Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 286

Chapter 286: The Island

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
However, the island was only one marker on the map. Other than the island, there was also a silver marking line which extended far into the sea. Ye Mo followed the mark and looked. According to the ratio, he might not be able to reach there even in a few months time with his current speed.

Because the next marker was no longer in the bay but outside ocean. There were still markers outside the bay and it was in the Indian Ocean. That wasnt even the final point. The final point was in the Antarctic Ocean.

What Ye Mo didnt understand was, since it was a sea map, why not just marked the final point at the Antarctic Ocean? Why marked it to there point by point. If he didnt see this island by chance, he might really not be able to find it.

According to this sea map, starting from this island, he will eventually find the final destination but this map gave Ye Mo great confusion.

No matter what the person who left the map behind wanted to do, he wouldnt be able to reach there with this jet ski. He came for blood coral and the island was a complete coincidence. Ye Mo was thinking, would this island be connected to the blood coral he was trying to find or was this map related to the blood coral.

He knew that it was useless to keep searching so Ye Mo didnt continue. Even if he was to, he needed to wait until his economic power was sufficient so he can buy a big ship to find it. Or, a simpler way was to cultivate to chi gathering level 4 and flying on his flying sword.

Since he had come here, no matter what, Ye Mo was going to have a look. Ye Mo parked his jet ski at the island and the dived underwater.

Ye Mo went down and the pressure increased but even when Ye Mo was in stage 2, this pressure wouldnt worry him much less that he was in stage 3 now.

The more Ye Mo went now, the more he felt the island was shaped like an 8. His spirit sense could completely scan the bottom of the water.

Ye Mo circled the island but didnt find anything suspicious nor did he find any signs of blood coral. It seemed that this was just a normal island.

A map with just an ordinary island. Ye Mo really didnt understand. He didnt want to give up and kept circulating the island but there was nothing special indeed.

Ye Mo was very disappointed and he could only come back to the surface of the sea.

Ye Mo was surprised that the island and even his jet ski had just disappeared from the surface of the sea. Even Ye Mo who was a cultivator had goosebumps on his head. Perhaps this was normal in the cultivation realm but not on earth.

He just dived into the water from here. How did the island just suddenly disappear?

Ye Mo thought and immediately dived into the water again. He searched where he searched before and what made him relieved was that the island was found by him again. This time, he went up along the border of the sea. When he was about tens of meters to the surface of the sea, he found he was standing on the top of the island.

It was impossible for the sea level to increase so that meant the island was sinking. After the island sunk, his jet ski drifted away as well. This island could sink itself. What did he just encounter? According to this speed, the next time he came to search for this island, it wouldve disappeared already.

Ye Mo kept scanning his spirit sense around the island and when he got to the waist, he finally found something wrong. The waist of the island was very smooth.

Usually, it should be filled with coral. It cant be this smooth. This was very suspicious. Ye Mo felt the island was still sinking and he immediately came to the smooth surface and pressed. There was no reaction.

Did he see wrong? This place definitely was different. Usually, he would be able to scan his spirit sense in a few meters but at this place, he couldnt scan in at all. It seemed that this unknown type of rock could segregate even spirit sense.

Ye Mo took our a curved sword from his ring and sliced on the smooth surface. Soon, he dug the stone out with the sword.

Finally, Ye Mo saw what was inside. It was a small box. It was artificial indeed. This smooth rock wasnt some precious thing. If this stone was sealed well, it could not only segregate spirit sense but also water and fire.

However, these stones were too little in amount. If there was enough, perhaps Ye Mo would make a house out of this stone.

Other than a jade box, there was nothing else in the stone box. Ye Mo took out the jade box, it was the exact same type as the one Guo Taiming gave him. It was by the same person indeed.

It seemed he found the right spot. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense inside the jade box. There was an incomplete yin yang fish 8 trigram picture. To be exact, it was half or each. It was half a yin yang fish and half of an 8 trigram. It seemed quite eerie.

Ye Mo looked for a while and still didnt get what it was. He could only take it away. At this moment, the island had sunk 100 meters down and Ye Mo came back to the surface of the sea.

He didnt understand why the island was sinking but if he was foundation establishment or higher, perhaps he would go down and see. But now, with his current state, that would be suicide.

Luckily, he didnt gain nothing this time. Although he didnt find the blood coral, he found the place on the map and found a shard of yin yang fish.

But when Ye Mo stood on the sea again, he was troubled. He didnt know where his jet ski went and couldnt scan it with his spirit sense. He couldnt fly on swords now and it was too hard to swim back. Although he could find a wooden board and step on that to go back but that would use too much spirit chi.

Perhaps before he even got back on land, he would be exhausted. Now, he didnt have any pills to recover chi. If he wasted everything in the sea, perhaps a white shark could take his life.

What made Ye Mo depressed was that as soon as he thought about sharks, a ferocious shark swam towards him. It was very easy to kill this shark and he only needed to use his flying sword and it would be done. But the flying sword was his baby, he usually didnt even want to use it to kill people much less a shark.

Ye Mo took out a curved sword and with one swing, that ferocious shark was decapitated. But immediately, Ye Mo knew it wasnt good. He really shouldnt have killed it with a sword. The blood was too obvious.

As soon as Ye Mo thought about this, tens of sharks had started swarming towards Ye Mo. Ye Mo killed a few more but the sharks were getting more and more. At this rate, no matter how much spirit chi he had, it would be wasted by the sharks.

Ye Mo no longer dared to kill sharks. If it was on the land, he could run, but in the sea, no matter how fast he was, he wouldnt be faster than sharks.

Helplessly, Ye Mo found one shark and just jumped on its back. This shark immediately started to swerve heavily and kept diving into deep water and wobbling in the sea water wanting to shake Ye Mo off but Ye Mo sat very sturdy.

He thought right, although the shark was ferocious, it couldnt do anything about the prey on its back. It kept going further and further away and gradually left the shark group.

Seeing the distant shark swarm, Ye Mo finally felt relieved. He finally escaped, otherwise, he could only go into the deep sea. Although the shark couldnt chase him to there, he would use up a lot of chi too. After all, that pressure was very strong.

Just when Ye Mo was about to let the shark go, he noticed that the shark was very fast. He thought perhaps he could use this shark as a ride. Not only did it not use oil but it was fast. However, it just wasnt as comfortable sitting on it as the jet ski.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo tried to use the shark to turn. It took him a whole two hours with constant beating and spirit sense threatening that he could finally drive the shark as he wished.

This was just a normal shark. If only it was a spirit beast! Ye Mo thought of the bare cockroach he gave Chi Wanqing. Although that wasnt a spirit animal but it could form the ownership pact. This shark couldnt because its intellect was far from that bare cockroach.

Ye Mo stood on the shark back for about an hour or two and felt something wasnt right. Although this shark could be used to travel and wasnt slow, it couldnt be used for a long time. Once the time got slightly longer, the shark would get tired. Although it looked really cool standing on the back of the shark, it was quite troublesome that it needed rest.

Helplessly, Ye Mo could only get some fishes to feed the shark and let it rest once every two hours.

Despite this, a day later, the shark was getting slower and slower. Ye Mo did think about getting another one but thinking about how he still needed to train it for half a day, Ye Mo lost interest.
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