Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 305

Chapter 305: Took the wrong medicine

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
But Ye Mo knew that the woman in front of him wasnt dead, she was alive. It was just that because she stayed with dead things all year long, she had this death chi on her.

"Who are you? Why are you ruining my thing? I know youre not easy to mess with. I never messed with you but you dare to mess with me, screech..." The womans voice was sharp like a needle making people feel uncomfortable.

Ye Mo sneered, "I didnt want to be bothered with you but you already messed with me. I chose this place to cultivate in peace and I dont want to be disturbed by people nor ghosts but you dare to make sounds above me. And last night, you went to the 5th floor to kill someone. If you dont piss me off its fine but since you already disturbed me, even if you run to the end of the earth, I will still burn you down to ashes."

The red robed woman reached out her chicken claws. Her nails were a few inches long and she shrieked: "You are too domineering. I killed people but I didnt kill you. What did that get to do with you? If I wasnt afraid of you , I wouldve killed the woman next door last night. What else do you want?"

Ye Mo dazed. This woman could tell he was strong? Not right. Ye Mo immediately knew the woman was lying. The woman didnt kill Luo Xuan last night not because of him. There must be another reason but Ye Mo didnt expose her and said coldly: "I am domineering. What are you going to do? Ive killed all your ghouls downstairs. You dont like it? You are keeping so many ghouls, and from this it can be seen how many people you kill each day. You met me and you still try to mess with me. Thats your bad luck."

"You think youre good just because you can shoot fireballs? Dont blame me for not reminding you, if you offend me, youre finished. Your whole family is finished." The woman shrieked.

She actually thought a fireball was nothing? This was the first time Ye Mo met someone like this on Earth. Even when the hidden sect people saw him shoot fireballs, they were very shocked. But he actually met someone who thought lowly of the fireball technique. Did she know how to do it too or was she also a spirit cultivator?

The woman saw Ye Mo was confused and sneered coldly. She reached out her long hand and a bulb of faint yellow fire appeared on her fingers. Although it was small, it was still very clear.

Ye Mo almost laughed. This woman was really funny. She thought his fireball was made through chemical means like hers. This chemical fire could only be used to scare people. It cant really harm anyone. She probably stayed in the graveyard for too long.

"Okay youre tough. Ill give up this building now. As long as you dont look for trouble with me." The red robed woman seemed to know Ye Mo wasnt easy to mess with and wasnt prepared to fight to the death with Ye Mo.

Ye Mo sneered, "Since I came, if I let you go so easily, youd be overestimating yourself."

And, Ye Mo was sure that the woman wasnt going to give up like this. For someone like her, she wouldnt pass out on him who had so much power. To her, his soul was probably worth more than thousands of normal ghosts.

As soon as Ye Mo finished, that ghoul behind him suddenly charged at Ye Mo speedily. Ye Mo didnt even turn and multiple fireballs enveloped the ghouls.

An extremely putrid smell came. After a fit of sharp shrieks, the ghoul behind Ye Mo was burnt into nothing.

"You dare to kill my little pet." The red clothed woman screamed as though her life line was killed by Ye Mo and she charged to Ye Mo immediately.

Ye Mo said plainly: "Youre a mere yellow level tertiary stage ancient martial arts cultivator and you dare to act cocky in front of me."

The woman stopped suddenly in her tracks and looked at Ye Mo in surprise. After a good while, she stuttered: "You, you can see what my power level is?"

"This isnt something you can know. I will take your life. Youve killed so many people, so you can go die as well." Then, Ye Mo shot out more than ten fireballs around the woman.

The woman shrieked: "Dont kill me. Im a pupil of the 4 state 9 moon temple. If you kill me you will be hunted down by the masters of my sect."

Ye Mo sneered: "9 moon temple, is it very strong? Not long ago, I killed a guy called Nie Wubian. I wonder if he came from your sect. But no need for a hunt, in a while later, I will go to the 9 moon temple personally. This disgusting place does not deserve to exist."

Hearing Ye Mos words, the red robed woman screamed: "You actually killed Wubian martial brother? Ahh, let me go. Im willing to help you do anything."

Before she finished her words, she was burnt to crisp by Ye Mos fireball with only some dust left flying around. Ye Mo then looked at that thing that could block his spirit sense. It was a very strange wood. Ye Mo couldnt recognize it but it had already been burnt pretty badly by his fireball so Ye Mo just burnt it down completely.

This woman definitely had an artefact to control ghosts but Ye Mo didnt like such dirty stuff so he didnt even ask and burnt everything. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out. As soon as he killed the woman, all the ghosts from downstairs floated out and disappeared in nature.

"Its finally quiet now." Ye Mo sighed. He could go back to concoct pills. But why was none of the disciples of this 4 state 9 moon temple good? All of them were completely disgusting.

Ye Mo went back to the 8th floor and forgot to ask the woman if she made the elevator rise up to the 12th floor. But it probably was her. Who else would be that bored.

Ye Mo went back to his room and took out the blood coral. He carefully cut a third. He never hoped he would succeed on the first try, so he planned to concoct one cauldron first and then find the difficult parts of making the chi increasing pill. Then, he would make preparations and wholeheartedly make the second cauldron of pills.

That Luo Xuan still hadnt come back and she probably wouldnt be coming back tonight. This was perfect. Ye Mo didnt want anyone to disturb him while he concocted pills.

He took out the Shen Nong cauldron and shot out a gust of chi fire. Then, he took out some supplementary ingredients and dumped them into the cauldron as he started to melt them. There were many supplementary ingredients that could be used for the chi increasing pill. What Ye Mo used now were all from the Shen Nong Jia. Although they werent as good as the ones in the cultivation realm but they were still decent in improving the potency of the pill.

Half an hour later, Ye Mo took out the waste from the cauldron and cut another piece of the blood coral and dumped it in. Another hour later, the medical droplets of blood coral started to coagulate. Ye Mo was getting more and more anxious. It would be good if he could concoct the chi increasing pill on the first try but if he couldnt, he would waste a cauldron full of ingredients.

But after half an hour, Ye Mo started to sweat. The chi increasing pill wasted too much spirit chi and wasnt something he could concoct now. But he had no choice. If he didnt make one, it was impossible to breakthrough fast in this environment.

Ye Mo went from strange to familiar with the concocting process but the chi increasing pill still had no signs of forming a pill. Although Ye Mo was worried, he knew this cauldron was probably going to go to waste. It wasnt that his method was wrong but that his chi wasnt enough. If he had a pill for chi recovery now, he was sure he could finish concocting it.

He knew his chi wasnt enough but Ye Mo didnt want to give up. He still held on tight. He was trying his luck: perhaps by accident the pill would form.

In a loud bang, the still liquid ingredients exploded in the cauldron causing an air wave pushing Ye Mo out.

Ye Mos clothes were completely blown off and his hair was like wild grass. His body was red with the steaming drips of the ingredients. Ye Mo felt hardness of breath as his mouth seeped blood. Luckily, the inner wounds werent serious.

His power was still too low. Ye Mo sighed. Just when he was getting up to pack up, his door was kicked open.

Ye Mo didnt have time to scan his spirit sense and just took back his cauldron without thinking. At the same time, his spirit sense locked onto his flying sword. That person dared to kick his door. He doesnt want to live.

"Mo Ying. Are you okay? Sorry, I had something on and I forgot about this. Im really sorry." It was Luo Xuan who charged in. Her eyes were indeed for of anxiety and worry.

Now looking at Ye Mo in such a wounded state, the regret in her eyes was even more. But she continued: "But luckily youre fine. If something really happened to you, I wouldnt be able to rest easy for the rest of my life. Although youre a bad person, I cant kill people.."

What was she on about? Ye Mo frowned thinking what had his concocting pills got to do with her. Why was she so worried about him?

But Ye Mo immediately realized that he was probably dumbed by the explosion. This woman left the black dai wood sword here obviously wanting to use him. Looking at her reactions, she didnt want his life. She was probably hindered by something and forgot she left the sword here.

Although Ye Mo realized that Luo Xuan wasnt trying to harm him, he still couldnt get a good feeling towards her. After all, she wanted to use him and she forgot about this when it was life threatening. It could be seen that she didnt care about human life but her worry was real. Considering this, I would let you go this time.

Just when Ye Mo struggled to get up, Luo Xuan took out a jade vase and gave Ye Mo a pill "This is for recovery. Eat it."

Ye Mo nodded. He also wanted to see how good this womans pills were but as soon as Ye Mo ate it, his face changed immediately.

"Oh no, I took out the wrong pill." Luo Xuans face changed drastically as she screamed.
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