Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 283

Chapter 283: Diminished Family

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
Ye Mo looked at Zang Jiayan and Fang Nan and nodded and said: "Okay, Fang Nan, you need to listen more to Jiayan from now on. We will be doing a business, not a gang. Getting money by collecting protection payments and robbing others isnt the long way to go. Flowing Snake is just the start of our business. I believe our business will get bigger and better. What we need to do is that when people hear the product is from Flowing Snake, they would go buy it regardless of price."

Zang Jiayans eyes gleamed with light. Although Ye Mo didnt describe some grand scheme, he didnt doubt Ye Mos actions at all.

"Ye brother, are we going to start a company?" Fang Nan wasnt an idiot and could tell that Ye Mo wanted to do a big business.

Ye Mo nodded, "The first step is to start a company. lets call it."

"Lets call it Luo Yue." Ye Mo thought for a moment and remembered that he came from Luo Yue continent.

Looking at the gangster temperament in Fang Nan, Ye Mo laughed to himself but he still needed to remind Fang Nan, "Fang Nan, were doing legal business now. Dont do the previous things anymore. I want that when I came back to Flowing Snake, it is no longer a chaotic place. I want to build a real city. I think Jiayan will understand what I mean. You should listen to him more."

Jiayan nodded and said: "I understand but what will our first product be? We cant keep selling illegal products."

Ye Mo knew this. The reason he wanted to establish Luo Yue was to help him accumulate wealth and search for the herbs around the world. His ultimate goal is still to help him cultivate.

"Luo Yue will be pharmaceutical. Of course, our main purpose is to collect all sorts of precious herbs. I have a detailed list here with some images. Jiayan can be responsible for this. From now on, Jiayan can manage Luo Yue." Ye Mo took out the list he drew already and gave it to Zang Jiayan.

"What about me Ye brother?" Fang Nan asked hesitantly.

"you will be responsible for the safety of the company. Once our company earns a lot of money, people will be jealous so your job is to make Luo Yue absolutely safe." Ye Mo said immediately.

Fang Nan didnt care about the title of the position. He just blindly followed Ye Mo. Now that Ye Mo assigned this to him, he immediately patted his chest in promise.

Ye Mo then said to Zang Jiayan: "I still have two disciples at Luo Cang. They will be managing he products. When you have time, go to Luo Cang and bring them over. As for Yuan siblings, you can also let them help."

As for Heart Improvement Serum and Beauty Pill and so, Ye Mo had already taught Erhu. He believed that as long as there were enough materials, Erhu would be able to push out these few products.

After arranging these things, Ye Mo took out all the money in his bank and transferred it to Zang Jiayan. Then, he left Flowing Snake. He had already established his followers. He believed that if he continued like this, Luo Yue would definitely be able to collect the herbs he needed and it could be the business tycoon that shocked the world.


Fall was harvest time, but not for all.

The Song family was annihilated and diminishing but this wasnt the biggest news.

The biggest rupture was that the Xuan Jiang Qiao family was massacred in one night. Being the third largest family in China who had power in both Beijing and Xuan Jiang, most families could only admire it in awe. But now, with the Xuan Jiang Qiao family being annihilated, the Beijing Qiao family also fell down a cliff and was about to exit the five big family stage.

The five big families of Beijing. The Song family was diminished. The Ye family was far from its glory days. The Qiao family took such a heavy blow. The only ones who could still deserve to be part of the big families were the Zhang family and Li family.

The annihilation of the Xuan Jiang Qiao family also warned all the other major families that they were far from being indestructible.

The Xuan Jiang Qiao family was not without survivors. Qiao Gang was one of the three lucky survivors. He listened to Ye Mos suggestion but was reproached by his grandpa.

However, QIao Gang believed that Ye Mo was no ordinary person and Ye Mo gave him that feeling that Ye Mo was someone above the families. He didnt believe Ye Mo would say such thing to him for no reason. Although his grandpa Qiao Zhen rebuked his words, he still secretly attached a few cameras and left Xuan Jiang.

Qiao Gang went back to Beijing and told what Ye Mo told him to his second grandpa Qiao Xin. Qiao Xin heard that it was Ye Mos warning and was going to contact Qiao Zhen immediately but at this moment, he got news of Xuan Jiang Qiao family being annihilated.

When he got to Xuan Jiang, he found that all the surveillance had been destroyed except for the 3 cameras QIao Gang secretly put down.

QIao Xin looked at the surveillance record Qiao Gang took out and sighed. Those with great wisdom in the Qiao family were too little. If they could listen to Qiao Gangs words this time, the Xuan Jiang Qiao family wouldnt have such a big disaster.

There was only two black clothed men recorded. They both werent tall but when they killed the Qiao family people, they were like demons. Although the cameras didnt show everything but Qiao Xin couldnt help shake: these people were so cruel.

"Second grandpa, why? Why did they do this? They can just take the blood coral. Why would they still kill everyone?" Qiao Gangs eyes were red. He couldnt understand.

Qiao Xin sighed and turned off the video and stared at QIao Gang for a long while before asking: "How do you know Ye Mo didnt do it?"

Qiao Gang dazed, he didnt expect his grandpa to ask such a question but a moment later, he immediately said: "I have a feeling that he isnt this sort of person. If he was, then he wouldnt remind me. And, the two people on the screen are both much shorter than him."

QIao Xin nodded: "Tell me exactly what Ye Mo told you before."

Qiao Gang reminisced and said: "He told me that if the blood coral was taken by the Cha family, they would be fine but if any other families took it, nothing good would come out of it. He also said that the Cha family was a semi hidden family and could contact the hidden sects, then he asked me where the blood coral was found."

Qiao Xin suddenly stood up and then sat down slowly after a moment while murmuring to himself: "The Cha family is actually a semi hidden sect. No wonder this happened. Our Qiao family has no way to get revenge for this, sigh"

"Second grandpa, lets give the tape to the police." Qiao Gang hadnt finished and was interrupted by Qiao Xin.

"Xiao Gang, dont mention the tape and Cha family thing again okay? If the Cha family is really a semi hidden family, then it would be a suicide to hand the tape out. They have the power to annihilate the Beijing branch of our family as well." Qiao Xin said very seriously.

Qiao gang dazed and said after a while: "Second grandpa, are we just going to let it go like that?"

"let it go?" Qiao Xin murmured and stared at Qiao gang: "Xiao Gang, do you know which family is really the biggest family in China?"

Before Qiao Gang could reply, he continued: "Sometimes, the greatness of a family isnt just about the political power. The biggest family of China is actually the Zhang family. Its said that the Zhang family has an extreme master but that master never goes to the Zhang family so people gradually forget about it.

And the real second family is the Song family. The Song family hid their power extremely well. People may be guess about the extreme master in the Zhang family but the Song family definitely has yellow level masters and not just one. Although our Qiao family is ranked third, but in actual fact, we might be the last in the 5 great families."

"Why do you say this grandpa?" Qiao Gang was confused.

Qiao Xin shook his head and sighed: "the Song and Ye family had conflict for so many years but the Song family didn't do anything to the Ye family. Do you know why? Its because Ye family had a very strong help called Huang Yue. His long sword was invincible. But the Ye family destroyed themselves by kicking Ye Mo away and this almost resulted in family annihilation. If it wasnt that the Song family also offended Ye Mo, perhaps there would be no Ye family in Beijing. They wouldve been long devoured by the Song family."

Then, Qiao Xin looked at Qiao Gang and asked: "Xiao Gang, do you understand what I just said?"

Qiao Gang was very smart. Although he came from a big family, he didnt have the usual rich second generation temperament. He immediately understood what Qiao Xin was saying but asked bewilderingly: "second grandpa, you mean that the Ye family and Song family are both stronger than our Qiao family but theyve all diminished due to Ye brother?"

Qiao gang nodded with satisfaction: "Not bad, Im very happy you have such understanding. Ye Mo told you before that if the Qiao family gave the blood coral to him and they would be fine. He even didnt care about the Earth Fiend people. And he could still annihilate the Song family with all the devious schemes they had. This all meant that he is much stronger than what he said and did. So, Ye Mo is a scary person."

"Second grandpa?" Qiao Gang seemed to understand what Qiao Xins intentions were but he was still shocked. After all, Ye Mo was just a single person but his Qiao family was a whole family.

Qiao Xin shook his head and continued: "After that race, I also check the recordings. The Cha family was the last but both of their cars exploded. Do you think this is by chance? If Im not wrong, then it must be related to Ye Mo. I dont know the exact complications but our Qiao family and the Cha family already formed deep enmity. And, the Cha family is actually a semi hidden family. So if our Qiao family wants revenge, we can only do it through Ye Mo."

Qiao Gang immediately understood and said: "Second grandpa, you want me to find Ye Mo?"
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