Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 292

Chapter 292: Frightening Means

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
Ye Mo sneered, "This sort of bug can be called Gu? Dont make me laugh."

He thought about the Bug Monk who reigned dominance in the cultivation realm for a time. He had all sorts of bugs on him. Each Gu he raised was 1-2 meters long, and the largest one was more than ten meters. This small thing wasnt even a fly in the cultivation realm.

Cheng Qing also amazed at the Gu in Ye Mos hand. This was the first time he saw it out of the body. He knew that everyone who joined Earth Fiend must accept a Gu from the Earth Fiend Gu king. If you leave or betray, this Gu will be triggered and the Gu bug will devour the heart of that person. It was helpless.

He also heard the older generation say that if you had the Earth Fiend Gu planted in you, you belonged to Earth Fiend for the rest of your life. Other than the Gu king, no one else could take the Gu from the body. But now, he saw Ye Mo take the Gu out of Dong Qings body in two seconds and held it between his fingers not fearing of it getting inside his body. Ye Mo was this strong.

Cheng Qing who was planning to attack Ye Mo lost the intention to do so completely. He felt he had no chance on this youth at all. Although his sixth sense wasnt as strong as Dong Qings, he could feel that if he attacked, he would be killed immediately.

Hm, Ye Mo felt something wasnt right. Although this Gu was like a fly to him, there was a dense life force coming from it and Dong Qing seemed quite withered after he took the Gu out. Her face even seemed a little waxy. What was this?

"Qian bei, Ye qianbei, you can remove the Gu from my body? I, I." Cheng Qing immediately realized this was a rare opportunity after his initial shock. He also had Gu in his body. If it was taken out, then wouldnt he be able to go anywhere he liked? He didnt have a family that the Earth Fiend could exact revenge on.

Ye Mo knew his intentions of course and looked at him plainly: "I can take it out of your body but you need to answer my questions truthfully. If you hide anything, I can still search your soul."

The last bit was a lie. He wasnt in foundation establishment yet, if he wanted to search soul, he could only control Cheng Qings mind and make him say it himself. However, the bad thing was that the information would be very incomplete.

"Im willing, as long as qianbei help me remove the Gu, Im willing to answer any questions." Cheng Qing didnt have any hesitations at all.

"Okay." Ye Mo reached out his hand and sliced on Cheng Qings arm. Although he took a little longer, but it was less than 5 seconds and a yellow Gu bug appeared on Cheng Qings arm.

Ye Mo held the bug and found there was more life force on it and Cheng Qing was more withered than Dong Qing. He was so weak that he almost fell to the ground.

The colour was different and the amount of essence blood was also different. Was this related?

Ye Mo squeezed and the red Gu was crushed. A faint yellow flame rose from the tip of his finger and burnt that Gu to crisp. However, he didnt crush the yellow bug and still had it on his finger.

Dong Qing and Cheng Qing were shocked. They had seen many powerful people in the organization, some of them even having special abilities but they had never seen someone as strong as Ye Mo.

Ye Mo didnt say anything. He felt this Gu was eerie. What was this?

"Do you know why the colours in your Gu's are different?" Ye Mo felt it was similar to the body devouring Gu in the cultivation realm but it also seemed a little different. He wasnt sure so he asked.

Cheng Qing and Dong Qing glanced at each other and shook their heads: "I dont know but the Gu you took out is about the same colour as our status. Im still a human red killer while Cheng Qing is a human yellow killer.

The colour of the Gu matches our level.

"There are so many levels to a human level killer?" Ye Mo murmured to himself but he still didnt understand. Then, he asked: "Since you cant even see what colours your Gus are, how do you rank up?"

Cheng Qing said: "Each person who enters Earth Fiend will have a Gu planted by the Gu king. Usually, those who just got in have red colour, then orange. Now, I just rose to yellow. The highest level of human level is purple. We have people who test us. If we pass, we will be given this badge."

Then, Cheng Qing took out a yellow badge. It had two sharp daggers and there was a head on it. It seemed quite eerie.

Then, Cheng Qing continued: "The earth level killers also have 7 colours but their badge doesnt have the human head. Its earth instead."

Ye Mo took the badge and studied it for a while but didnt find anything. It seemed like a normal badge. Seeing that Ye Mo was studying the badge, Dong Qing also took out her badge and gave it to Ye Mo. Other than the colour difference, everything else was the same.

Ye Mo held the badge and asked: "That is the heaven level badge a piece of the sky with two daggers?"

Cheng Qing shook his head: "That I dont know. Ive never seen a heaven level badge. I have a bro called Yuan Peng. Hes earth level killer. He failed a mission before the ascension to heaven level. But I heard that once your reached heaven level, you will have your Gu bug taken out and become an elder of the Earth Fiend. You can also choose to leave Earth fiend and live your own life so everyone wants to hurry up and become a heaven level killer."

Ye Mo immediately asked: Are there people who become heaven level killer?"

Cheng Qing nodded and said: "Almost every year, there are people who become heaven level killer. And after they became heaven level, they pretty much all chose to leave Earth Fiend. If I reach heaven level, I will also quit."

Ye Mo had understood everything by now. He sneered, "Change a life? What a joke! I originally didnt know whats up with the Gu but now I know something and Ive seen these sort of things too much. This Gu looks like a body devouring Gu Ive seen before. Of course, these Gu's are countless times worse than those."

"Body devouring Gu?" Dong Qing repeated and her face went pale. She had a body devouring Gu inside her body. Just the name was disgusting enough.

Ye Mo still sneered: "Thats right. Its similar to the body devouring Gu. Its a parasite in the host and devours the essence blood of the host. It can also devour life force so once the host kills someone, the victim will have their life force devoured by the body devouring Gu. Then, it will use the hosts blood essence to nourish itself. So the more you kill, the more lively it is."

"Qianbei, so you mean that were using our own blood essence to feed the body devouring Gu? After we kill people, the life force of the dead is also eaten by the Gu?" Cheng Qings face went pale. He couldnt accept such thing.

"Indeed." Ye Mo nodded and continued: "The person who planted the Gu in you has nefarious intentions. One, is to stop you from betrayal of course but the main reason is for the Gu to get more essence blood and life force. The more focused you are when killing, the better it is for the Gu."

Ye Mo looked at the two who were pale and said: "this Gu only just started in your body and you guys are already so withered when I took it out. And, this Gu is still struggling in my hands, wanting to eat more of your essence blood. It can be seen, the leaving Earth Fiend once you reach heaven level is a lie.

If Im not wrong, then the heaven level killers have ripe body devouring Gu. Once it is taken out, the host will immediately become extremely weak. Then, the Gu would immediately devour the host, eating their life force and essence blood clean."

Dong Qing and Cheng Qings faces were pale. After along, Dong Qing said shakily: "Why are they doing this? Each heaven level killer is a genius among killers. Why are they killing their own men?"

Although they already believed what Ye Mo said to be is true, this was too absurd.

Ye Mo sneered: "Thats because the Gu is ripe and the Gu farmer can harvest. The person who planted the Gu in you is using the life force and blood essence of the ripe body devouring Gu to cultivate some sort of thing. This guy is strong indeed.

Ye Mo had to approve of this Gu farmers calculations and plan. This was pretty much farming a bunch of pills that can cultivate. When he needed them, he could take them. Although these Gu's are far from the body devouring Gu's but their properties were pretty much the same. Being able to find such a Gu and someone who could control them so well on Earth was quite astounding.

"So thats how it is." Cheng Qing gasped a long breath. Obviously, he already believed Ye Mos words.

"Cheng Qing, do you know something?" Dong Qing immediately asked.

Cheng Qings face looked black and said: "I finally understand why Yuan Peng brother died. The last time he went to do a mission, he was already an earth purple level killer and that mission wasnt very hard but he wasnt able to finish it. Now I know, he mustve been harvested by the Gu king."
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