Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 291

Chapter 291: Troubled with what to do

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Pausing for a moment, Dong Qing continued: "When he was talking to me, I had this feeling of my heart skipping beats. Then, when Wu Feng pressed the button, the car that exploded was his own. I was sure that if I didnt leave at the time, I would be in his hands now. and, and."

"And what?" Cheng Qing immediately asked.

Dong Qing hesitated before saying: "I suspect he has left a mark on my body. But afterwards, I kept washing myself and changing clothes but that feeling of being marked is still there. Im not sure if I'm being too suspicious or not but my sixth sense is usually correct. If it wasnt for my sixth sense, I wouldve died at the mission in Hong Kong last time."

Ye Mo listened and commended. This Dong Qing really was a natural assassin. He could leave his spirit sense on an earth level master like Jing Xi wihout being found but this Dong Qing was able to guess it.

Although she wasnt sure but this instinct was amazing. Dong Qing didnt even have a level in ancient martial arts. She was just a hitman.

Cheng Qing dazded for a while before saying: "Youre thinking too much. How can there be such a mark in the world. Plus, he just held your hands. Although it was quite long, who knows if Ye Mo was lustful or not. Perhaps he just wanted to grab your hands. He couldnt use your hands to mark you. If he really could, then it would be too magical."

Dong Qing shook her head and said: "Not right. He probably didnt want to grab my hands. Tang Beiwei was much prettier than me. He might grab her hands rather than mine."

"Tang Beiwei is his sister. Of course he cant do anything to her." Cheng Qing immediately rebuked.

"Meimei? How do you know she is his sister? Have yo done DNA testing? Plus, one of them is Tang and the other is Ye. I cant be sure. When I was investigating him in Ning Hai, I saw him stay in the same bed room with her for a night. And, Ye Mo doesnt look like someone lustful." Dong Qing immediately shook her head.

As though to support her opinion, Dong Qing said: "If he really was lustful, according to the data I have, he had contacted with Yun Bing and his fiance Ning Qingxue, both of them are way prettier than me. How can he want me?"

Cheng Qing nodded: "youre right, Ye Mo isnt someone we can offend but is our upper leader someone we can offend? If we run, its still death and a very gruesome death."

Dong Qing sighed: "If I were to choose, I would rather offend our superior and suicide. That Ye Mo is too scary. I investigated him. Nan Qing, Metal River, although these two organizations arent destroyed by him, they are both declining due to him. I suspect even the Song Familys downfall was due to him. Recently, the Amphibian gang was exterminated, I suspect it to be connected to him as well because we got the blood coral at the sharp sea corner."

"What about Qiao family, is it also him?" Cheng Qing immediately asked.

Dong Qing remained silent for a while before saying: "I originally thought it was him but after I got the new mission, I thought about it carefully. He probably didnt rob the blood coral. It might quite possibly be the Cha family. Thats why I was desperate to go. I had the premonition that if I stayed with them, my life wont be mine."

"Cha family? How can that be. When they collaborated with us, they never said they wanted the blood coral. Didnt they just say to kill Ye Mo?" Cheng Qing asked in surprise.

Dong Qing shook her head and said: "I dont know. If our hirer to kill Qiao Gang is the Cha family then everything can be explained. But our hirer is the Yun family and then in the end, the Cha family asked for cooperation to kill Ye Mo. I dont understand them. This time I didnt listen to the superiors order to stay at the Cha family and ran away. Im probably already being suspected by the authority.

Because I suspect the authorities cooperated with Cha family on the blood coral. They wanted to lure Ye Mo and I was just the bait. I dont know whats behind this but I know if I went to the Cha family I wouldnt be alive. Perhaps the authority already knew I had been marked by Ye Mo and thats why they wanted me to go to the Cha family.

So, even if I know where the blood coral is, I wouldnt take this mission. Although I still dont understand a lot of things, Im sure that regardless if Ye Mo is connected to the blood coral, if I go, Im dead for sure."

Hearing about this, Ye Mo rejoiced. This Dong Qing knew where the blood coral was indeed. However, what he didnt expect was that the it was the Yun family who hired the assassins to kill Qiao Gang and the earth Fiend was targeting him because he killed one of their assassins. However, why did the Cha family want to attack him? Before the race, he had no enmity with the Cha family.

This Dong Qings sixth sense was so strong. Ye Mo guessed that the Earth Fiend might really know that he marked Dong Qing and so was prepared to sacrifice her just to kill him. Other than him killing earth fiend assassins, there must be another reason. Otherwise, Earth Fiend wouldnt let their people be sacrificial pawns.

"Sigh, you should keep tracking Ye Mo. As long as you follow him, you dont need to do anything." Cheng Qing sighed.

After long, Cheng Qing sighed: What are you going to do then? If Ye Mo is really that strong, are you going to leave the organization? That is a very tragic path to death."

"Dying by yourself is better having your entire family die. Ye Mo always kill entire families. Hes too cruel. Id rather die in a secret place myself than let him find my family and kill them as well." Dong Qing said helplessly.

Cheng Qing sneered however: "Dong Qing, Ive been at Earth Fiend longer than you. I know a lot of things you dont. I dont know if Ye Mo kills entire families but Im sure if you betray Earth Fiend, you will have your entire family killed as well. Those people are a bunch of maniacs. They are unreasonable.

Five years ago when I just got to Earth Fiend, a qianbei of mine, he was a human level purple killer. He was only one step away from earth level killer but because he was trapped by his mission and went back a few days later, his entire family was killed. Our superior will really kill entire families, you just dont know."

"Huh." Dong Qing never heard that her organization would kill entire families. This was too horrifying. She only guessed Ye Mo killed entire families but thinking about this, she worried her decision.

Ye Mo knew there was no point in eavesdropping anymore so he walked out and said plainly: "If you work with me, not only will I not let Earth Fiend kill your family, I will even save you."

Huh. Both Dong Qing and Cheng Qing shot up. Ye Mo appeared too suddenly and they werent prepared at all. Still, they reacted fast and put their hands at the waists at the same time. Obviously, they had their weapons at their waists.

"Its you? Ye Mo, how did you come over?" Dong Qing immediately recognized who walked in. She slumped the hand at her waist. She knew that her killing blow was completely useless to Ye Mo.

Hearing Dong Qings words, Cheng Qing was astonished. He finally understood the terror of Ye Mo. This was deep in the sea and he didnt see any ship come near, he even let Fu Bo on guard but a live person just suddenly appeared in the ship and his clothes were dry. It was as though he just appeared from next door. Even the most powerful earth fiend killer didnt have such power. No wonder Dong Qing would fear Ye Mo so much. He did have reasons for people to fear him.

Ye Mo sat down and poured a cup of tea for himself before saying slowly: "Dong Qing, now isnt the time for you to ask me how I got here. I have my ways. You wanted to kill me with the tricks you planted under the car. If I want to kill you now, it wouldnt even bother me at all and I have 100 reasons to kill you. I havent killed you yet because I want to see if you know what's good for you. If you seek death, then I have no choice."

Dong Qing let out a long exhale as though putting everything down. The worry on her face disappeared. Sometimes, people are like this. They keep worrying before things happen but once it really did happen, they would feel its no use worrying, might as well face it.

"Ye qianbei, I know youre very strong. You can kill us like ants. Earth Fiend isnt an organization that we can betray easily. To be honest, I have no good feeling towards Earth Fiend at all. We were forcibly taken into training. Only because we have nowhere to go. We want to achieve higher in Earth Fiend. Now that I offended you, you can kill me but I just dont want you to attack my family." Dong Qing seemed to realize there was death either way.

Ye Mo smiled plainly and grabbed Dong Qings wrist. He quickly sliced a wound on it and before Dong Qing could react, Ye Mo let go of her hand. He pinched a small red Gu in his hand: "Is this the reason why you dont dare to betray Earth Fiend? Ive taken it from your body. You can talk now."

Dong Qing had her eyes wide open in shock and said horrifyingly after a while: "You, how do you know that theres a control Gu in my body? How could you force it out? You dare to hold it with your hand. Arent you afraid it will go in your body?"

Ye Mo sneered: "This little bug can be called Gu? Dont make me laugh."
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