Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Ning Qingxue's Second Impression

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Ye Mo was fatigued and didnt realize that Yun Bing had already woken up once. He pulled a quilt over Yun Bings body and said to her: Youve been lucky today! With your attitude towards me, I didnt want to save you, but Im in a good mood today.

Ye Mo closed the door and once again carried the middle-aged man and Zheng Wenqiao and left.

He stripped bare Zheng Wenqiao and the middle-aged man and beat them up. Then he kicked them till their private areas were busted before dumping them on the back seat of the car, stacked on top of each other. Then, he drove the BMW away until he came to the Genesis Square, and parked it in a frequented and conspicuous place. Before he left, he didnt forget to leave all the windows open.

Ye Mo went out for the whole day while Ning Qingxue was getting a bit worried in the yard. She was planning to get the marriage certificate that day, but Ye Mo still hadnt returned. It was as though he had forgotten what he agreed to her.

When Xu Wei and Ning Qingxue saw each other in the morning, it was a bit awkward. Xu Wei didnt know how Ye Mo found such a stunning girl like Ning Qingxue, and what this beautiful woman could be possibly thinking; living together with someone as poor as Ye Mo before marriage. That just goes to show that you really couldnt judge someone by their appearance. Although Ye Mo was quite a good person in Xu Weis impression, Ning Qingxue seemed to be way out of his league.

Ning Qingxues thoughts were similar to Xu Weis. She thought about why Xu Wei was living together with Ye Mo since he was known to have a problem concerning his more intimate life. However, she couldnt really ask this, and both of them thought they were in the right.

Seeing that Xu Wei had gone to work, Ning Qingxue felt uncomfortable staying in this unfamiliar yard by herself. However, she waited for a long time for Ye Mo to no avail. She saw there were many flowers cultivated in Ye Mos yard; originally she thought it was Xu Wei who was responsible, but they seemed to be planted on Ye Mos side.

Ning Qingxue looked at those flowers and discovered one of them with a silver grass, which seemed to be cared for very well; there were no flowers or grass nearby its spot and had a very large place all to itself.

She walked around the yard for a while before going back to the room. Ye Mos room was simple. Other than a bed, there was just a desk. The only thing she didnt understand was that there was a small box and a pot seemingly used to cook herbs. As for what was inside the box, Ning Qingxue didnt know and didnt have any desire to open it. She didnt like to invade other peoples privacy; as for that peculiar pot, she didnt have the urge to look at it either.

She suddenly felt that Ye Mo was different from what Li Mumei said about him, but at the same time similar to her description. This gave her an odd, uncanny feeling.

She didnt know how Ye Mo knew Su Jingwen, but she seemed to have a good impression of him. Ning Qingxue thought about when she first saw Ye Mo dancing so flawlessly in synchronization with Su Jingwen, and when he gave a present to Su Jingwen; to her own surprise, she had felt uncomfortable, even perhaps a little jealous, watching the event unfold. She couldnt help but laugh at herself.

Now, she saw with her own eyes that Ye Mo lived with the girl next door and oddly she felt very calm. Thinking about how Ye Mo took her 500,000 dollars card without hesitation made her feel that Ye Mo fit Li Mumeis description perfectly, and just like that, her last remaining guilt towards Ye Mo was gone.

Now, she could only wait until Ye Mo returned and get a marriage certificate with him. Then she would get Li Mumei to copy the certificate, and release her private photos with Ye Mo to the public. If after all that, she still couldnt get rid of the Song familys pestering, she wouldnt know what to do anymore.


When Ye Mo returned to the yard, Xu Wei and Ning Qingxue had gone to sleep already. Seeing that both lights were turned off, he didnt go in but instead returned to the spot with the tree in the back of the yard and cultivated under it.

Ning Qingxue heard the sound of the door and knew Ye Mo came back. She wondered if he came back so late each night and, after a while, she heard the sound of Xu Weis door.

Time flew by quickly during cultivation. Ye Mo got up in the morning and finished a set of martial arts before washing himself. Then Xu Wei got up and greeted Ye Mo. However, while she had a strange look on her face, she concealed it very soon. She hurriedly got ready to work and left. Ning Qingxue, who was also wide awake, heard the sound of Ye Mo and Xu Wei in the yard, but resisted the urge to come out, and walked out once Xu Wei had left.

Ning Qingxue saw Ye Mo caring for those flowers and confirmed her suspicions that they were really planted by him. A grown man actually like to tend to these sort of things? she wondered if he was genuinely caring for the flowers or if it was his sexual orientations that were different than anticipated.

Oh, youre awake Ye Mo turned his head and saw Ning Qingxue, but didnt add anything after that one sentence. After a long awkward pause, he continued: Why do you look so bad? Did you not eat yesterday?

Ye Mo saw the atmosphere was quiet between the two and thus took the initiative to start a conversation. However, he didnt think that Ning Qingxue shook her head and said: I was not hungry so I didnt eat yesterday.

When Ye Mo heard that she didnt eat yesterday, he became speechless. If he didnt eat anything for a whole day, that would be okay for him as the Chi would help him, but it wouldnt be the same for Ning Qingxue; she wasnt a cultivator. It wasnt surprising that her complexion was so bad.

Go wash first, well go eat later, Ye Mo only said a few words, and went back to taking care of his precious silver heart grass. That was his priceless asset after all.

After Ning Qingxue was ready, Ye Mo took her to the nearby road restaurant and got a few bowl of rice congee and some buns.

Seeing the appetite of Ye Mo, who ate two bowls of congee and 5 buns, Ning Qingxue was full after barely eating half a bun and half a bowl of congee, despite not eating anything yesterday.

Why do you have to get married to m Ye Mo couldnt finish his words before being interrupted by Ning Qingxue again.

You dont need to ask that much; you just need to know that this is a deal between us, thats all. Ever since Ye Mo took that card from her without hesitation and she learned that he was living with Xu Wei, Ning Qingxue felt her mood become worse. She doubted that the indifferent Ye Mo she saw during Su Jingwens birthday party was a fake.

If Ye Mo asked this question when they first saw each other, she would perhaps tell Ye Mo that she just wanted to rid herself of the Song Family. But now, she didnt want to say anything to Ye Mo. She would pay the money and Ye Mo would play his part; this was just a simple deal. After the deal, they would part ways, and the two wouldnt have nothing to do with each other anymore.

As if noticing Ning Qingxues change in tone, Ye Mo smiled faintly and let the subject go. He wasnt about to get emotionally attached to the woman. Even if it was a marriage, it didnt affect him at all.

Getting a marriage certificate was an easy thing as they only needed their identity paper and a picture together. Ye Mo sighed about how complicated getting married was in his past life but now, he didnt think things would be so simple. However, he also noticed that that divorce seemed to be even easier; so simple that the person didnt even need to come to divorce.

Ye Mo didnt have the time to sigh. As soon as they collected their marriage certificate, Li Mumei came over and was going to help Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue take a few private photos.
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