Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 299

Chapter 299: Finding A New Residence

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
Ye Mo stood at the door of the boisterous bar and looked at his ring. There was still around 10k cash. He only had one idea now and that was to find a safe place to recover and start concocting pills.

Originally, if he wasnt exposed, that small yard in Ning Hai would be the best but now, Ye Mo didnt dare to go there at all. Going there would be running right into a trap. He could only find a place no one knew to hide and concoct pills.

The blood coral in his hands was enough to make 3 cauldrons of pills but Ye Mo didnt dare to be careless at all. With his current skills, these 3 cauldrons of pills might all be no good. So, he had to find a quiet place, a place that was full of spirit chi. He even needed to wait for a full recovery first.

But now, he only had that much money on him and looking at this place he had never came before, Ye Mo felt quite lost without his power.

"Big brother, do you need help?" A woman with a half-naked breast walked in front of Ye Mo and asked while crossing her arms on her chest. Her eyes were full of seduction. Although her look was ordinary, under the dim light and covered by cheap perfume, she was kind of sexually attractive.

Ye Mo barely made a smile and shook his head: "No need." Then, he turned to leave.

But this woman hadnt given up and stopped him and even said worriedly: "Big brother, Im really clean. I dont have any diseases. If you dont believe me you can wear a condom."

Ye Mo frowned and looked at this woman with thick makeup and said again: "I know but I really dont want to. Im still busy. Good bye."

This woman looked at Ye Mo as disappointment and sullenness flashed across her eyes. Although she had to take part in this business, if possible, she still wanted customers who were descent. That young man dressed ordinarily but his calm temperament made her really want to do business with him. She could even lower the price a little bit. But this youth didnt want her, even he looked not rich.

Ye Mo sighed. There were women like her everywhere. Not like the brothels in Luo Yue, they just came out in streets to get customers. He didnt look down on such women. If possible, he believed no one would want to do this career.

The woman suddenly bit her mouth and ran up to stop Ye Mo: "Big brother, I see that youre not very familiar with here. You were looking around. I can help you and satisfy any requests you have. My price isnt high."

Ye Mo looked dazedly at this woman and thought that he did want to find a quiet place to stay. It was going to cost money for an agent so he might as well let this woman earn some. It would be a little help to her. Plus, if he wanted an agent, he would have to wait till tomorrow and risk exposing himself.

Thinking about this Ye Mo nodded and said: "Okay, I dont have a place to live now. I want to find a quiet and clean place to live. If you can help me find such a house, Im willing to pay you. But Im also poor and dont have much with me. If possible, I will come wait for you here tomorrow."

Ye Mo really didnt have much money. He only had a little more than 10k. In a city like this, living expenses would be at least 3k a month.

The woman shook her head: "Big brother, its fine. I charge little. If you dont have enough money, you can give it to me later after you settle down. You can also look at houses with me tonight. If you agree, then you can move in tomorrow. My place is very close. Its only two minutes."

Ye Mo immediately had a good impression of this woman. They say prostitutes are heartless and actors are disloyal. This prostitute could say such words meaning that she longed for friendship and trust.

If he could find a place to move in tomorrow, he could start doing his own things earlier. Plus, Ye Mo didnt want to go find a house in the middle of the day. It could be said that this womans suggestion was just what he wanted. It was possible that this might be a set up, but he really didnt mind. Although he couldnt attack, he didnt mind using some fire ball charms.


Not far away from the bar parked a normal car. In it, two policemen stared at Ye Mo and that woman. They saw the two leave the bar and they quickly followed.

After this is done, our mission for this month is over. Next month, I really dont want to capture these people anymore. Its disgusting to look at. All they talk about is money. This is completely a disgusting money and meat trade." The young policewoman said to that policeman.

That policeman laughed: "Youll understand in the future. People love apprehending sex trade the most. Not only is it safe but it improves your track record fast while getting good pay. Plus, we all love."

"Stop being disgusting." That policewoman stopped the mans words. Although she wasnt in the police department for long, she knew what her male colleagues was thinking about. They were no better than that man. After a while, she muttered to herself: "I want to enter the major crime squad."

The policewoman meant her words. Usually, it was policemen who swept for sex trade. there were rarely any policewoman. She wanted to enter the major crime squad but she had no experience. So she had no right to enter. Thus, she came here for experience. After this month, it would be over.

However, there was one point that her colleague was right about. Sweeping for sex trade was a highly efficient way of earning good records.

If it was before Ye Mo was injured, he wouldve noticed someone follow him with his spirit sense. But now, he was too heavily injured and his spirit chi was almost depleted. He didnt dare to scan around his spirit sense. Plus, he just arrived at a new city, and he didnt believe there would be someone to follow him.

"I have a good friend who is doing properties in Hui An city. I can get a lot of info on properties so dont worry about it, I can find a place you like." The woman was afraid Ye Mo wouldnt believe her so she kept reassuring to Ye MO.

Ye Mo didnt really want to talk. For him, it was enough to find a suitable place to live. He didnt care where the woman got her info from.

Seeing Ye Mo not talk, the woman thought Ye Mo didnt believe her so she quickly said: "We also need to change places frequently so we also need housing information."

Ye Mo dazed. Why did they keep changing places?

But before Ye Mo spoke, the woman continued: "Were here. My few friends and I all live here. Theres internet inside, Ill show you and youll know."

Ye Mo followed this woman to a room on the second floor. The woman closed the door and walked in to open the computer while saying: "You sit for a while. We can get the housing information for you immediately."

Ye Mo was very happy with the way this woman did things. It was better the faster for Ye Mo.

"I found it. Come look which one suits you." The woman was very fast.

Ye Mo stood up but he didnt walk to the computer. Instead, he opened the door suddenly. He sneered to the two police officers outside the door: "You guys really are the servants of the citizens, standing outside to watch for us for free."

That young policewoman blushed and immediately switched to a disgusted expression sneering: "Stop acting innocent, I suspect you to be involved in sex trade."

"Fuck off, if you dare to say anything Ill report you immediately. Which eye did you see me in sex trade. Oh, did you send yourself here to me for sex trade? Sorry, Im not interested in you. I will count to three. If you still stay here, I will report you immediately. If you dont believe me you can try." Ye Mo felt unlucky. These people were so bored that they did such pointless things. If he wasnt afraid of things getting big, he wouldve kicked over already."

"You." This policewomans face was pale with anger and was about to attack.

Ye Mo was waiting for her to attack. If she did, he would teach her a lesson immediately. Although he didnt have spirit chi, he could still take on two cops.

"Zhang Feng, lets go." That policeman looked once at Ye Mo and pulled the policewoman away. But before they left, she said to Ye Mo: "Dont fall in my hands next time."

"Very well, indeed, dont fall in my hands next time." Ye Mo sneered.

This policewoman was quite angered by Ye Mo but she knew she had no evidence. Today, she really didnt understand what happened. From past experience, sex traders usually got in bed straight away. Who would wait for a while and open the door.

"Even if we didnt catch him, theres no need to be afraid of him. Why are we going?" that Zhang Feng was still unhappy.

This policeman was obviously more expereineced than Zhang Feng. He said helplessly: "Its our wrong to be standing at their door without catching him. If he sued, it would be us to suffer. For ordinary people, I wouldnt let you go but did you see that man. Not only were his eyes cold but he wasnt afraid at all. That meant that he had power behind him to support him. Were just little policemen. Anything can bring us down. But since this person already has a authority background, he still comes for prostitutes on the streets, no class at all."

The woman who was looking at houses saw the two policemen and was immediately scared pale but she didnt expect Ye Mo to actually frighten off the two policemen.

"Hurry up and find a room, its best if I can move in tonight." Ye Mo hurried.
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