Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 287

Chapter 287: Can be robbed

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
"Oh my god, did I see right? I actually saw someone standing on the back of a shark riding on the sea. Oh god, China really is a magical country." A blonde girl with blue eyes held a telescope and exclaimed.

The tall white man behind her laughed, "Lena, you like China so much. You also said that your Chinese friend knew a magical doctor and now, you see someone riding on the back of a shark."

The man spread his hands out and joked: Okay, when you see that person starting flying, then call me."

"Uncle Jack, I really saw a man standing on the back of a shark and hes coming over towards us." The girl called Lena didnt put the telescope down but continued to exclaim as she watched.

"Is it real? Today isnt April fools." This white man took a telescope and looked dubiously.

As soon as Jack looked, he almost dropped his telescope on the ground. He really saw a person standing on the back of a shark riding in the sea.

"Oh, god, its actually real. China is too magical. Mr. Mo, your country is too magical. It was the right decision to come this time, even if we cant cooperate, but its worth this magical scene." Jack, like Lena, didnt want to put the telescope down again.

The man called Mr. Mo walked over curiously: "Lena, what are you guys talking about? I dont understand."

The man suddenly stopped because even without the telescope, he saw a person on the back of a shark approaching rapidly from a few hundred meters away.

Ye Mo saw this cruise ship from a long way away and thinking that he couldnt reach the land with the shark so he wanted to hop on this ship.

"Its real." The Mo man saw the fast approaching shark.

Ye Mo was near the cruise ship in no time and with a flying jump, he went from the back of the shark aboard the ship.

"Oh, my god, he flew up here." Jack could no longer hold the telescope in his hands.

Two marines had walked over quickly with their weapons. They didnt see how Ye Mo got on the ship but they saw a stranger and immediately reported it to the captain.

Lena came up in front of Ye Mo with astonishment and said a bunch of words. Her face was red with excitement but Ye Mo didnt understand a single word. Jack saw Ye Mo frown and quickly dragged Lena aside.

Ye Mo looked at the two black marines but said to the Mo guy: "My ship sunk in the sea. Ill borrow your ship to get to land."

The Mo man immediately said with joy: "Okay, thats fine. Ill tell the captain now." He thought Ye Mo was a pirate but even a pirate wouldnt attack here. However, Ye Mos words made him feel relieved completely and turned around to talk to the two marines.

The two marines heard the mans words and looked at Ye Mo once and said no more. They rushed inside the ship. Ye Mo went to the corner of the ship and sat down. He closed his eyes and cultivated.

Soon, he opened his eyes and asked that Mo man: "What else is it?"

"Hello, sorry to interrupt you, Im Mo Hai, the manager for the Hong Kong Mo Corporation. The captain wanted to see your identity documents, he." Mo Hai said hesitantly. He wanted to get to know Ye Mo so he didnt really hide his origin.

Ye Mo nodded. There were a lot of foreigners here and he didnt want to talk much. He took out his ID and gave it to Mo Hai and said: "Sorry to trouble you. Where will the ship get to land?"

"At the Hong Kong cruise ship docks. Are you going to Hong Kong as well?" Mo Hai was very polite with Ye Mo. He saw Ye Mos powers with his own eyes.

Lena ran over however and dragged Mo Hais sleeves: "Uncle Mo, do you know him? Can you introduce him to me? I want to learn his magic."

Mo Hai smiled helplessly: "Lena, I dont know him. Great masters like him dont usually take disciples."

Ye Mo looked at Mo Hai in surprise and thought that there were three people who saw him on the back of the shark. Other than this Mo Hai, there were the other two foreigners. But those foreigners were extremely shocked while Mo Hai although surprised but was not as flabbergasted as those two foreigners. Did he usually see people like him?

Thinking about this, Ye Mo asked: "Mo brother, have you seen people like me before?"

Mo Hai quickly shook his head and replied: "No, Ive just heard my uncle say that our country has a lot of hidden families and they all have special powers. So, I know there are masters like you out there." Mo Hais tone was very polite, fearing to make Ye Mo unhappy.

So that was how it was. Ye MO nodded. It seemed this Mo Hais uncle was simple to be able to hear about the hidden families. Hmm, Mo Hai? Hong Kong as well, was he related to Mo Kang? If that was so , then it would be such a coincidence.

Ye Mo looked at Mo Hai and smiled: "Mo brother, I have a friend called Mo Kang. He lives at Hong Kong Qing Quan straight, half mountain mansion. Do you know him."

"Huh, Mo Kang is my uncle." Mo Hai looked at Ye Mo with joy. He didnt expect this person to know his uncle. Even he wasnt able to see his uncle whenever he liked.

"So Mo Kang is your uncle." Ye Mo nodded. He didnt talk but he already understood why Mo Hai wasnt that shocked seeing him ride sharks in the sea. He probably heard about the hidden sect things from Mo Kang and thought he was from the hidden sects. Plus, even Han Zaixin thought he was from the hidden sects.

At this moment, a fat white man walked over with two marines behind him. Mo Kang quickly walked up and talked with the white man for a while and showed Ye Mos identity to the white man.

Probably because Mo kangs status was quite high, the white man spoke a few sentences and brought the two marines in and didnt walk over twowards Ye Mo.

Mo Kang ran over quickly and gave Ye Mos identity back to Ye Mo and said: "So you are doctor Ye. Ive heard my uncle talk about you. You saved my uncles life. Its really an honour to see you today. Mr. Ye, please have a sit in my room."

Ye Mo thought it was too obvious to sit at the head of the ship so it would be better to go sit at Mo Hais place.

Seeing Ye Mo and Mo Hai walk in, Lena quickly dragged Jack wanting to follow. Mo Hai looked helplessly at Jack but Jack just shrugged his shoulders.

Mo Hai said to Ye Mo apologetically: "Lenas really innocent but she doesnt understand Chinese. Jack is going to Hong Kong to discuss business with us. Hes the manager from the Asian sector of the England Rueben Medicines. Hes coming to Hong Kong under our invitation."

Medicine company, Ye Mo thought about his company. Perhaps in the future, he can do business with this Brit. However, Ye Mo wasnt worried that he wouldnt be able to sell his products. In the future, only people will beg him, he wont beg others.

The few people entered Mo Hais room. Mo Hai quickly helped each people a cup of water. In his heart, although Jack was a money maker, Ye Mos identity was more important. Of course Mo Hai knew how important Ye Mo was in the heart of his uncle Mo Kang. Once he got Ye Mos approval, Ye Mo only needed to say something and he would be worth a lot more in his uncles heart.

"My uncle has always been talking about you. Grand Ye, do you have time to go have a seat at my uncles mansion?" Mo Hai was getting more and more polite with Ye Mo.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said: "No need. I still have my things, by the way, just call me Ye Mo. Im not Grand."

Mo Hai laughed awkwardly but soon he found a topic, "Grand Ye, you are in the same generation as my uncle, of course youre Grand to me. However, have you heard about the two major things in mainland? Although we came from Australia, weve heard about these two things."

"Oh, what is it?" Ye Mo asked subconsciously.

"The biggest thing is that the Amphibian gang was annihilated in one night. Even the HQ was burnt. Another thing is that the Xuan Jiang Qiao family was also exterminated in one night. It was said it was due to a blood coral." Mo Hai wanted to get closer to Ye Mo so he found some big topics to increase the intimacy.

"What? Qiao Family was really exterminated?" Ye Mo suddenly stood up. He couldnt calm down. It wasnt because that the Qiao family was exterminated. Although he knew Qiao Gang but he already warned Qiao Gang. What he cared about was the blood coral.

Ye Mo knew how hard it was to find the blood coral after going into the sea. The blood coral was originally in the Qiao family and he couldnt rob it but now that it was robbed by someone else, what he was waiting for?

In Ye Mos eyes, the blood coral was taken by the Cha family 99%. The Cha family was with the Earth Fiend and that was his enemy. If he didnt go rob it from the Cha family, he was an idiot.

"When was this?" Ye Mo immediately asked. He didnt care if Mo Hai suspected him. Once he fought with earth fiend, this would be unveiled eventually. Getting the blood coral and getting stronger was the right path.

Ye Mos heart was on fire knowing that he could rob the Blood coral. He wished he could go there immediately and rob it and then breakthrough and go look for trouble with the Earth Fiend openly, telling them that they shouldnt have messed with him Ye Mo.
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