Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 293

Chapter 293: Scheme for the blood coral

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Ye Mo frowned but didnt say anything. If this was the truth, then that Gu farmer must not be underestimated. Earth Fiend had been around for so many years. This guy had devoured countless blood essences and life forces. Next time when he went to annihilate the Earth Fiend, he needed to be careful of this guy.

But now, he didnt have the mood to care about that. Thinking about this, he waved his hand and said: "lets put that aside now. Tell me where the blood coral is first."

Dong Qing came back to her sense and hearing Ye Mos question. She quickly replied: "After I left the race, I thought of running as far as possible because I didnt dare to betray the organization. So I contacted them and they gave me a new mission. That is for me to return to the Cha family immediately. At that time, I guessed that the blood coral might quite possibly be at the Cha family. Just when I was hesitating, Cheng Qing came and found me."

Cheng Qing quickly nodded and said: "The uppers sent me to help with Dong Qing but I knew it was surveillance. Because when Dong Qing left Hu Zhong, she didnt report and made up a story afterwards. The uppers probably dont know that I knew Dong Qing. When I was young, I was raised by Dong Qings parents for a while. Later, we realized we were in the same killer organization so we pretended we didnt know each other well. The organization does not allow us to contact each other much less have a good connection."

Ye Mo nodded. Dong Qings subconscious actions were right. Her sixth sense was very accurate. It seemed that the Earth Fiend did intend for her to be a sacrificial pawn sending her to the Cha family. The intention was to lure him to the Cha family. The other reason was probably to prevent Dong Qing from falling in his hands first and leaking information about the Earth Fiend.

What Ye Mo was confused was that how did the Earth Fiend people know he marked Dong Qing? And how did they know he would follow her? Were they just guessing?

Ye Mo looked at Dong Qing and said: "Not bad, you can guess your uppers are using you as a sacrificial pawn. Then let me ask again. Has the Cha family seen Cheng Qing? Do they know him?"

Cheng Qing answered: "They dont know me for sure. Ive never been to the Cha family. Most of my missions are in the Macau and Hong Kong region."

Ye Mo nodded and said: "Thats good and where is your HQ?"

"The mainland, Hong Kong and Macau killers gather annually at the Hong Kong Pu Temple. As for other countries, I dont know but I know that other than the HQ at Hong Kong, there are at least 3 other HQs. I just dont know the exact locations." Cheng Qing replied immediately.

Hong Kong Pu Temple? Ye Mo went there last time and annihilated the Da Tang there too. He didnt expect the Earth Fiend to be at such a chaotic place.

"Okay, in that case, Cheng Qing, you leave first. Tomorrow, I will go with you and Dong Qing to the Cha family." Ye Mo immediately took out a plan of action. This was the best way because he can get the blood coral simple and easy.

"You want to pretend to be Earth Fiend?" Cheng Qing looked at Ye Mo in shock. After half a beat he continued: "There are many strong people in Earth Fiend. If they really want Dong Qing to be a sacrificial pawn, there will definitely be stronger people there. Are you really going to go?"

"Sacrificial pawn?" Ye Mo sneered, "Ill show them who is the real sacrificial pawn."

"Ye qianbei, can I ask you why you killed the Gu from Dong Qing but still have my one on your hand? I feel not safe." Cheng Qing stared at the yellow bug. As long as this bug wasnt dead, he wouldnt feel safe.

Ye Mo didnt answer. He knew it wasnt easy to grow these Gus. Other than what he told the two, the body devouring Gu also had another special property. That was once the host died, it could fly back to the Gu farmer and kept being used again. And, the essence blood wouldnt disappear.

The reason Ye Mo kept this was to make a spirit sense mark on it and let the Gu fly back to keep a lead. In case in the future, he couldnt find the Gu king. He had made up his mind. Once he got the blood coral, he would find a place with good spirit chi and break through. The first thing he would do after that was to go find trouble with the Earth Fiend.

Of course, he wouldnt tell this to Cheng Qing. If he was captured by the Earth fiend again, then his plan would be spoiled.

Dong Qing really wanted to ask if Ye Mo marked her body but seeing that Ye Mo didnt answer Cheng Qings question, she ddint dare to ask.

Ye Mo turned to Dong Qing and said: "Dong Qing, if you are willing to take me to Cha family, I can pretend your attacks on me never happened. I will also teach you ancient martial arts letting you have the power to protect yourself."

"I agree." almost immediately, Dong Qing agreed. First, there was nothing she could do in Ye Mos hands. Secondly, she knew about ancient martial arts. Those who could reach earth level were all ancient martial artists. She knew the cultivation method for it was very valuable. If she didnt accept it , she would be an idiot.

Cheng Qing looked at Dong Qing in envy but he knew he couldnt replace Dong Qing and go with Ye Mo.

Dong Qing saw Cheng Qings envy and asked Ye Mo: "Qianbei, if I get this, can I teach it to Cheng Qing?"

"Of course." Ye Mo agreed without hesitation. That wasnt even a problem to him. He got these from killing anyways. It was very precious to Dong Qing and her friend but it was trash in his eyes.

Seeing Dong Qing agree, Ye Mo imemdaitely said: "Ill be waiting for you in the airport tomorrow. As for Cheng Qing, I suggest you throw away everything Earth Fiend gave you, shave your hair as well. I think you know this."

Dong Qing was a womn so Ye Mo didnt search her body but he searched Cheng Qings body. Other than the Gu, there were no other marks. From this, it could be seen that there shouldnt be other marks on Dong Qing as well. So, he only needed to remind Cheng Qing.

Then, Ye Mo walked out of the boat and disappeared into the sea.

Dong Qing and Cheng Qing were completely shocked. They stared at the endless night sky and the dark ocean water.

"So strong." After Ye Mo was a long way away, Cheng Qing said with fright, "No wonder you say hes a scary person. This isnt just scary. This is terrifying. Ive never seen someone so strong. Hes out of this world."

Sigh. Dong Qing also felt relived, "My sixth sense is right indeed. He isnt someone we can mess with. If I listened to the organization, I wouldve probably been a body tomorrow. And, we would never know we were fed as food for bugs. Compared to Ye Mo, our organization is scarier."

Cheng Qing nodded and said: "Theres actually such a gruesome cultivation method. That Gu king really is an animal. But he messed with Ye Mo, he would have his days of regret. Dong Qing, your sixth sense is also very scary."

Dong Qing remained silent and didnt say anything. After a while, she said: "I believe what he said is true but dont worry. When I get the ancient martial arts cultivation method, Ill also make a copy for you. And, you should leave San Ya immediately. Bring my sister and her husband into Jing city and wait for me there. Once things here are done we will go to Jing city. I have a feeling that Ye Mo wouldnt let Earth Fiend go. Since the Earth Fiend messed with him, its their bad luck. As long as we stay hidden in Jing city until the Earth Fiend is gone, then we can live a proper life."

Cheng Qing nodded and said: "Okay, but after I bring your sister and her husband away, I need to leave Jing city. I have a few friends in Earth Fiend. I want to tell them if they see Ye Mo, they should beg for mercy."

"Your Gu bug is now gone. You must not go to Hong Kong." Dong Qing immediately said.

Cheng Qing replied solemnly: "I know, you should also be careful when you go with Ye qian bei to the Cha family."

When Ye Mo got to San Ya airport, Dong Qing had been waiting him for a long time. Seeing Ye Mo come over, she quickly greeted him and gave him a plane ticket.

If they wanted to go to the Cha family, they had to plane to Luo Cang first and then catch train to Liang Pu city. Ye Mo was originally planning to rob it himself but he was afraid the blood coral wasnt there. Now that he went with Dong Qing, perhaps he could get it straight away and then start a carnage. Even if the thing wasnt there, they would tell Dong Qing where it is. They wanted to ambush him, then dont blame him for whats about to come.

Now Ye Mo had a new view of Earth Fiend. Originally, it was just a mere hitman organization, even if it was international, he wouldnt care. He only needed to wear a defense artifact and he could prevent all sorts of assassinations but now, it was different with a Gu cultivator. What if this guy exceeded earth level.

Plus, even if this guy was still earth level, what threatened people in the cultivation realm the most was Gu keepers. The Bug monk at the time, no one dared to mess with him. When he was in golden pill state, he was already invincible in the same state. There was no other reason: his bugs were too many.

And, Ye Mo suspected that the Gu king also wanted the blood coral. He was already strong with the Gu, if he got the blood coral, then even Ye Mo was a bit worried.
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