Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 265

Chapter 265: Plan for Revenge

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Zhang He looked at Ye Mos action and the hanker he threw on the ground. How could he not know that Ye Mo did this on purpose? He wiped off the blood from his mouth and his face was green in anger. He knew that although he knew a few moves, he was far from being a match for Ye Mo. He didnt even think and took out the phone to call the police.

"Brother Ye, its such a coincidence. I didnt think I would see you as soon as I came. My luck is really good this time." Qiao Gang jumped off from the sports car shaking Ye Mos hand.

Ye Mo had a great impression of this young master Qiao. He didnt play tricks and he wasnt arrogant. This was a very rare personality of a young master. Judging by his mannerisms, this young master Qiao didnt have such a simple background.

"Youre being too polite, young master Qiao. This is what I promised, and I took your money. Since I have time, of course I will do my best." Ye Mo smiled.

Qiao Gang immediately said, "Youre being too polite talking like this. That money isnt even much to brother Ye. If I didnt happen to be at the right place and the right time, I really wouldnt have such fortune. The first time I saw brother Ye, I knew you werent a simple person. Hehe, my eyes have always been right. This time, Im betting everything on you."

Before Ye Mo could talk, Zhang He had crawled up from the ground and looked at Qiao Gang in shock, "Qiao, young master Qiao, this really is coincidental"

Although he was talking like that, Zhang He was having a tsunami in his heart. He had already looked at Ye Mo as though he was a dead person and wanted to think of every possible way to harm him, but he didnt expect Qiao Gang to know Ye Mo and treat him so well. What was happening?

Qiao Gang only saw Zhang He crawl up now and pointed at Zhang He in astonishment, exaggeratingly saying, "Big young master Zhang, why are you rolling on the ground? People say I f*ck around, but you f*ck around way more than me. You even like to play this."

Ye Mo smiled. He didnt believe that Qiao Gang couldnt tell he beat up Zhang He. Qiao Gang must be saying this intentionally. Zhang He laughed awkwardly. "Im not that bored, Young Master Qiao." Then he looked coldly at Ye Mo. No matter who Ye Mo was, even if he couldnt mess with Qiao Gang, he wouldnt let Ye Mo go.

"Young master Zhang He, dont try anything with brother Ye. If you dare to, dont blame me then." Qiao Gang also saw the hatred in the way Zhang He looked at Ye Mo.

"Young master Qiao, this has nothing to do with you. If you must intervene, then I can only call for my cousin." Zhang He knew he was no match for Qiao Gang as he was only a member of a branch family of the Zhang family. Although he had some power in Tan Du in Hu Zhong province, he had no power at all. However, his cousin Zhang Dian was the direct descendant of the Zhang family and was the successor of the 4th generation. His status was the same as Qiao Gang in the Qiao family.

Hearing Zhang Hes words, Qiao Gangs face turned askew but he still sneered, "Ye Mos a valued guest of our Qiao family and also my friend. If you dare to do anything to brother Ye, then dont blame me. Even if your family leader comes, theres nothing to reason about."

Valued guest? Zhang He began to contemplate and looked carefully at Ye Mo. Suddenly, he thought, with the Qiao family being on par with the Zhang family, why would they let such a young guy like Ye Mo be a valued guest? This was strange.

Zhang He suddenly realized something that caused him to laugh. "So your Qiao family wants him to represent your family in the race. Ahaha, I finally understand."

Qiao Gangs face changed. He didnt expect Zhang He to be this smart. He just said one sentence yet Zhang He had already guessed his motives. It seemed this guy wasnt just an idiot, but so what if he knew? Thinking about this, Qiao Gang sneered then said, "Indeed, I want to ask for Ye Mo to help out with the race. What can you do?"

"Nothing, but I will also be going to the race so dont let me meet him." Zhang He sneered and wiped off the blood from his mouth. Ye Mo, a minor character dared to hit him. He didnt know why that Qian He bastard wouldnt look for Ye Mo for trouble but even if Qian He didnt do so, he would make Ye Mo regret at the race.

A police siren sounded and a police car drove over quickly. Two policemen got off the car and they saw Zhang He, who still had blood on his mouth, and became frightened out of their wits. Which bastard actually had the gall to attack Zhang He?

"Young master Zhang, who did this?" The tall policeman immediately knew that if he didnt handle this matter properly, his career was over.

"Who else could it be? Its him. I was obeying the law but he hit me. See it for yourself." Zhang He sneered. Even though I cant do anything to you, Qiao Gang, I can still get Ye Mo into the detention center for a few days just to piss him off.

Qiao Gang immediately realized Zhang Hes plan. Although he could save Ye Mo, if Ye Mo went in, he would lose this round. This would cause his reputation to be besmirched. He was a direct descendant of his family yet he couldnt even beat a branch young master who f*cks around all day. Qiao Gang was similarly someone who cared about his image.

Plus, these two policemen definitely didnt know him and perhaps wouldnt even bother with him. After making a call, Ye Mo wouldve been taken away already and might even be taught a lesson.

"Young master Zhang, dont worry, this is a legal society. We wont let such mafia-like behavior go." That tall police finished speaking and just walked towards Ye Mo. He even took out his handcuffs. He obviously wasnt going to let Ye Mo argue at all.

Qiao Gang was worried about him, so he took out his phone while he tried to stop this policeman.

Ye Mo, however, stopped Qiao Gang from making a call. "No need to worry, they wont dare to take me."

That tall policeman walked up in front of Ye Mo. But before he could even raise the handcuffs, he was kicked right in the chest by Ye Mo and fell back more than ten steps. He then crashed onto Zhang He and the two fell to the ground.

"You dare to attack the police?" Ye Mo didnt use much power on this kick. That tall police just felt his chest was heavy but soon crawled up. He took out his handcuffs again while putting his other hand on his gun.

Zhang He and Qiao Gang were shocked. Even He Qi on the side couldnt react. It was already absurd that Ye Mo knew Qiao Gang but he dared to attack the police in broad daylight. Even a young master like Zhang He wouldnt dare to attack the police openly. Even if he was to teach the police a lesson, he had to find a place with nobody.

"Attacking the police? You think too highly of yourself. Have you the right to be a police? When you walked over, did you even ask me anything? You just heard the words of one party yet you want to cuff me away. That kick was done lightly, if you dont pack away your gun, then dont blame me." Ye Mo looked coldly at the police then said.

Just when the other policeman put his hand on the gun, he recognized it was Ye Mo and then began to release cold sweat all around his body. He quickly put his hand down and was prepared to alert his colleague, but that tall police had also stood down. He had also become quite frightened. He also recognized it was Ye Mo, the person who killed Wu Zhengfei at the police department and walked out unscathed.

If he pissed Ye Mo off, then the consequence would really be unpredictable. The tall policeman cursed at himself silently for not realizing the persons identity beforehand. Qian He and Wu Zhengfei had already been killed. Now, this He had also messed with Ye Mo. If he didnt retreat now, then he would really be asking to die.

Thinking about this, this tall policeman quickly walked up and said, "Sorry, I just heard one side of the story and caused an error in my judgment" After speaking halfway, the tall policeman looked at Zhang He. He couldnt mess with him, too. These facts turned into his misfortune.

But if he really had to offend one side, he would rather offend Zhang He. At most, he would lose his job or have some physical pain but if he offended Ye Mo, things wouldnt be so simple.

Ye Mo saw that situation was difficult for the two policemen and he knew that these two werent completely to be blamed. With Zhang Hes authority, how would a policeman think of fighting against him? He waved his hand and said, "You two should go. You have dealt with the things here."

"Yes." The two police heard Ye Mos words and felt it was like heavenly music. They quickly got on the car and disappeared.

Zhang He wasnt able to react for a long time. What society was this? Someone dared to be cockier than him at Tan Du. Beating the police but the police didnt even dare to talk back. Were his words so useless now?

"Youre quite amazing bro, brother Ye. Even I dont dare to do that. I knew it, brother Ye is no ordinary person. Lets go eat, its on me today." Qiao Gang was quite satisfied seeing Zhang He suffer but at the same time, he was also shocked. This Ye Mo definitely had a great identity, not just normal great.

Ye Mo patted Qiao Gangs shoulder. "Okay, lets go have a meal."

"I will also go, young master Qiao. You will welcome me, wont you?" He Qi finally found the right timing to butt in.

Qiao Gang seemed to just notice He Qi and quickly smiled. "Of course not, I didnt think Mrs. He was also here. Its my honor, haha."

Zhang He saw them leave and felt as though he had eaten a fly. He immediately took out his phone and called, "Dad, its me. Mhm, I just saw Qiao Gang come to Tan Du. Right, he found a racer but I dont know how good he is. This racer is called Ye Mo. Hes very cocky. He dared to slap me and it was very hard. He even smacked down a few of my teeth."

"What, he dares to be so arrogant? Even Qiao Gang cant be so arrogant, daring to smack you near the gates of the university. Even if that old man Qiao comes, I wont let go of this arrogant brat." The voice coming from the phone was very furious. Zhang Quanqian was now completely infuriated. No matter how much composure he had, a mere racer dared to slap his son and break his teeth. If word got out, he would be shamed.

Zhang Hes mouth formed a cold sneer, "Dad, I have a way to make him die 3 days later without a burial ground."
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