Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 300

Chapter 300: Cheap Apartment

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
"The housing info is here, you can come and have a look." At this moment, the woman reacted and started to feel reverence towards Ye Mo. People in their profession feared police investigation the most and this youth in front of her actually yelled the police away. He must not be an ordinary person.

Ye Mo walked in front of the computer and saw there were large amounts of housing info. He clicked open one of them. There were pictures and descriptions.

Most of these houses were quite cheap, and a lot of them were in densely populated areas. Ye Mo frowned. He wasnt happy with these houses.

However, lucky that there were a lot of options. Ye Mo looked down and soon found one that was very suitable for him.

Lake Side Villa. This real estate was very large and didnt seem to have been completely constructed. There was an open space all around and there were only two isolated buildings far apart from each other in it. Other than the two, the rest of the places were empty space with weeds.

In such a busy city, he didnt expect there to be such a large pact of empty land. Looking at the images, he knew that it wasnt empty for a day or two. But since the construction hadnt been finished, there should be construction equipment nearby but there was none. This made Ye Mo feel very strange.

The two buildings were both 12 storeys high and one of them didnt seem to be finished as well. The completed one was the building on the left and in front it, there was a man made lake. It was very quiet and good for cultivation.

Plus, the rent price was very cheap there. It was less than 2k a month. Only levels one to eight had been completely decorated, and Ye Mo found that there were a lot of empty rooms.

"Ill take this one. Since level 9 isnt open, Ill live at level 8. Room 802." Ye Mo pointed at the room he wanted and said to the woman.

"Huh. You want to live at lake side villa?" The woman looked troubled at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo immediately asked: "Whats wrong? Has the place been rented out already? It clearly says there are a lot of empty rooms. Whats wrong?"

"No, its not that." The woman quickly waved her hand: "Its because the left building isnt clean and there were often stories of haunting. After a few owners moved in, their families died. Then, they just had to move out. They couldnt even sell it out. This resulted in the construction of the second building unable to be finished. Those who live in this house are all outsiders. Some dont know the buildings are haunted and some just want rooms for the cheap price. However, many people who have lived in there for a long time would experience all sorts of problems. Now, there are less and less people living in there.

"Haunted?" Ye Mo repeated but soon said: "I will live there. If you can help me get it ready tonight, this 1k is yours."

Then, Ye Mo took out 1k and put it on the table. He wasnt even afraid of ghost cultivators. Why would he be scared of haunting building. Ye Mo originally thought there was no ghost in this world but he met one at Shen Nong Jia. Although he wasnt sure if it was a ghost, those spirits that formed naturally were way too weak to him.

He could kill countless with one fireball. And, he had spirit sense so he wasnt worried about not seeing them.

Since it was haunted, it meant less people came here and that would be better for him.

"Huh." The woman looked at the 1k on the table and was immediately touched. She only earned 1-2 hundred a night taking in customers. She originally just wanted 200 but Ye Mo just took out 1k. it could be seen that he wasnt poor and was quite generous.

"Okay, Ill contact then immediately." The woman nodded without hesitation. She already said what she needed to say, since Ye Mo still wanted to go in, there was nothing she could do.

Ye Mo nodded and said: "I need to remind you. I like peace. If I know that you have been going around telling everyone I moved there, then dont blame me for what will happen."

The woman quickly nodded. She wouldnt want to offend someone like Ye Mo at all.

He had to admit that this woman was quite fast. It had only been an hour or so and she already contacted her friend and took Ye Mo to the place. He handed in 4 months' of rent with one month being bond. It could be seen that the owner also really wanted to rent the place out fearing that a day late would result in otherwise. Despite so, Ye Mo was quite thankful of the woman who found him this place. She could tell him the bad sides of the building meaning that in the depth of her heart, she was quite kind.

Lake Side Villa was just as what Ye Mo saw in the picture. It was a large open ground with an man made lake. Although the surrounding was busy but this place was quite quiet.

Ye Mo closed the door and studied his place. The living room was very large and there were 3 bedrooms, one kitchen and one washroom. Everything was furbished with matching furnitures. There just wasnt quilt. There was dust due to long time of desolation.

Ye Mo waved his hand using a cleaning magic and made the house clean all of a sudden.

He came to the main bedroom and stood on the balcony. There were green and red lights out and the view was rather open. However, such a good apartment couldnt be sold due to haunting. Ye Mo shook his head but apparently the haunting was on the 9th floor so everything above it had been shut.

After sitting down and resting, Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out. He wasnt the only one living in this building. Those living on level 1 and 2 were elderly and the two levels apparently had been moderated to a seniors care center. The 3rd level was a dining hall.

In the 4th level lived 2 families. By the looks of them, they did businesses. There was only a small office on the 5th floor but there was no one there. The 7th and 6th floor were empty. In the eighth floor he was the only residence who just moved in today. No one lived here before.

Each level could fit two families. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense but didnt find anything unclean.

He ate a few recovery pills and spent the night meditating and managed to recover a little. That old mans last punch was so hard that he probably needed a month to fully recover.

He paid 3 months rent. The 1st month, he would recover; the second month concoct pills; and the third month start going for chi gathering middle stage.

A night passed and Ye Mo stood up refreshed. Although the inner wounds affected his mobilization of chi but his body didnt have any major problems. The rest of the recovery was only a matter of time.

Ye Mo checked his wallet. He only had around 2k left. However, that was enough for him. He didnt dare to make any calls now before he had the ability to protect himself. He wouldnt trust anyone. Who knew if Han Zaixin would be listening to his call. Plus, he never even did what he promised Han Zaixin.

Ye Mo walked down the stairs and after going by the 4th level, two men were dragging a big bag. Ye Mo scanned. There were clothes and things inside. It seemed they were doing clothing business.

The two men were dragging the bag and Ye Mo who suddenly came downstairs scared them. They looked at Ye Mo not even daring to talk. Ye Mo laughed helplessly and said: "Dont worry, I moved in upstairs last night. I used the elevator so you guys dont know. Well be neighbors from now on."

He knew what the two were afraid of. There were too many tales about this building and there had been no one living upstairs before. And now, one suddenly coming down, they had no reason not to be scared.

But hearing Ye Mos words, the two were overjoyed. To them, the more people living here, the better.

After a simple conversation, Ye Mo knew that they were doing clothing business and were actually from two families. The chubby man was called Han Sicai, the slimmer man was call Cai Jinyou. They both came from Zhe Jiang to do business here. When they first moved in, they didnt know about the situation here either but when they knew it, they had lived here fine for a few months. They liked the good environment here and the cheap price so they didnt move away.

Ye Mo ate something and then bought some daily commodities before going back to his home. His main goal now was to recover.

This place was quiet indeed. People from downstairs never came up. Even the two people from the 5th floor in the office never came up and they always finished work on time, and never did any overtimes. They usually left at 5pm.

People downstairs gradually knew that a young man lived on the 8th floor. Although they didnt know why he had such guts, no one came and said anything to him. They only knew that the young man would get up very early to exercise outside and then eat breakfast before coming back. He would stay at home then until the next day. Then he would come out early again.

Ye Mo liked this environment a lot. A week later, his wounds were considerably better. With this speed, perhaps he could recover in less than a month.

This was the 9th day Ye Mo had moved in and just after he finished cultivating and was prepared to sit on the balcony, he suddenly heard this knocking sound on the floor board above. It had a rhythm to it and stopped after a few knocks before sounding again.

Ye Mo immediately stood up. He knew there was no one above and even the stairs were shut. The elevator also stopped no more higher than the 8th floor. In that case, where did the sound come from?
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