Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 288

Chapter 288: School Mate

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
"I heard its been a week and its being spreading everywhere in mainland. Havent you heard about it qian bei?" Mo Hai asked in surprise.

Ye Mo knew this was the time he went out searching for the blood coral. Now that Mo Hai said this, his heart was like burning. It had been a week! If these idiots just ate the blood coral or used it to make pills, then all would be gone.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo couldnt help to blame his soft heartedness. If he wasnt soft hearted, since he knew that the Cha family would attack the Qiao family, he could stay in Xuan Jiang and after the Cha family annihilated the Qiao family, he could be the fisherman standing at the back. But he knew that if he stayed in Xuan Jiang, he would stop them when the Cha family attacked.

But still, it went against his heart. Other than Qiao Gang, Ye Mo looked down on all the people in the Qiao family. It went against his heart to save these people. Subconsciously, he didnt want the Qiao family to be annihilated. After all, hoping a family to be annihilated for a herb was too bloody. But since this became true, he wouldnt hold back.

What Ye Mo didnt expect was that it just happened right after he he went into the see. He was caught unprepared. He didn't know was it too late to do anything about it.

"Mo brother, which city is closest to us right now?" Ye Mo asked desperately.

Mo Hai quickly replied: "the closest one should be south sea San Ya city. If we go there, it will take less than a day, longer for Hong Kong."

Less than a day? Ye Mo immediately got Mo Hai to point him a direction on the deck. If it really was that little distance, then he didnt need to stay on the ship. He only needed to ride a wooden board for half a day.

Jack and Lena followed Ye Mo dumbly. Lena really wanted to ask Ye Mo to learn magic but she didnt understand Chinese. This made her determine to study Chinese when she went back.

Ye Mo saw that there was not much people on the deck and took out a wooden block from his ring and said to Mo Hai: "I have a company thats also pharmaceutical related. You can talk to your uncle about it. If possible, we can cooperate but my company just started. If you want to collaborate, you can go to Flowing Snake and talk about it with Zang Jiayan. Im still busy so I wont say much, goodbye."

Then, Ye Mo jumped into the sea standing on the wooden board and soon disappeared leaving behind three people with their mouth open wide in shock.

"God." Jack couldnt say anything else.


Ye Mo followed the direction Mo Hai pointed and it was only two hours and the sky just got dark and he could see lights. This was San Yan.

Ye Mo knew about Jiang Nan Cha family. When Wu Guang told him, he asked about it. The city Cha family was at wasnt big. It was near Luo Cang. It was originally a small city but due to population growth, it changed into a medium city.

The city was called Liang Pu city. If he wanted to go there, he would need to fly to Luo Cang first and then go from there. After so much time had passed, even Ye Mo wasnt sure if the blood coral was still at the Cha family. If it really the Cha family who slaughtered the Qiao family, then the blood corla might still be there. If it wasnt the Cha family or if the Cha family worked with other hidden sects, then it might not be there anymore.

The earliest flight from San Ya to Luo Cang was at 7:00am. Although he arrived in San Ya at night, he still needed to wait there overnight before going to Luo Cang.

Ye Mo had no choice but to wait. Getting here from the sea, although he used his chi to dry his clothes and washed it with water, it was still uncomfortable after staying in the sea for so long.

He found a hotel, showered and changed a clean set of clothes before going out to get food. Hed only been eating grain these past few days.

For the first time, he walked so casually on the street finding a place to eat. If only Luo Ying was by his side. Ye Mo thought of her and sighed. He knew this was dreaming. Ye Mo walked to a big fast food block and ordered something casually and got a few bottles of beer. He felt the food was not bad here.

Just when Ye Mo was about to finish, a crisp girl voice interrupted him, "Hmm, you are Ye Mo? Huh, it really is you. How are you here?" the girl saw Ye Mo look up and yelled in excitement.

As soon as this girl yelled, Ye Mo recognized her. Although he didnt know what she was called but she was his schoolmate. He still had some impression.

"Im Wang Yanming. Dont you know me? Weve been in the same class for many years. To be honest, you changed so much." The girl spoke and her tone was elated and excited.

Ye Mo was speechless. He never even talked much to this Wang Yanming. He didnt know why she was so excited but since she said that. He could only smile and say: "Since you came, come and eat with me, my treat."

"Okay, then I wont be too polite." Then, Wang Yanming pulled the man and woman beside her down as well and said to Ye Mo: "This is Liu Jia, my colleague and this is my boyfriend Yu Tao."

"Yanming, this is your uni friend? Hes quite handsome." Liu Jia was skinny. Although she wasnt plump, her face was very exquisite and she studied Ye Mo curiously.

Ye Mo felt his chin awkwardly. Due to cultivation, he had this ethereal, out of this world, temperament. In normal peoples eyes, that meant he was handsome. In fact, in the cultivation realm, as long as you werent too ugly, every guy was handsome and every girl was beautiful.

"Hello, Im Yu Tao, Yanmings boyfriend. Nice to meet you." Yu Tao was a little introverted and average looking but he cared about Wang Yanming a lot.

Ye Mo nodded and shook hands with Yu Tao and ordered a few more dishes.

"Ye Mo, you really changed a lot. Yan Yan was really blind. So pretentious." Of course Wang Yanming knew about Ye Mos past and felt unhappy for him now.

Ye Mo smiled. He already forgot about those sort of things and just said: "Ive had quite a lot, you guys ea., Are you working at San Ya?"

"Yea, after I graduated, I came to San Ya with Yu Tao. Its quite nice here. By the way, did you know that after you left, Yun Bing asked about you. It seemed she was looking for you desperately." Wan Yanming talked non stop.

Although Ye Mo didnt feel as elated as Wang Yanming, he knew how she was feeling. Ye Mo thought about Shi Xiu. Ever since leaving Ning Hai University, he had never seen him again. This time, he could ask Wang Yanming about him.

Liu Jia poured herself a cup of beer and was about to drink with Ye Mo but a small bug flew into her cup. Liu Jia exclaimed and quickly dropped the cup on the side.

"Dumb bitch, youre asking to die." A ferocious voice sounded and a sturdy looking bald youth wiped the beer from his clothes and slapped towards Liu Jia.

Liu Jia was frightened and quickly retreated. This slap didnt hit her but the youth obviously wasnt planning to let her go like that.

"Sorry, I didnt do it on purpose, Ill pay you money" Liu Jia saw the tattoo on the youths arm and was so scared she couldnt say complete sentences.

Yu Tao wanted to stand up but was pushed back by the two hoodlums beside the youth and was kicked. Wang Yanming held him but was full of worry.

Ye Mo sighed. He couldnt even eat a proper meal. He walked over and grabbed the hand the youth was about to slap Liu Jia with: "Since she already apologized and your clothes only just got a little wet, theres no need to be like this."

"Who the fuck do you think you are? Ill let you know today" this ferocious youth saw that Ye Mo dared to grab his wrist and was more furious.

"you mouth stinks." Ye Mo raised his hand and slapped. Before this youth finished his words, three of his teeth was knocked out. He spun on the ground and smashed into the two youths behind him.

The youth grabbed his mouth and his face started to swell. He muttered unclearly at Ye Mo and said in a more ferocious tone: "You dare to hit me! You dont want to fucking live."

Ye Mo shook his head. Hed seen dumb ones but had never seen someone this dumb. He held back on that slap but this guy was still acting up. Ye Mo walked up and raised his leg and was about to give him another leg.

"Friend, youre quite cruel. Why don't I, Shuai Liu, got informed when someone like you came to Lu Wang Jiao? If you got balls, kick him." A coarse voice sounded.

Hearing this voice, that youth immediately said in joy: "Liu brother, help me get revenge."

But before they both finished, Ye Mo already kicked. And this youth spat out more teeth and could no longer talk.

"Okay, you got balls. If I let you walk out of Lu Wang Jiao, theres no need for me to stay here anymore." That coarse voiced man growled.
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