Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 262

Chapter 262: Magical Doctor

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
"Haha, youre really funny. You still smell of your mothers breastmilk and you probably only read a few textbooks but you say you can cure bone marrow necrosis and pulverized bones. Why are all people now so arrogant and boastful?" Doctor Liu went back to his office and cursed. Obviously, he was angered by Ye Mo.

"All the young people nowadays are like that. Old Liu, using my daughters words, If you take them seriously, you lose, haha" Another middle-aged female doctor at the corner laughed.

Doctor Liu patted his head. "Thats true, the insolent has no fear. Why am I angry with such a young person? Im just making the patient suffer."


"Sir, you must not touch the patient." A nurse walked in and stopped Ye Mo.

Ye Mo casually pulled her to the side and the golden needles in his hand landed on Chong Yuanyuans leg in a flurry of shadows. The nurse was stunned by Ye Mos movements.

There was a Chinese medicine doctor in their hospital too, and even their hospital executive was an old Chinese medicine doctor. His skills were very strong, and she had also seen the old doctor use acupuncture but he was nowhere near as fast. After her shock, she began to suspect if this young man really had skills.

But moments later, she reacted. Regardless if this person really had skills, it wasnt something she could decide. She had to report this to the hospital immediately. An outsider was practicing medicine in their hospital. This was no small thing.

No one cared about the nurse who ran away, but Chong Yuanyuans mother was shocked. Such speed, it couldnt be reached even if no needle was used.

Chong Yuanyuan just felt her bones constantly being pierced by the needle and the needle was pulled out really quickly. She couldnt even feel when it went in and when it came out. She just felt a warm power moving around her leg bones. She could even feel that power made her very comfortable.

She even forgot to be embarrassed when Ye Mo placed his hand on her broken ribs near her chest. This was too unfathomable.

The nurse just ran out of the door and saw a royally dressed middle-aged woman come down from upstairs. She rushed up and said, "Hu executive, someone is treating a patient in our hospital and he isnt a doctor of our hospital."

Hu exec heard this and his face sunk, he immediately said, "Call security to stop him immediately. What is he doing now?"

"Hes using acupuncture to treat the patient in room 203 on her leg wound. However, his speed is absurdly fast that I cant even see it," the nurse quickly said.

"Acupuncture? 203? The daughter of the woman who cried in my office last time?" Hu exec remembered. This woman couldnt take it that her daughter had to get fake legs and cried.

"Its her," the nurse replied.

"Oh, wait. Ill go have a look first. Oh, never mind, Im busy." Hu exec seemed to have remembered the middle-aged woman beside him.

The woman seemed to be in thought and when she heard the execs words, she smiled then said, "This person is interesting, I actually want to go see."

The Hu exec wanted to see how this person was going to treat the patient with acupuncture and now that the middle-aged woman asked, he immediately agreed. "Okay. In that case, lets go."

Ye Mo knew that two people came into the room. But he didnt know that it was the hospital executive. Even if he did, he wouldnt say anything as long as the exec didnt stop his treatment.

Hu Yang looked at Ye Mos movements and was shocked. He started out from Chinese medicine and was very proficient in Chinese medicine. However, he had never seen someone who could use acupuncture like Ye Mo. His two hands were like a flurry of shadows. The needles in his hands went in and out of the skin. Even he couldnt see where exactly the needles went in, much less see which chakra point it was.

The 108 golden needles with Ye Mos spirit chi continuously recovered Chong Yuanyuans bones as well as her ribs. As soon as he noticed it was out of place, he would use spirit sense to sense it and his chi to move it back to place and stabilize it.

As Ye Mo continued his treatment, Chong Yuanyuan became more and more joyful. She could feel it the most. The numbness and pain gradually disappeared and she could now feel her legs more and more. She even felt she could start walking now.

Although Ye Mo was at stage 3 chi gathering, this exerted a large amount of chi so he couldnt maintain this pace. Sweat kept emitting from his forehead. Tang Beiwei took out a handkerchief and carefully wipe Ye Mos sweat for him.

Hu Yang and the other middle-aged woman was in shock. They knew they had met a master today. This was a real master. Even Chong Yuanyuans mother knew that Ye Mo had great capabilities.

After an hour, Ye Mo gasped and gave a pill to Chong Yuanyuan, "Its done, eat this." Chong Yuanyuan took the pill in joy and didnt even think about it before eating it.

"Yuanyuan, how do you feel now?" Chong Yuanyuans mother asked desperately.

Chong Yuanyuan tried to move her leg and was able to raise it up. She immediately said in surprise and joy, "Mum, I feel that my leg is completely fine. I can even walk on the ground. And I also dont feel heavy on my chest anymore." Then, she realized Ye Mo performed acupuncture on her chest and felt a little embarrassed.

Ye Mo smiled. "You cant walk yet. You need to wait for a week before you can." After the nourishment of her bones with his chi, she would need to rest for one week and by then, she would be fully recovered.

Chong Yuanyuans mother was so excited that she was about to bow her head on the ground to Ye Mo, but Ye Mo quickly pulled her up.

"Thank you. If my Yuanyuan really has to have a fake leg, I really wouldnt know what to do. Thank you, thank you! The doctors in this hospital are all useless. They always say fake legs." Chong Yuanyuans mother didnt even notice Hu Yang behind her as she swore.

Hu Yang didnt even care about the mothers words. He looked in shock as Ye Mo packed away the golden needles. He looked at Chong Yuanyuan, who could raise her leg now, and sighed after a while. He came in front of Ye Mo and bowed. "God doctors, god doctors. Ive seen Yuanyuans case and I know about it the most but you actually managed to cure it in such a short time. Ive broadened my view today. There really is one mountain that is taller than another."

Ye Mo studied Hu Yang before asking, "Who are you?"

Hu Yang immediately took out a name card and handed it to Ye Mo respectfully. "Im the executive of this hospital, Hu Yang. May I ask for your royal surname?"

At this moment, Hu Yang no longer dared to treat Ye Moas a noob. In his heart, Ye Mo was a god. If he could keep a godly doctor like Ye Mo here, perhaps Tan Kang Hospital would become a world-renowned hospital.

"Oh, Im Ye Mo." Ye Mo took the name card and looked. He could tell what Hu Yang wanted by looking at his eyes but that was impossible.

As though seeing that Ye Mo was not too enthusiastic about the hospital exec, the woman beside Hu Yang walked up carefully.

"Mr. Ye, hello. Im Pang Haixiang of the Hong Kong Da Di corporation. Im flabbergasted by your medical skills today. May I have the honor of having dinner with you?" The wealthy lady beside Hu Yang also had eyes filled with fervor. However, her eyes were more of desire rather than fervor. She took out a name card, that was actually made out of pure gold.

Ye Mo smiled. "Sorry, I dont have time." Then he turned to Chong Yuanyuan and said, "Yuanyuan, if you have time, lets go eat together in a few days. Thank you for helping Beiwei."

"Okay. Brother Ye Mo, thank you. If it wasnt for you, I really wouldnt know what to do." Chong Yuanyuans leg was cured and she returned to her happiness.

Chong Yuanyuans mother had a face full of gratitude. However, she just didnt know what to say to thank Ye Mo.

Ye Mo just said he didnt have time for food but then invited Chong Yuanyuan to food in front of their faces. This made Hu Yang and that wealthy lady quite awkward.

However, that wealthy lady didnt mind at all and walked up with respect and ingenuity. "Mr. Ye, sorry, I know this is very rude of me but my husband hasnt been able to get out of the bed due to his illness. Hes about tosoI came to Tan Kang Hospital to borrow a Chinese herb from Hu exec. However, I didnt expect to meet you here. I know you are a master, so I wish to ask you to." Then, the wealthy ladys eyes turned red. It seemed she cared a lot about her husband.

Ye Mo frowned. He wasnt interested in treating illnesses. He only didnt want to see Chong Yuanyuan lose hope and thus helped her. He shouldve closed the door before.

Seeing Ye Mo not talk, the woman walked up carefully and said, "As long as you cure my husband, Im willing to pay any price."

Ye Mo sighed. He wasnt stonehearted. Since the woman said this, if he rejected again, it would be too inhumane.

Thinking about it, he said, "Okay, this is the only exception. Get people to send your husband here. I will come treat him two nights later."

The wealthy lady was immediately filled with joy, "Thank you, thank you so much God Doctor Ye. I will go contact them immediately."

Ye Mo nodded and just when he wanted to talk, a fit of sirens sounded. Five police cars drove into the hospital and more than 10 policemen charged in and surrounded Ye Mo with guns.
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