Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 280

Chapter 280: Animal

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
"Yuan Meixiang, Yuan Gong, you two really know how to run heh, but now, someone suspects that you two are involved in a murder case at Jing Kou, Fang He town. You must go back for investigation." The head police seemed weak and fat but his tone was very serious.

That young woman calmed down instead and looked around before saying: "You dont need to do anything. I will go with you guys but I know that as long as I go, I will have no hopes of coming back out again so I will tell what happened to everyone here. I will let everyone know what is hiding in this world."

"Take her away. Yuan Meixiang, if you have anything to say, tell your lawyer.." The police didnt wait for this young woman to finish and yelled.

"Haha. my lawyer, as long as I fall into your hands, I would be devoured whole." That Yuan Meixiang girl started laughing out loud but her face was getting more and more miserable.

The two policemen behind the fat police had already came up. They grabbed her hands and was going to cuff her.

"Let her go. Let her speak. What cant other people hear?" Zang Jiayan suddenly stood up and pointed at the few policemen and said.

The fat police narrowed his eyes and looked at Zang Jiayan coldly and said: "What, you are going to help the culprit resist arrest?"

Zan Jiayan smacked down on the tea table, "Resist arrest? Just you, stop thinking so highly of yourself. Youre only a small traffic police. What right do you have to call me helping others to resist arrest. Ive seen all sorts of big scenes. You just said she was a suspect and now, she just suddenly became the culprit. White really becomes black in your mouth. Good job, good job. Sister, just tell us your situation. There are so many people here. I want to see who wouldnt let you speak."

As soon as Zang Jiayan spoke, there was chit chat in the carriage. Obviously, there were a lot of people who thought Zang Jiayan was right. They should give Yuan Meixiang a chance to speak.

"Who do you think you are, teaching a traffic police what to do? Don't you believe that I can take you away as well?" The policeman behind the fat police said impatiently.

Zang Jiayan laughed and took out a certificate and a few honor badges, "Who am I? Im a solider. When I was spilling blood for the country, where were you? Am I not even allowed to speak?"

The fat police scanned and saw that military certificate. It seemed like a veteran certificate but not really and there was a second level honor and a third level.

There were so much honor rewards and the fat police was also shocked but he was smart and didnt take these rewards to look at. Because if he didnt look at them, then he could say that he didnt know.

Yuan Meixiang saw that these few policemen didnt say anything and didnt continue to cuff her. She knew that this was her opportunity and immediately cried and said: "Three years ago, I just graduated from the University of Finance. When I passed by Jing Kou, Fang Nan town, I was being taken into custody illegally by Dou Sen and was forced to marry him. During the time, if I didnt do one thing that he wanted me to do, he would beat me viciously."

Then, Yuan Meixiang flipped up her clothes showing all the marks on her body and hands. They were shocking.

"Completely disregard of law." Zang Jiayan smashed down on the table furiously. Even the passengers in the carriage saw her and felt sympathetic for her.

Yuan Meixiang wiped her eyes and continued: "Half a year later, I found the opportunity to escape and went to the police department at Fang He town but not only was I not sent away but was instead beat up again and brought back by Dou Sen. Then, I had a child but it was sold by Dou Sen and I wanted to run away again but this time, Dou Sen guarded me closely and tortured me even more.

But this wasnt it. The animal didnt have money and actually wanted me to sleep with his friends and wanted me to sell my body to get money for him. I wouldnt comply no matter what. Later, my brother Yuan Gong found me. He looked for me for 3 years and the first thing he did when he found me was go to the police but I stopped her. Even so, this was found by Dou Sen, this animal. He got people to tie my brother up, I begged him to release my brother."

This weak looking youth rubbed his eyes and held Yuan Meixiang who was about to fall.

Yuan Meixiang sniffed: "Dou Sen agreed to my request but just when I was celebrating, a friend of his couldnt help anymore and told me Dou Sengs real plans. This animal was planning to sell my brothers kidney. That night, while Dou Sen was drunk, I stole his keys and let my brother out. But just when we were about to escape, we were found by Dou Sen. I fought with him and accidentally cut his neck. This thing has nothing to do with my brother. I know that if I went in, I would have no return but I beg you to let my brother go. He is innocent."

"Animal!" Zang Jiayan was furious, "Is there no law anymore. Dou Sen this animal deserved his death. If it was me, I wouldve killed him 100 times. Why cant you come out after you go in? You bunch of policemen, the country I fought for with my blood is going to be polluted by you like that?"

The few policemen frowned, they wanted to capture this woman away but they feared public outrage.

Just when the few policemen didnt know what to do, the train had arrived at the new station while Yuan Meixiang said miserably: "Because Dou Sens brother is the captain of the Fang He police department. I heard that the previous captain was a righteous man and was harmed by Dou Sen. So if I go in, Id be dead for sure. It was I who killed Dou Sen. It has nothing to do with my brother. I just want you guys to let my brother go."

"Okay, youve finished, now there will be someone to take you away. Whatever your situation is, you can tell it at the police department." The fat police looked hesitantly at Zang Jiayan before saying to Yuan Meixiang.

Zang Jiayan was full of anger. He knew that he couldnt stop the fate of them being taken into the police station but his personality compelled him to stop this.

"Killing my brother, how dare you, you evil bitch, you actually ran this far." Another two policemen rushed into the carriage. The one walking at the front had triangular eyes. As soon as he came in, he saw the two and had violent gazes from his eye. Obviously, in his eyes, the two were already dead.

"Dou Lin.." Yuan Meixiang saw the triangular eyed man and finally couldnt stop shaking her body.

Ye Mo patted Zang Jiayan who was about to talk: "When that Dou Lin attacks me and when he gives his verdict, help me record things."

Zang Jiayan dazed. Although he didnt know what Ye Mo meant, he still took out his phone and nodded.

"Old Fa, how come you still havent cuffed her? Han Dan, take these two murderes away." Dou Lin looked coldly at the brother and sister.

"You are Dou Sens brother Dou Lin? Your brother raped a woman and abused her and also sold organs. I think you helped out quite a lot didnt you? Scum." Ye Mo walked out and stopped the triangular eyed man saying coldly. He only needed to look at Yuan Meixiangs expression and tone and he would know that she didnt lie. She even avoided using extreme words.

Originally, Dou Lin was going to tell Ye Mo to piss off but when he heard the word scum, he could no longer control his anger and kicked towards Ye Mo.

Ye Mo sneered and kicked first onto Dou Lins Achilles tendon before patting his forehead. Then, he continued to ask: "Tell me everything. All the bad things you did being a police and who you harmed."

Who would say the bad things they did? Just when everyone thought Ye Mo was dumb, Dou Lins eyes became dazed and hearing Ye Mos words, he murmured: "I killed captain Ba because he knew that I raped Du Shes daughter and he wanted to arrest me... I provide all the girls at the Jing Kou brothels. They are all girls from outside who come here to work. I have made a deal with Ti boss that its 50 50 profit."

Everything Dou Lin said was bloody and gruesome. There were so many people in the carriage but they all felt shivery. There was actually such an inhuman trash in this world.

Ye Mo looked back at Zang Jiayan and asked: "Did you record everything."

"Yes, I didnt expect these two brothers to be such bastards. They are worse than animals. I really want to kill him right now." Zang Jiayan stared at Dou Lin who knelt down. His eyes were pouring with flames.

Ye Mo smiled and pulled out a gun from somewhere and fired at Dou Lins forehead. He actually killed Dou Lin in front of all these people.

Silence, the entire carriage sunk into silence. Even if Dou Lin could be sentenced to death 10000 times, he couldnt be killed here. And, this person carried a gun with him.

"You have a gun?" after a moment, the fat policeman stared at Ye Mo and asked while taking a few steps back. Obviously, he was worried Ye Mo would attack him.

Ye Mo looked at Han Dan who came with Dou Lin and said coldly: "I originally planned to kill you as well but you still have some uses. If you cant provide me with important sources, I will still kill you."

Although Han Dan had a gun, he was shaking and subconsciously nodded. Ye Mo then turned around and said to the fat police: "Indeed, I have a gun and I killed him. Show me document to the captain of this train." Then, Ye Mo took out his blue booklet and dumped it to the fat policeman.
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