Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 297

Chapter 297: Hunt

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
Ye Mo didnt know about these ancient martial arts cultivators who swarmed to his direction with rapid speed. Although he knew that once the blood coral was known to the world, it would cause a frenzy amongst the hidden sects, he didnt expect it to be to this extent. Almost all hidden sects who got news of this swarmed here without hesitation.

A treasure that granted ascension to great heaven state was a fortune. Great heaven state meant increased life span. If you cant reach great heaven state, even if youre the peak of earth level, your life span wont increase. And, not only did great heaven state grant you extra life, once you reached the state, then all of the hidden sects would bow down to you.

Its said that in the inner hidden sects, there were many great heaven state masters but this was a legend. No one had seen the inner hidden sect great heaven masters come out and show off. Or perhaps, those who wanted to show off wouldnt even be able to become great heaven state. But those who could reach great heaven state didnt have time to show off. They were pursuing a higher state.


At this moment, Ye Mo was already tens of meters underground of the backyard of the Cha family. He was only stage 3 chi gathering and couldnt completely control earth maneuver. It could only be used when he was in the tertiary stages of chi gathering. But although he couldnt use that technique, he had a way to save time. There was a deep well in the back yard of the Cha family. Ye Mo went in it and started digging.

The backyard of the Cha family was already bleak. The bottom of the well was even colder and full of yin chi. Ordinary people wouldnt even want to go in. Even though Ye Mo was a cultivator, he felt it was quite scary at the bottom.

The well was very deep, almost 40 to 50 meters. There wasnt much water inside. Ye Mo stopped at the surface of the water. The water was only 5-6 meters deep. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense in it. It was a small well but there were multiple bones. They were all women. Thinking about what Cha Rulong said, Ye Mo couldnt help feel sorry for these women who went in the Cha family. Their sole function was to reproduce. As long as they raised the kids, their function was over.

One could imagine that the women either jumped themselves or were forced down here. This was an unimaginable family.

Ye Mo chose a place on the wall of the well and started digging. Soon, the earth covered the bones.

Although Ye Mo couldnt completely use earth maneuver, he could half use it while digging. After an hour alter, Ye Mo was already 100 m deep.

After 100 meters, Ye Mo felt the yin chi was getting increasingly stronger. Ye Mo knew he was getting closer and closer to the yin fiend bead. So he dug faster and faster.

Another hour later, Ye Mo felt light and he came in a space that was like an underground room. Ye Mo rejoiuced, he knew this was where the yin fiend bead was. This was because when the yin fiend bead grew, it would keep pushing away the earth around it until eventually forming a space. This space was the region of the yin fiend bead.

The larger this space was, the higher the quality of the yin fiend bead. The space in front of him was a few cubic meters meaning that this yin fiend bead was definitely extreme quality.

Just when Ye Mo was about to enter the space, this yin fiend bead felt it. It immediately started flying as though wanting to run away from where Ye Mo came from. However, Ye Mo knew the properties of the Yin Fiend bead. How could he let something that was in his hands escape.

Soon, he enveloped the yin fiend bead with his spirit chi. A ping pong ball sized black bead landed in his hands.

The intense yin fiend chi emitted over. Ye Mo praised. Was this yin fiend bead? Although he had heard about it, this was the first time he held it in his hand.

He really earned big this time. Ye Mo knew that he had wasted a few hours already with this bead so he had to leave quickly.

He casually took out a jade box to put it in and inscribed a few seals on it before putting it in his ring. Once he packed it away, the intense yin fiend chi started to dissipate.

Ye Mo used wind control to quickly go up the well and leave.

At this moment, more than ten figures had landed outside the Cha family houses and had set up a perimeter.

As soon as Ye Mo came up, he noticed the situation outside and cursed. He didnt waste a single bit of time after getting this yin fiend bead. He had only spent 2 hours but these people were already here. They were really fast and even got the government involved.

"Hmm, this is such a intense yin fiend place. Since this is a yin fiend place, there must be a yin fiend bead. This trip was really worth it." An old man in his 60s stood and said. His face was full of joy and surprise.

Ye Mo was shocked. These people here were all martial artists. How did they know about the yin fiend bead? It seemed there were masters here too. What should he do? He didnt dare to use his spirit sense to scan this old man. He was sure his power was the strongest he had seen, even stronger than Zhang Zhihui. Even though this old man wasnt great heaven state, he wasnt far from it.

If he was stopped by this guy and stalled for time, he would be in danger. Ye Mo calculated and got this conclusion. If he didnt leave now, it would only get harder and harder later. This was only the first group, and there would be more people.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo didnt hesitate and used invisibility to climb out of the well and controlled his chi waves while carefully walking out.

However, Ye Mo underestimated an earth level peak stage master. He only walked a few meters and that old man noticed something was up. He looked at where Ye Mo was standing and frowned while raised the sword in his hands.

"It should be him. Catch him! He has invisibility artifact." At this moment, not only that old man, but the other people also noticed Ye Mo. A man next to the wall with black level power stabbed to Ye Mo without hesitation.

At this moment, Ye Mo no longer held back and grabbed out his flying sword. Two slices, he didnt let the sword fly. The first swing cut the mans long sword in half and the second sword pierced into his throat.

This wasnt a time to show mercy. Ye Mo knew that if he was stopped, no one would have mercy on him. The more he killed now, the greater his hopes of escaping were.

Although it was a short moment, Ye Mo had been stopped again. Seeing Ye Mo kill one, the old man grunted, "Kill him! Hes chosen the demonic path, killing immediately."

Then, he raised his long sword and pierced at Ye Mo. The tip of the sword had an inch long sword ray.

"Sword ray. Gong martial uncle can use sword ray. Thats so amazing." People immediately gasped.

Ye Mo sneered. Although he knew it was hard for martial arts cultivators to cultivate sword ray but this was nothing in Ye Mos eyes.

Ye Mo threw out his flying sword and with a purple ray, it sliced towards the old mans long sword. The long sword was knocked and not only did the sword ray disappear but the half inch at the tip was also sliced off.

"It actually broke my falling rainbow sword? Nice sword." The moment the long sword was broken, the old mans eyes were full of disbelief. But he wasnt mad and instead, he was joyful. His eyes was filled with fervor. A magical sword that can break the falling rainbow sword, even fish intestine sword and Ganjiang MoXie would only be so.

I must get this sword. He didnt hide his love for Ye Mos sword at all. Although Ye Mos sword flew out of his hand, he believed Ye Mo threw it. He never expected Ye Mo to control it.

The old man actually dumped his sword and closed his hands wanting to catch Ye Mos flying sword.

"Youre asking to die." Ye Mo sneered. This old fart wanted his sword and actually used his hands to catch it. What a hillbilly, he probably didnt even know what spirit control was. He spirit controlled the flying sword. Unless the old mans spirit sense was multiple levels stronger than his, then the old man wouldnt be able to control his sword at all.

Slush. Ye Mos sword sliced the old mans hand off like tofu and went into his chest without a moment of pause.

Ye Mo breathed easy. He knew the reason that he won so easily was because this old man didnt know what a flying sword was. The other people saw this and it wouldnt be so easy to kill them again.

"Gong martial uncle." The other men immediately realized something was wrong. Their Martial uncle gong was pierced and it seemed to be fatal.

"His sword is weird. It can attack on itself. Dont worry about he. Hurry up and attack him." This old man used his other hand and all the chi in his body to control Ye Mos flying sword.

Everyone noticed that Ye Mos sword was different and took out their weapons to attack Ye Mo without hesitation.

Ye Mos flying sword was originally going to go attack other people after killing this old man but it was grabbed by the old man and this would delay a few seconds. This time was enough for others to attack Ye Mo.

Ye Mos heart sunk. This scenario occurred indeed. He used his spirit sense. The flying sword passed through the old mans chest like a comet, spun around and attacked towards the swords that attack him.
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