Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 302

Chapter 302: The girl who went ghost hunting at night

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
When Ye Mo came back home, he immediately started treating his wounds with chi. Ye Mo didnt know at all why this girl called Luo Xuan came here but her arrival gave Ye Mo a sense of anxiousness. He must recover his strength quickly. He had a feeling that the girl wasnt by herself. Perhaps, she had a few companions. She came here for something.

After a few meridian cycles, Ye Mo opened his eyes. He felt his wounds were better once again. He nodded and stood up with satisfaction. He looked outside and the sky was getting dark.

There was the sound of opening door from his neighbor. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out and knew that Luo Xuan girl had come back. He was very curious about where she came from and scanned his spirit sense into Luo Xuans room.

With his current power, it was hard for Luo Xuan to notice his spirit sense. Once he reached chi gathering middle stage, even normal earth levels wouldnt be able to find his spirit sense.

But soon, Ye Mo was dazed. Luo Xuan was actually a nun. When she opened the luggage case, there were a few sets of nun clothes.

There were so many nuns nowadays even in the city? But Ye Mo was more certain that Luo Xuan was probably the disciple of some sect, quite possibly a hidden sect.

Ye Mo grew more careful. Was it too dangerous for him that Luo Xuan was a hidden sect student?

But he didnt want to change place. He finally found such place that was suitable for cultivation and concocting pills.

He thought for a long time and was sure that Luo Xuan didnt come here for him. She mustve come here for something else. In another week, his wounds would recover and even if something happened, he could run away.

When Luo Xuan was packing things. Ye Mo noticed a large pile of books. It seemed that Luo Xuan was really studied at Ke uni. Ye Mo kept his spirit sense on Luo Xuan and found that after Luo Xuan finished packing, she took some clothes and went into the bathroom. It seemed that she was going for a shower. Ye Mo didnt follow in with his spirit sense. He wasnt interested in watching a loli take a shower.

Ye Mo took back his spirit sense and started to cultivate. A few hours later, Ye Mo heard another knocking at the top of the building. He stood up and his spirit sense scanned on Luo Xuan.

Luo Xuan also heard the knocking on the 9th flower. She wasnt as calm as Ye Mo and stood up abruptly. It seemed she was also meditating before.

Ye Mo found her face was a bit pale. Although she was yellow level middle stage ancient martial artist, she was still scared facing against such uncertainty.

Ye Mo laughed to himself. Werent nuns and monks supposed to catch ghosts? But she was scared hearing knocking sounds. Ye Mo saw her walk to the balcony probably to close the window.

However, Ye Mo didnt expect that she actually went onto the balcony and crawl to the 9th floor. Ye Mo couldnt help to compliment her courage. She dared to go up to the 9th floor in the middle of the night to hunt ghosts. She did her job as a nun.

"Whos putting on that act? Come out now."

Luo Xuan pulled out a long sword from her waist and yelled.

Ye Mo immediately kept his spirit sense beside her. He also wanted to see what this knocking sound was from. Was it human or ghost. But it wasnt likely that it was human because Ye Mo didnt find anything with his spirit sense last night.

The ninth floor was in complete silence. That knocking sound also disappeared with Luo Xuans arrival.

Luo Xuan grabbed the long sword and walked into the living room step by step. Ye Mo looked at her face and knew her anxiety.

Suddenly, Ye Mo saw Luo Xuans long sword slice out without a notice while her body retreated rapidly a few steps and soon went back on the balcony but she didnt stop. It seemed as though she was knocked back by something.

Ye Mo was shocked. Was it something his spirit sense couldnt see? Ye Mo immediately realized that his wounds influenced the strength of his spirit sense. Thinking about this, Ye Mo condensed his spirit sense and scanned. Although the range was much smaller but Ye Mo did find a faint black shadow charging to Luo Xuan.

There really was a yin spirit? How could this be? If it was, then it would be much stronger than the one at Shen Nong Jia.

But soon, Ye Mo knew that those attacks didnt do too much damage to Luo Xuan. At most, it just made her scared.

Then, Luo Xuan came down from the ninth floor. Just when Ye Mo was wondering if he should help her, Luo Xuan tapped on the balcony of the 8th floor with her foot and rushed into her room. From her agility, it seemed her qing gong was really good.

However, that faint shadow didnt pursue and disappeared on the 9th floor. Just when Ye Mo want to search for it again, he couldnt find it. Ye Mo wasnt in a rush. When his wounds recovered, nothing would be able to hide.

Ye Mos spirit sense came back and fell onto Luo Xuan. She sat in her room with a pale face but she took out a jade vase and took out a pill to eat. Her face started to look better.

Then, Ye Mo saw her take a peach tree wood sword and hung it on the door and then started to recover in meditation.

Although this girl was only yellow level middle stage, she was quite brave. However, Ye Mo wondered how she saw the ghost thing. Ye Mo didnt believe she had spirit sense.

A night passed.

The next morning Ye Mo got up and cleansed himself. His door was knocked. Ye Mo dazed. He had been here for two weeks and no one even came nearby his place. Who would knock on his door? Ye Mo scanned out his spirit sense and immediately found Luo Xuan at the door.

Ye Mo opened the door and studied Luo Xuan from head to toe. Her complexion seemed fine but seemed a little fatigued from the events last night.

As though seeing Ye Mo was fine, Luo Xuans eyes flashed across an almost unperceivable relief. Then, she looked at Ye Mo who blocked the doorway and said: "Were neighbors, and the land lord also told you to take care of me. Arent you going to invite me in for a seat?"

Ye Mo didnt understand what her intentions were but since she already said this, he could only open the door and say: "Then, please come in and have a seat."

Luo Xuan smiled and Ye Mo sighed to himself. This girl was almost as good as Ning Qingxue in looks. No wonder when young master Wu saw her, he was like a drooling pig. Thinking about Qingxue, a sliver of morose flashed across Ye Mos eyes. He didnt want to think about her again but he couldnt help it sometimes. Ye Mo then thought about Luo Ying and wondered how she was doing. When he was stage 4 chi gathering, he could step on the flying sword and search for her.

As though seeing the sadness in Ye Mos eyes, Luo Xuan had some shock in her eyes but soon recovered and sat down. She casually looked around Ye Mos house and said: "Im Luo Xuan. Im studying at Ke uni. Were neighbors now. I still dont know what youre called.

"Im Mo Ying, a jobless nomad. Oh, perhaps I will go out to find a job in a while." Ye Mo saw that strange look in Luo Xuans eyes and felt uncomfortable so he explained. He was going to find a job, just not now.

as though seeing what Ye Mo thought, Luo Xuan didnt put down Ye Mo. Obviously, she thought she knew what sort of a person Ye Mo was. To be honest, a lazy person and liked to find prostitute. She smiled and was not interested in bullshitting with Ye Mo and said straight up: " I heard its unclean here. Did you live here for a long time?"

Coming here to find info. Ye Mo smiled and knew Luo Xuans intentions. But he had no news for her and said: "I only moved here less than a month ago."

Ye Mo wasnt sure if this girl was here to investigate so he said an obscure time line. This girl seemed astute and perhaps she would know something if he told her the real time.

But obviously, Ye Mo was thinking too much. Luo Xuan asked again: "Youve lived here for so long. Have you observed anything or heard any strange noises?"

Ye Mo shook his head cluelessly and said: "I dont know about that. Each day, I just drop on the bed and sleep. Why would I even care about that."

"Have you not heard that this house is haunted? Its said that because a few people died here this apartment could not be sold out nor rented out." Luo Xuan didnt seem to be satisfied with Ye Mos attitude and used the haunting to try to scare him.

Ye Mo stretched his arms and said in a whatever attitude: "Im poor and lazy. Even if there was a ghost it wouldnt come for me. Plus, teachers taught us not to be superstitious. I didnt even go to uni and I know this. You are going to uni but youre still so superstitious. Little sister, its not easy for the country to train a uni student. Dont be so superstitious please."

"You." Luo Xuan stood up in anger but her anger soon disappeared. She looked at Ye Mo and smiled: "You sucked up to a young master yesterday. You wont be poor in the future. Although youre not superstitious but my home town has the customs and stories of ghosts. Hang this peach tree wood sword on the bedroom door. Perhaps it will be good for you."

Ye Mo frowned, he felt something was wrong with this little girl. He wasnt very friendly to her but she still gave him this. What were her intentions?
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