Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 295

Chapter 295: Danger

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But this also made Ye Mo alert. Although he was a cultivator and had the natural advantage, faced against large sums of people, he would be in danger if he used up his chi.

Ye Mo also knew that his spirit chi would be consumed a lot due to the positions of the four killers. If they were just in front of him, he wouldnt use so much spirit chi. But that was no excuse.

Cha Rulong saw Ye Mo and Dong Qing sit down and was overjoyed. He laughed, "Come help them pour tea."

In the agreed code, if Cha Rulong said these four words, the killers would attack and he would help them from the side but after he said the code word, there was nothing.

At that moment, Cha Rulongs face sunk. What was this? Was he really from Earth Fiend? Thats not right. The person impersonating as Cheng Qing looked really like Ye Mo.

Of course Ye Mo knew what Cha Rulong was thinking about but his spirit sense stayed on the guy going to get the blood coral. After he went into the backyard, he kept walking and disappeared out of spirit sense range.

Cha Rulong was uneasy and seeing Ye Mo look at him he was more worried.

Just when Ye Mo thought the blood coral was no longer at the Cha family and was taken away by the Earth Fiend people, that man who went to get the blood coral appeared. He was followed by two ancient martial artists next to him. The strongest was black level middle stage.

Ye Mo saw that man carry a big jade box and immediately rejoiced in his heart. He didnt expect the blood coral to be really at the Cha family. Good thing he came in time and didnt try to rob immediately. If he did, he would frighten them and perhaps it would be transferred away.

Soon, the 3 people had arrived at the guest lounge. Ye Mo didnt wait for the man to give it to Cha Rulong and just took in.

Ye Mo opened the jade box and it was a blood red coral indeed. It was preserved quite well. He finally felt relieved. Although it wasnt very smooth but it still landed in his hands.

Seeing the blood coral somehow really land in Ye Mos hands, Cha Rulongs face was worse. He even suspected that the Earth Fiend was involved.

Then, Ye Mo packed the blood coral away. He wouldnt take it out again.

"You, where did you put the blood coral?" Cha Rulong dazed for a moment and realized that big jade box was gone. There was no way you can put away such a big box without being seen. Cha Rulong immediately began to worry.

Ye Mo said plainly: "I came to get the blood coral. Since youve already given it to me, it means that you did well. Im going, see ya."

Then, he got up and was going to walk outside. Dong Qing quickly followed.

"Stop." Cha Rulong was desperate and yelled.

Ye Mo looked coldly at Cha Rulong: "Mr. Cha what is it? Although you sent people to assassinate me but Ill let you go on account of the blood coral. If you are still going against me, then dont blame me for helping QIao Gang get his revenge."

"You, you know" Cha Rulong finally realized that from the start to the beginning, Ye Mo already knew he recognized him. The Earth Fiend people still didnt attack. Cha Rulong suspected he was tricked.

Thinking about this, Cha Rulong pressed a bell hidden in the table. It was a mere few minutes and Ye Mos spirit sense scanned those scouts all rushed into the guest lounge.

Soon, Ye Mo and Dong Qing were surrounded by more than 20 people. Five of them were actually yellow level and two were black level. In a modern city, this power was enough to wipe everything.

Dong Qing was originally wondering where Ye Mo put that big blood coral away but seeing that so many masters had surrounded them, her face went pale. She was dumb. She was no match for anyone of them even when it was an ambush. Much less there were more than 20 here.

Bring out the blood coral and I can let you go." Cha Rulong was already suspecting if the Earth Fiend betrayed them. The 4 killers still hadnt moved but they all had their faces covered and he didnt know any of them. Although he was certain he could kill Ye Mo but he didnt know where Ye Mo put the blood coral away. Before he saw the blood coral, he wouldnt attack.

Ye Mo looked at Cha Rulong and said: "Im curious. Why did the Gu king of Earth Fiend leave the blood coral with you and even send people to help you. Oh, you dont need to wait for those four killers. Ive already killed them?"

"When did you kill them?" Cha Rulong asked subconsciously.

Ye Mo sneered but didnt reply.

Cha Rulong finally realized that he guessed wrong. Earth Fiend didnt conspire with Ye Mo. Ye Mo just killed the 4 killers.

"Show me the blood coral or put it on the table and I will tell you why." Cha Rulongs face was very bad.

Then, he had a cruel look on it: "If you dont tell me, even if you can escape from our Cha family but I will kill all of your family. If we can kill the Qiao family we can annihilate your Ye family, and there is Ning Qingxue, right? I will make sure she dies very happy."

Ye Mos eyes went cold. He wasnt planning to kill them all but Cha Rulong successfully challenged his bottom line.

Looking at Ye mos cold eyes, Cha Rulong felt his body shake as though he did something stupid. Ye Mo said coldly: "Mr. Cha, youve successfully pissed me off. Very well, I will slaughter you Cha family clean today."

"What a joke." That black level martial artist who guarded the blood coral scanned at Ye Mo and then said to Cha Rulong: "Leader, no matter where he hid the blood coral, it cant be outside this room. As long as we kill him we can find it. Why bother talking to him." Then, he stared at Ye Mo, not hiding the killing intent in his eyes at all.

Cha Rulongs eyes flashed. He thought that person was right. No matter how strong Ye Mo was, they only needed to kill him today. He nodded and said: "Go at once and kill him. I dont believe this blood coral can be outside this house."

The people heard Cha Rulongs words and charged together. They were all cultivating related yin fiend chi. Before they even got close, there was a bleak windy feeling. Dong Qing was invaded by this chi and shivering. She couldnt even stand properly.

But Dong Qing immediately found that their attacks couldnt seem to reach her body as though it was blocked by something.

Ye Mo took out the long sword he took from Bian Po. Swiping around, blood splashed. It was only a few minutes and those 21 people attacking Ye Mo only had that black level warrior remaining. However, one of his arm was cut off.

At this moment, he was frozen. He had never expected a black level master like himself with so many other people would almost be completely wiped out in only a few minutes while attacking a young man who had no inner qi flow.

Cha Rulong looked at the room full of bloodied bodies and his face was white as paper. He knew Ye Mo was strong but didnt expect him to be so strong to this extent. What sort of being did he get as an enemy for the Cha family? He thought his Cha family wasnt something that the Song family could compare but in fact, he was wrong. He regretted now but there was no regret in the world.

"What power level are you? Are you earth level master?" that black level martial artists had fear flash across his eyes as he asked in trepidation.

Cha Rulong and him both didnt realize how the long sword appeared in Ye Mos hands. When Ye Mo packed it away, they both realized it just vanished into thin air.

Dong Qing was dazed until now. Seeing the bodies and blood everywhere, she could no longer hold the fear in her heart and ran to the side vomiting. She also killed people but it was assassination. When had she ever seen such a bloody carnage?

Ye Mo didnt bother with Dong Qing and looked coldly at Cha Rulong: "Answer my two questions. First, why is your family assassinating me? Second, why would the earth fiend keep the blood coral at your family? If you dont tell me, I will find the rest of the Cha family and kill them all."

After being dazed for a long time, Cha Rulong suddenly laughed, "Go kill them! Ill wait for you to kill the rest of them! Go, HAHAHAHA..."

He went mad? Ye Mo punched Cha Rulong in the forehead and then turned around and killed the black level warrior with a windblade and then continued to ask the two questions.

Cha Rulongs expression was dazed but he quickly answered Ye Mos questions: "Ou Feng wants to kill you. He took the Song Familys treasure, jade woman plate and came to our family. One of his conditions was to kill Ye Mo. The second was for us to introduce him to a hidden sect. I introduced him to Earth Fiend and gave the jade woman plate to earth fiend. My purpose is to get the blood coral."

Ye Mo asked again: "Since your Cha family got the blood coral and Ou Feng gave you the jade woman plate, why are you using it to trade with the Earth Fiend for the blood coral?"

"Because the Yun family is very dumb. They asked the Earth Fiend to attack Qiao Gang and let the Earth Fiend know about the blood coral. The Earth Fiend promised not to leak the blood coral news to the hidden sects and promised not to rob it. The payment is the jade woman plate." Cha Rulong replied dumbly.

So that was it. Ye Mo immediately understood. As long as the hidden sects didnt attack, then no one can take the blood coral from them. If the Cha family didnt sacrifice the jade woman plate, they wouldnt be able to protect the blood coral at all.

"Where are you Cha family people hiding?" Although Ye Mo wasnt really going to kill them all, he still needed to know where they were.

Cha Rulong answered: "Our Cha family doesnt have female members because were positioned at the yin fiend place. Our martial arts can only be cultivated by male. Once we have an offspring, the mother would be invaded by the yin fiend chi and unable to survive.

Ye Mo was speechless. This Cha family was this sort of a fmily.

Wait. Ye Mo suddenly thought of a key problem. He should be in danger now.
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