Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 269

Chapter 269: Qingxues Calamity

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Guo Taiming took out a jade box from his bag and said to Ye Mo, "Magical doctor Ye, my ancestors were also a branch of ancient martial artists. However, they fell later on. When you treated me, you probably used inner qi right? It could be seen that youre an ancient martial arts master. This box was passed down from my ancestor. I believe my descendants wont be learning ancient martial arts. You saved my life and theres nothing much I can give. Ill give you this box, please take it magical doctor Ye."

Ye Mo quickly pushed it away, "Mr. Guo, this is passed down by your ancestors, so I cant take it. You should keep it."

Guo Taiming shook his head and said, "I only have a daughter. Even if I have a son, I said to myself that if doctor Ye could cure me, this jade box will be my humble gift. I know doctor Ye may not think its useful but theres nothing much I can give that youd feel valuable."

Seeing that Guo Taiming was being genuine, Ye Mo could only take the jade box. He opened it and found a card inside. It should be a bank card. Other than the card, there was a goatskin map. It was obvious that it was from a very long time ago. It had an imprint of a region of a sea. The map had an ore on it, it was the purple coral ore.

Ye Mo immediately understood why Guo Taimings disease was hereditary. His jade box mustve been passed down from his ancestor and each generation would play with this purple coral. In the end, those who touched it would get this disease. However, Zhuo Aiguo was different. The Guo family people saw this ore and still put it in the box causing the purple coral to be preserved and passed down.

Ye Mo took out the card and said to Guo Taiming, "Ill take this jade box but as for the card, I cant take it." He didnt explain the purple coral thing. Since he gave the purple coral to him, Guo Taimings descendants wouldnt be affected by it anymore.

Despite Guo Taimings repeated requests, Ye Mo still didnt take the card. He wasnt short on money. Even if he had a few hundred million, it wouldnt be enough for him. Ye Mo thought he needed more precious herbs and materials for his cultivation which would cost a tremendous amount of fortune. When his situation stabilized, he would think of ways to gather wealth. After participating in the hidden sect auction, Ye Mo felt just relying on his online clinic. No matter how much money he earned, it wouldnt be enough to buy one flower of the blue flower blue leaf grass. He had to think of other ways to earn money.


Ning Hai.

Outside the house Ye Mo lived, Ning Qingxue was peacefully taking care of the silver heart grass. She missed Ye Mo a lot when he wasnt here. Ye Mo hadnt been back for a few months but knew that Ye Mo would come back. He promised her after all.

The silver heart grass was growing well and with Ning Qingxues care, the biggest one was already 8 cm tall. She didnt care that much about cultivation but in order to not fall too far behind Ye Mo, she would force herself to spend a certain amount of time to cultivate each day. The other time, she would either take care of the silver heart grass or play with her necklace.

She liked the pearls around her neck a lot. Last time when Su Jingwen saw this necklace, she also liked it a lot but Ning Qingxue wouldnt give this necklace to Su Jingwen. Strictly speaking, this was the only gift Ye Mo gave her.

"Qingxue, come with me to go shopping at Walking Street." Xu Wei finished work early today and came back before 5 pm and called out to Qingxue as soon as she walked in the door.

"Walking Street?" Ning Qingxue remembered the golden cake and felt hungry. She smiled and agreed with Xu Weis idea.

The Walking Street was the place where Ning Qingxue visited the most. Most of the time, she would come to eat golden cake. Sometimes, she would come with Su Jingwen and Li Mumei. Sometimes, she would come with Xu Wei. When she was very bored, she would come by a few times by herself. She felt that a golden cake had the shadow of Ye Mo. Each time she ate it, she was very focused.


At this moment, the Walking Street was still very popular. The sky wasnt completely dark yet but all the small stores had been pushed out.

Two Daoists were walking casually in this street. One of them was in his 50s and another was only a little over 20.

"Sigh, its really a pity. We missed the auction by a month. I heard there was actually a Liu Blue Carrot and two face preserving pills. I wonder if its real. Master, I feel like this mortal world is too impure. We should go back." The younger Daoist wandered for a few days and felt this vibrant world was just like that, nothing special.

As expected, as soon as this younger Daoist said that, the older Daoist immediately had the look of approval in his eyes and nodded. "Indeed, Yuan Zhong, your mental state is very good. You werent mesmerized by this flowery world. I can relax now. Okay, since youre already annoyed, well go back to cultivate. Now, you wont keep thinking about the outside world."

This younger Daoist called Yuan Chong had a sneaky look in his eyes but said very straightforwardly, "Master is right"

However, just as he said this, he froze. He stared dazedly at the two girls in front of him and he couldnt even move.

"Whats up?" The older Daoist immediately noticed.

Yuan Chong swallowed some saliva and said, "Master, I want that woman. Shes so pretty. If she can be my wife, Im willing to stay in the sect my entire life"

The older Daoist followed Yuan Chongs gaze and saw a girl wearing a blue flower skirt holding a golden cake in her hands. She bit down carefully with eyes filled with gentleness. It was an extreme beauty indeed. This sort of woman was rare even in the hidden sects much less the mortal world. They actually met a woman so out of this world in a small place like here. No wonder his disciple wanted this woman.

However, if he could find a girl to stay with Yuan Chong and calm him down in the sect, it would be quite good. Thinking about this, the old Daoist smiled. "This girl is not bad indeed but this sort of thing should be mutual. If she doesnt like you, then"

"Master, I must have her. With my talent and looks, its a good match. And when she completely understands who we are, she would feel lucky. Not everyone has the luck to enter our world. Master" Yuan Chong gulped his saliva again. His eyes never left the girl eating the golden cake.

The old Daoist nodded and said, "Mhm, youre right. Its her luck indeed if she can enter our sect. Go ask her and see if shes willing. But you need to know your boundaries, I can tell her temperament is very royalty-like. Perhaps her background is very strong."

"Yes, master, but youre thinking too much. The outer hidden sects have fallen heavily. Master, you have taken me to see a few of them but the highest is only a mere earth level. These people are too dumb much less a girl from the mortal world. Dont worry." Then Yuan Chong rushed towards that girl eating the golden cake.

"Girl, hello, Im Yuan Chong" Although this young Daoist was into the girl, he had zero social experience. He didnt know how to express himself or even have a pick-up line.

Ning Qingxue was just eating the golden cake and reminiscing her time with Ye Mo but was scared by this Daoist who suddenly appeared. She quickly took a few steps back and looked at Yuan Chong in vigilance.

The small Daoist Yuan Chong saw Ning Qingxue at a close distance. She had this beauty with a sliver of goddess-like royalty temperament, thus making him unable to control himself.

Now that Ning Qingxue looked at him in vigilance, he quickly saluted with his fist. "Im Yuan Chong, Im from the hidden sects, also the immortal sects called by the mortal world. My master feels your talent is suitable for the immortal arts of our sect."

Ning Qingxue frowned and pulled Xu Wei, "Xu Wei, lets go."

"Idiot." Xu Wei didnt have the good temper of Ning Qingxue and swore at the Daoist.

Yuan Chong didnt expect that Xu Wei dared to swear at him. He went up and grabbed Xu Wei, tossing her many meters out into a stall. Xu Wei was smashed to the floor and wasnt able to get up.

Ning Qingxue quickly went up and helped Xu Wei up while looking coldly at Yuan Chong. She was going to call the police.

Seeing Ning Qingxue make the call, although Yuan Chong didnt have much social experience, he knew that Ning Qingxue was probably going to call for help. He went up and was about to grab Ning Qingxues phone but just when he did, he was blocked by a yellow light which disappeared immediately.

Hmm? Yuan Chong looked at his hand, it was actually blocked. The force was actually very strong. He was the publicly renowned genius for ancient martial arts. He was only 26 years old but was already at the black level peak. Now, he couldnt even take a phone from a girl.

Was this girl also an ancient martial arts master? Thinking about this, Yuan Chong no longer tried to steal the phone but punched toward Ning Qingxue. In this punch, he used 30% of his power.

Bang, this time, Yuan Chong saw clearly that his fist was blocked by a pale yellow light but this light eventually couldnt take the power of his fist and was broken.

Although Ning Qingxues defensive bracelet blocked Yuan Chongs fist, she was still sent flying onto the street and fell down at an intersection of roads being bumped by a car passing by.

At this moment, Xu Wei had crawled up and just saw Ning Qingxue being hit by the car. She became scared and she quickly rushed over to help Ning Qingxue up.

That older Daoist quickly came in front of Ning Qingxue and put his hand in front of Ning Qingxues nose. His face immediately went very bad.

"Master." Yuan Chong also felt his fist was a bit too heavy,

The old Daoist sighed speaking to the year of the young Daoist: "Yuan Chong, youve caused trouble. This girl cant be saved, we need to leave quickly."

Yuan Chong looked at Ning Qingxue with regret and longing, "I attacked too heavily but master, your words are too exaggerated. This is causing trouble? Who would be a match for you in the outside world?"

"Hmph, you really dont know how tall the heavens are and how thick the earth is. The defensive amulet the girl wore was obviously high level. Even I rarely see something like that. Someone with such an amulet wouldnt have a simple background." The old Daoist said and looked at the coming police car. He didnt talk more with the young Daoist and grabbed him, disappearing in a few steps.
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