Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 259

Chapter 259: Same Place

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
"Well talk after we eat." Ye Mo looked at Tang Beiweis distressed look and knew she was troubled heavily by this recently.

Tang Beiwei nodded and felt more comfortable after telling what happened with her mother. And, since this restaurants food was quite good, she had a big appetite.

"Those people who watch me call their boss Qian He, no one dares to mess with him in Tan Du. I only knew I was already in their list a long time ago when I came back. However, they brought my name forward." Tang Beiwei ate some things and felt more energy.

Ye Mo dazed. "What list?"

Tang Beiwei said, "That Qian He is a demon. I dont know why he is still able to roam free today, but he has harmed a lot of girls, from those in high school to those in uni. He has a list with girls names on it. Its not just from school, but as long as theres a girl he wants, he would write it into his list."

Then, Tang Beiwei subconsciously moved more towards Ye Mo before saying, "When I was in 3rd year, I was already in his list. His list is very clear, which day, what place and which girl he needs. Theres an order. Originally, he would take me a few months later, but after I came back from Wuliang Mountain and ate the Face Preserving Pill, I was brought forward. Its said he would take me away at the end of the month."

"End of the month? Isnt it only a few days?" Ye Mo was shocked. If he came back a few days late, the consequences were unimaginable.

Tang Beiwei nodded. "I originally didnt know, we had a school queen called Xixi, I was very close to her. A month ago, she was taken away. When she came back, her face was tawny. When she found me, I knew that she saw that list and I was one of that. And she also heard those people discussing about me. She told me to run as soon as possible, and after she told me that, she ran away herself that night."

"Why didnt you go?" Ye Mo asked strangely.

Tang Beiwei shook her head. "The night she ran away, she was captured, and the next day, I heard the report of her jumping off the building. I know she didnt do it because someone did this to her. Then, I wanted to leave the school, but the guard didnt let me leave. I realized that I was being watched everywhere and had to wait until I was taken away."

Ye Mos face was getting bleaker by the moment, such overt defiance of the law.

Tang Beiwei continued, "A few days ago, I borrowed a friends phone to call the police, the second day, my friend had a beating. The injuries were very serious, and he was sent to the hospital. Luckily, you gave me a necklace. That night, someone wanted to attack me, probably to teach me a lesson, but he was bounced away by the necklace. So, I always kept a few Fireball Charms on me. If they were really going to take me away, I would use the Fireball Charm to hit them, but I knew I only had a few. If you didnt come back, I might still fall into their hands."

Ye Mo sunk into silence. He didnt understand why the guy needed so many girls. Was he really cultivating some evil art like in the cultivation world and needed virgins? This wasnt too realistic. After all, those types of cultivation methods were very rare even in the cultivation realm much less here.

"Brother, today is the day Im most relieved. I dont want to go to Shi Fan University anymore. Ive already graduated. I originally planned on continuing my studies, but now I dont dare to go there." The worry in Tang Beiweis eyes werent completely gone yet.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to speak, the rooms door was kicked open and 3 men went in.

Tang Beiwei subconsciously moved closer to Ye Mo and worriedly said, "Brother, Ive seen one of them go to our school. Its the tallest one, Xixi was taken away by him."

As soon as she finished, the tallest man had walked over and grabbed towards Tang Beiwei. "You dare to run, I want to see where you can run to. The girls from your school are intolerable, not only one wants to run."

Ye Mos eyes went cold and kicked onto the tall mans face. This man was immediately kicked flying and smashed into the wall.

Smash! The wall broke, showing the other room. A few customers were eating inside and were shocked by the scene.

Before the other two men could react, Ye Mo went up and stomped on the tall man so hard that he bled from every hole on his body. Suddenly, organs were spat out from his mouth.

At this moment, those customers reacted and immediately ran out of the room. At the same time, the two other men was frozen seeing that Ye Mo stomped the man to death as soon as they met.

Then, Ye Mo turned around and looked coldly at the other two. "Did you two come to just die?"

"You, you actually killed Black Panther, you" one of them pointed at Ye Mo and said. He didnt dare to go up and attack Ye Mo.

"I killed him, what are you going to do?" Ye Mo sneered.

"Nice powers, were no match for you, of course, we dont dare to anything. Goodbye!" the long-faced man spoke, worried. He knew that Black Panther could beat them 1v2, but Black Panther was no match for the person in front of them. They would just die even if they went up.

Ye Mo wiped his hands with a tissue on the table. "You think you can come and go as you please? Do you think Im so easy to visit?"

"What do you want?" the long-faced man stared nervously at Ye Mo. If Ye Mo attacked, they were no match for sure, and Ye Mo killed more cruelly than them. Even they didnt dare to kill openly in the streets, but this person did. All they thought right now was how to escape.

"Nothing, you two carry this dead guy away." Ye Mo pointed at the tall man.

The long-faced man immediately agreed. "Okay, okay Well go immediately, Er Tie, carry Black Panther and lets retreat."

Although Tang Beiwei had seen Ye Mo kill and she had killed with a Fireball Charm before, she couldnt help but feel revolted by this bloody scene.

Ye Mo grabbed Tang Beiweis hand and sent some chi over, helping her calm her stomach. Then he said, "Beiwei, I will go with them, you"

Tang Beiwei immediately said, "Brother, I will go with you, Im scared to stay here alone."

"Okay, in that case, lets go together. Im just worried you wont be able to take the scene," Ye Mo nodded and said.

"It doesnt matter. As long as youre there, I wont be afraid." Tang Beiwei knew this brother she just met was no ordinary person. Just as he said, he knew Dao magic. She didnt need to worry about her brother. Those who knew Dao magic were like those in the fairy tales.

The long-faced man was surprised and looked at Ye Mo. "Y-Youre going back with us?"

Ye Mo sneered. "What, didnt you guys come to invite me? Now Ill do as you want and go with you guys, is that not okay?"

"Its fine, its fine Er Tie, carry Black Panther, lets go back immediately." the long-faced man was decisive and quickly left.

Ye Mo walked to the front desk, took out his card and said, "Ill pay by card."

The chubby manager at the front desk was already shaking uncontrollably. "Youve already, already paid, no need" He didnt dare to ask these people for money. These people killed, and he didnt even dare to call the police.

Ye Mo knew that the three men probably warned the manager so he didnt bother to waste time with him. He held Tang Beiweis hand and went on a Land Rover with the long-faced man.

The car drove out of the city. It was very fast and came to a private mansion in the rural in less than an hour.

To be exact, this wasnt a mansion but a private ranch.

There was a large pact of forest and an artificial lake. Ye Mo came here and found this place to be familiar. He came here with Wen Dong to exchange the model. He didnt expect to come here a second time, but last time, the mansion was blown up. It had only been one year, and the mansion was built again, and it was even prettier than before. Ye Mo sneered. He didnt expect he would encounter this mansion twice. It meant those who lived here had bad luck.

The car stopped in front of the ranch. The guard checked and let them in.

"Take them in." When the long-faced man got off the car, a man with a knife scar on his face came over. The knife scars had two black men behind him. Killing intent spewed out when the knife-scarred man looked at Ye Mo, but he didnt attack. Knowing someone would deal with Ye Mo, he didnt need to do anything. Obviously, word has spread of Ye Mo killing Black Panther.

Ye Mo held Tang Beiweis hand and followed the long-faced man into the hall. Tang Beiwei was a little worried. The people here looked ferocious, and each had weapons as though it was a secret organization of the government.

Before Ye Mo went in, he scanned there were more than ten in the hall.

Clap... clap when Ye Mo walked in, a monotone clap sounded. "Not bad, you got balls, not only do you dare to kill my men, but you also have the guts to come here. But no matter how much balls you have, you will die after you offend me, Nie Wubian."

Nie Wubian? Ye Mo suddenly remembered that seductive Nie Shuangshuag here and her words, "Im still a virgin."
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