Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 282

Chapter 282: Re-entre Flowing Snake

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After another week, Fang Nans leg was pretty much fully recovered. He could even practice a few moves with Zang Jiayan. Yuan Meixiangs face was also getting ruddier by the day. Ye Mo was prepared to take Fang Nan and Zang Jiayan to Flowing Snake.

Leaving behind Xiao Huo and the Yuan siblings, Ye Mo took Fang Nan and Zang Jiayan and others into Flowing Snake.

Ye Mo also knew a bit about why Fang Nan was kicked out of Flowing Snake. Xiao Huo told him before and the main reason was due to him. Ning Qingxue went to find him and in order to protect Ning Qingxue, Fang Nan had conflicts with Shi Wei. Then when Chi Wanqing came to Flowing Snake, he went and taught Shi Wei a lesson. These caused the hardship of Fang Nan.

"Where did the Amphibian gang come from? Who was Shi Wei? How could he make the Amphibian gang attack for him?" Ye Mo thought of this and questioned. Although he didnt hang in gangs but he had heard of all the big gangs. How come he had never heard of this amphibian gang?

Fang Nan said worriedly: "The Amphibian Gang is a branch of Nan Qing. They are powerful and no one dares to mess with them. If you offend the Amphibian gang, then death is your only fate. This time, were not going to look for trouble with the Amphibian gang. We just need to kick away Shi Wei. Shi Wei has a sister who is the lover of a vice gang leader of the amphibian gang. Thats why he could mobilize the Amphibian gang. But now, I heard that the gang has left Nan Qing. I just dont know if its real or false."

As soon as Fang Nan finished, Zang Jiayan frowned, and Ye Mo also sighed. This Fang Nan really was dumb. Were they going to get revenge and leave Flowing Snake immediately? If they dont leave, then they wouldve offended Shi Wei again. Would his brother in law let Fang Nan go?

Ye Mo didnt say anything but Fang Nan woke up immediately and said in a troubled tone: "Im afraid that if I do something to that Shi Wei, then her brother in law would come again."

Zang Jiayan smiled and said: "Thats for sure. I suggest we plan for the long term if we cant kill them in once."

Although he didnt know how strong the Amphibian gang was, Zang Jiayan has heard of the big name of Nan Qing. He knew that with their power, it was bullshit to fight with Nan Qing. It wasnt that he was afraid of death. He needed to persuade them from doing some pointless thing. The Amphibian gang could leave Nan Qing meaning that they werent easy to deal with either.

Ye Mo knew what Zang Jiayan was thinking and smiled: Jiayan, dont worry, others are afraid of Nan Qing but they are not a threat to me."

He didnt even feel threatened by Nan Qing. How much power did he have? Zang Jiayan was shocked but he still chose to believe Ye Mo. From his many years of experiences, he felt that Ye Mo wasnt the type to bluff.

Fang Nan had this blind admiration to Ye Mo. Although he knew that the Amphibian gang was hard to mess with, his first reaction wasnt the revenge of the Amphibian gang but now that he remembered who the back stone of the Amphibian gang was, he felt troubled. No matter how much he admired Ye Mo, he didnt believe Ye Mo could beat Nan Qing who had an army. Although he heard that the Amphibian gang wasnt a part of Nan Qing anymore, this wasnt a verified fact.

"Fang Nan, haha, you actually didnt die, you dare to come back to Flowing Snake again. If I let you go today, You are my dad." As soon as Ye Mo walked into Flowing Snake town, there was an extremely cocky sound.

Fang Nans face was very bad, he scanned this guy and turned around to Ye Mo: "Ye brother, this guy is Shi Wei. They call him echidna. Because there were a lot of interests in Flowing Snake, with the help of the Amphibian gang, he was the person responsible at Flowing Snake."

Ye Mo studied Shi Wei. He seemed in his 30s and his eyes were bulging. It was obvious he had been too lustful but his expression was very cocky. He still had four fearsome looking henchmen behind him.

"What are you looking at? Ill gouge out your eyes later." Shi Wei said cruelly at Ye Mo. Then, he looked at Fang Nan: "If you tell me where are those two girls who came here last time, perhaps Ill let you live."

"You are echidna?" Ye Mo looked at Shi Wei and was greatly disappointed. Regardless of whether this guy had support, Fang Nan couldnt even deal with this guy. Fang Nan wasnt really up to standard. If it was him, even if he didnt have the power to fight with echidna, he would think of a way to kill this guy before he left Flowing Snake.

Shi Wei looked at Fang Nan and then looked at Ye Mo before finally understanding who was the boss. He walked in front of Ye Mo and waited to use his hand to lift Ye Mos chin but he only raised his hands about half an inch and had his whole arm severed by Ye Mos wind blade.

Ye Mo was no soft person. He came here to kill.

"Aghhh" a few seconds later, Shi Wei finally yelled in pain and sat on the ground. He just lost an arm for no apparent reason.

Fang Nan reacted first because he knew Ye Mos power and didnt mind Ye Mos killing actions at all. Zang Jiayan also reacted and looked at Ye Mo with different eyes. Although he guessed that Ye Mo was an ancient martial artists when he gave him the cultivation method, he couldnt even tell when Ye Mo attacked just then or even see what knife Ye Mo used to sever Shi Weis arm.

"Kill him!" Shi Wei shrieked and the four men also reacted. They pulled out their swords and charged at Ye Mo.

Zang Jiayan and Fang Nan also pulled the curved swords from their waists.

But Ye Mo just shook his finger to them and slice his hand in the air twice. Two wind blades and four heads were chopped down. Until the heads fell to the ground, the four henchmen still ran a few steps forward before falling down next to Shi Wei.

Ye Mos expression was plain. To him, killing a few people was no different than stepping on a few ants. Plus, he was about to start his first business in Flowing Snake and he needed to kill. No one would give out Flowing Snake if he just spoke a few words.

Fang Nan could still stay calm but Zang Jiayan was completely shocked. He had seen many masters even yellow level tertiary stage but he had never seen someone as storng as Ye Mo.

He only saw Ye Mo wave his hand quickly twice and didnt even see him take out any projectiles and four people were killed. What shocked Zang Jiayan more was Ye Mos attitude towards killing. Before, he thought Ye Mo could stay calm after killing probably due to the permit, but now, he knew Ye Mo's calm after killing had nothing to do with permit.

For the first time, Zang Jiayan felt he hadnt truly understood Ye Mo yet. He only saw the surface of Ye Mo. As for Ye Mos origin and power, he only understood a little.

Ye Mo was decisive in killing and knew what was important. He made him record the evidence first before killing Dou Lin. When he killed here, he didnt ask about anything. It could be seen that he was meticulous and not someone impulsive. Thinking about what he had been treated unfairly before, he thought that perhaps following Ye Mo, he would really be able to start a big career. Thinking about this, Zang Jiayan started to get excited and made up his mind.

Looking at Shi Wei who had already fainted, Ye Mo said to Fang Nan: "Bring him with us. Well smash our way into Flowing Snake the most direct way."

When Fang Nans henchmen carried Shi Wei into Flowing Snake, everyone knew that Fang Nan came back for revenge. Compared to Shi Wei, Fang Nan knew Flowing Snake more thoroughly and had more connections.

The reason Shi Wei was able to stand on his feet at Flowing Snake was due to his brother in law. Otherwise, with his petty capabilities, he wouldve been devoured by others long ago.

So, Ye Mo didnt even kill many people, he just kill more than ten of Shi Weis loyal men and the entire Flowing Snake was once again controlled by Fang Nan. Some of his lost henchmen came back again.


Shi wei was dumped in front of Ye Mo like a dead dog. Fang Nan patted the blood stain on his body and spat on Shi Wei before saying: "Ye brother, Ive already interrogated. Its said that because Qian Longtou died and Nan Qing is having internal conflicts and its now breaking apart. The Amphibian Gang declared independence due to that and no longer belongs to Nan Qing. Their HQ is at the sharp sea corner and this guys brother in law is already the leader of the gang."

Sharp corner sea? Ye Mo thought, he was going to go there before anyways.

Half a year ago at Hong Kong, he heard about the internal conflicts at Nan Qing. He didnt expect that it's still going on now. It seemed that he didnt need to go to Nan Qing recently. He would wait after the conflict was over and then go make himself a fortune. That Lang Ji was really useless. He still wasnt able to control Nan Qing.

Shi Wei woke up at this moment and happened to hear Fang Nans words. He immediately understood that his situation was dire and quickly called: "Nan brother have mercy. Im willing to join Pu Dao Gang. Spare me. If you kill me and my brother in law asks."

Ye Mo frowned and said to Fang Nan: "Drag him out and finish him."

Fang Nan dragged Shi Wei who was crying out loud without hesitation. Soon, that howling disappeared. Fang Nan walked in with some blood.

"Ye brother, Rock and Xiao Tei have gone out to appease the people. Flowing Snake would stabilize soon." Fang Nan also knew that Ye Mo was going to do things at Flowing Snake. To him, too many people were interested in Flowing Snake, if Ye Mo didnt intervene forcefully, he would soon be devoured whole.
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