didnt believe the cruel-hearted person would repent. Although Tang Beiwei didnt know what happened, she didnt trust Song Qiming.

"Mum, are you really going to Beijing?" Tang Beiwei really didnt want to leave her mother, and she didnt want her mother to go Beijings Song Family either.

She immediately knew she was wrong. Her mother just grabbed Song Qimings hand, her eyes were full of hope and happiness that she didnt even hear her daughters words.

Tang Beiwei suddenly felt sad. She had been living with her mother for more than 20 years, and her mother treated like a real daughter, but this Song guy stole away his mother as soon as he came. Was this the power of love? She knew she was being tricked, but she still lied to herself to believe the Song guy.

She suddenly remembered Ye Mo, was her mothers desperation to see this Song man the same as her desperation to see her brother? No, her feelings were sibling feelings, and it was different to her mother, but she felt something wasnt right. If it was kinship, she felt she was closer with her mother than Ye Mo. Although Ye Mo was her brother, she felt he was more of a friend.

"Beiwei, come to Beijing with me as well, Im worried about you staying at Tan Du by yourself." Tang Jing finally remembered her daughter.

Tang Beiweis heart sunk. This Song man made her mother completely trust him in half a day. If she knew earlier this would happen, she wouldnt have let him in.

"Mum, I want to stay here and wait for brother." Tang Beiwei wanted to stay with Ye Mo more. If her mother didnt leave, it would be best if the 3 of them could live together, but her mother wanted to go to the Song Family.

Tang Jing shook her head, grabbed Tang Beiweis hand and said after half a beat, "Beiwei, Ill be rest assured if you stay with brother. Your brother gave you so much money the first time he saw you. I can tell he loves you a lot, Im not worried. Youve suffered quite a lot living with me all these years, your mother is very useless."

"No, mum" Tang Beiwei felt more sad and didnt want to leave her mother. However for the first time, she saw her constantly depressed mother feel happiness, so couldnt tell her mother to not leave her.

Song Qiming looked at Tang Jing in confusion. "Brother?"

Tang Jing immediately told him that Tang Beiwei was siblings with Ye Mo. Hearing this, Song Qimings face changed. No wonder Dongfang Xi was going to use Tang Beiwei was a bait. It wasnt due to beauty, but because they were siblings. This Dongfang Xi was malevolent indeed.

But looking at Tang Beiwei, Dongfang Xis plan failed for sure. If he succeeded, Tang Beiwei wouldnt be in state.

"Whats wrong Qiming?" all of Tang Jings attention was on Song Qiming.

Song Qimings face changed for a while before sighing. "I also know that Ye Mo, hes someone powerful, but our Song Family offended him, and now, he wants revenge on the Song Family, I, sigh I didnt expect he was Beiweis brother."

"Huh" Tang Jing also yelled out in surprise, but she immediately understood the relations and turned to Tang Beiwei and said, "Beiwei, can you persuade your brother to let Qiming go."

Tang Beiwei immediately began to suspect Song Qimings purpose. Perhaps he already knew that she was siblings with Ye Mo and came to her for mercy.

Seeing that Tang Beiwei didnt talk, Tang Jing was more worried and said, "Beiwei." Her eyes were full of anxiety.

Tang Beiwei sighed. "Mother, I dont really know about what my brother does, Ill ask him then."

Although she didnt want to agree, her mothers hopeful eyes made her feel very bad. Her mother brought her up for more than 20 years working tirelessly. She really couldnt reject this request.

Hearing about this, Ye Mos face was bleak, Song Qiming, even if you get the god of the heavens, I will still annihilate your Song Family.

Tang Beiwei finished and saw Ye Mo not talk, then she continued, "Then, that Song Qming bowed to me and begged for mercy but I ignored him. However, my mother said I must beg for mercy from you. My mother was taken to Beijing by him, I didnt want to go, so I stayed. I really dont understand why mother would listen to that Song Qiming, even even"

Tang Beiwei really couldnt finish her words. Her mother was number 1 in her heart. She mustve been first in her mothers heart too, but she didnt expect her to be worse than Song Qiming in front of love.

Ye Mo knew that since Song Qiming took away Tang Jing, when he goes for revenge at the Song Family in Beijing, the Song Family would push out Tang Beiweis mother for sure. No matter what, he cant let the mother who raise Tang Beiwei for more than 20 years be hurt. This Song Qiming was really malicious.

"Well put this aside first. Who did you offend at the university, how dare he act against you like this?" Ye Mo wanted to know who was targeting his sister.
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