Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 306

Chapter 306: Tricking a little girl

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
"I actually gave you qi recovering pill for you. What should I do?" Luo Xuan was only 19. She knew what would happen if she gave a chi recovering pill to a normal person to eat.

Qi recovering pill was for ancient martial artists who were at least at yellow or above level to recover qi. If a normal person accidentally ate this, then the only result would be death from explosion.

In a hurry, she actually used this as a injury pill for Ye Mo this "ordinary person".

Ye Mo was also shocked but not because the pill Luo Xuan gave him was qi recovering pill but because the pill could actually recover his chi, although not much. Even he didnt have pills that could recover spirit chi. Where did this girl get it from? There were many valuable ingredients in the pill that he couldnt even find. But these ingredients were just made into simple qi recovery pill. What a waste of valuable things.

If he had enough of these pills, Ye Mo could imagine that he could even use that pill to make chi increasing pill. How could he get more of these pills from this little girl? He must get it.

Ye Mos face kept changing. He really wanted to beat Luo Xuan down and search her body but Ye Mo couldnt do such a thing. If this woman tried to harm him before, he wouldnt have any moral bearings for doing this but the truth was, Luo Xuan wasnt trying to harm him. Should he still do it?

Seeing Ye Mos strange face, Luo Xuan was more worried that even her tears started to appear. She looked at Ye Mo with big eyes but didnt have a good way to save him. Even if she took him to the hospital, he would still die. Plus, he wouldnt even make it to the hospital. She only knew murmuring: "Sorry, I really didnt mean it, sorry."

"Is there something wrong with me? How come I feel my stomach isnt right?" Ye Mo thought for a while and asked.

Luo Xuan wiped her tears and nodded then saying: "Qi recovering pill can only be eaten by ancient martial artists. You will explode after eating, sorry, I.."

Ye Mo was trying so hard not to laugh but his face turned bleak and scary, "Im going to die and its caused by your qi recovery pill. So after I die and turn into a ghost, I will still follow you. I have no feud with you but you killed me. Theres an extra ghost in this haunted house, so I cant let you go."

Luo Xuans face turned white but she shook her head: "I didnt mean it. In fact Im not scared of ghosts. I actually went to catch the ghost at level 9."

"No matter if youre afraid or not, I died by your hands so I will follow you day and night. If theres an opportunity I will eat you." Ye Mo said nastily.

Luo Xuan was more worried and said: "I really didnt mean to harm you. If people die, their souls will dissipate. Hm, how come your stomach isnt getting bigger. Normal people who eat the pills will have their stomachs gradually grow big and then end in an explosion.."

Ye Mo was alarmed. He must not let her see anything. Thinking about this, his stomach started to grow big gradually.

"Ahh, your stomach.." Luo Xuan wanted to slap her mouth. As soon as she said Ye Mos stomach, it turned big.

"What do I do?" Luo Xuan was very worried but good thing was, although Mo Yings stomach was growing big, it was very slow.

Ye Mo said with a struggle: "Im going to die. You go out. I dont want you to watch me die."

"But." Luo Xuan looked worriedly at Ye Mo and said after a while: "Sorry, I caused your death."

Ye Mo was so annoyed: Ive already said that, and whats the use of saying sorry. Next line of the script should be: if you have any last wishes, Ill help you finish it.

Just when Ye Mo was prepared to remind Luo Xuan, she wiped her eyes and said: "If you still have any last wishes, I will definitely help you finish it."

Ye Mos face grew bleaker as he said: "I dont want to hate you but I hate your qi recovery pill. Give me all your qi recovery pills. Before I die, I will exact revenge on these pills. That is my only wish."

Luo Xuan didnt think much of it and took out the qi recovery pills pitifully and said: "Actually, its not the pills fault. Its all my fault.."

Ye Mo saw that she didnt give the pills to him and quickly said: Its fine if you dont want to complete my wish. After I die, I will turn into a ghost and follow you day and night. Even if youre not afraid of ghosts, I will still find fellow ghosts and follow you."

Luo Xuans face went white.

Now that Ye Mo said this, she quickly replied: "No you must not please. Okay, Ill give them to you." Then, she put the qi recovery pills in front of Ye Mo and said after a while: "If you turn into a ghost, dont follow me, even if you do, dont get too many ghosts to follow me."

Ye Mo took back the qi recovery pills and was no longer in the mood to bull shit with Luo Xuan. He quickly said: "Okay, I wont follow you. You can go out. I want to be by myself. Remember to fixed the door for me."

Then, Ye Mo pushed Luo Xuan out and closed the door. Ye Mo looked at the pills in his hands and felt his face burning. It was like an adult tricking something from a little kid. But this woman couldnt be counted as a kid. Not only did she scheme him and also gave him the wrong pill.

If he really was a normal person, perhaps he would really have died. But Ye Mo also knew that he was finding excuses for himself. After all, this bottle of pills must be really expensive on earth. Never mind, when he concocted chi increasing pills, he would give her two. With two, perhaps she could reach black level elementary stage. That would be the compensation.

After all, without the qi recovery pill, it would be hard for Ye Mo to concoct the chi increasing pill at stage 3 chi gathering.

Luo Xuan stood outside and suddenly felt something wasnt quite right but she didnt know what was wrong.

Ye Mo packed up his room and took a shower. He scanned his spirit sense out and found that Luo Xuan hadnt left. She just sat in his living room dumbfounded.

Helplessly, Ye Mo could only open the door and looked at Luo Xuan and asked: How come you havent left?"

"Huh, youre not dead? Thats great! I thought.." but she didnt finish the rest of the sentence. Seeing that Ye Mo was fine, the happiness on her face was authentic.

Seeing this expression, Ye Mo felt more guilty but this guilt just flashed across quickly. Hell just give her some chi increasing pills, much more precious than her qi recovery pill.

Ye Mo could only say awkwardly: "Yea, originally, I felt my stomach was very uncomfortable and I dont know why but it seemed to be starting to get better. This is quite strange. Okay, you should be going back. Its just that my door is broken and I need to fix it tomorrow."

Ye Mo was afraid Luo Xuan would think about the pills and quickly directed her attention.

"Oh by the way, I forgot to ask you. When I just came in, I saw you were injured. Was it because the thing from upstairs came down? Wait, Ill go have a look." Then before Ye Mo could reply, Luo Xuan ran out quickly.

Ye Mos spirit sense immediately followed and found that she actually went to the balcony of the 9th floor. She wasnt afraid today. This was really strange but when she reached the 9th floor, she checked carefully. Eventually, her eyes fell on the footprints on the ground.

One set was left behind by her but beside it she saw another set that also belonged to a woman. However, it disappeared at the end of the balcony. What made her surprised the most was that there was another set of footprints that was much larger. It appeared very suddenly because there were no footsteps around it.

Ye Mo looked at Luo Xuans face that kept changing and commended on her meticulous mind. Although her experience was pitifully little, she was very meticulous.

That of course, was left behind by Ye Mo. He forgot to erase it. After he left the footprints, he just flew to the 10th floor so it appeared very suddenly.

Ye Mo thought Luo Xuan would go upstairs and look but she instead flipped down and came into Ye Mos house.

"What are you doing back here?" Ye Mo was scared of facing Luo Xuan. She better not ask about the qi recovery pills. They was very useful to him.

Luo Xuan stood in front of Ye Mo and hesitated for a long time before saying shyly: "Um, Mo Ying, I just."

"Aiya, my door is still not fixed. Ill have a look. I heard this building isnt safe. What if something at night comes into my house, Ill be dead." Ye Mo thought she was going to ask for the pills and didnt even think before interrupting her. He walked to the door and started to check it.

Luo Xuan quickly followed and said: "Its fine. Ill help you find someone to fix it tomorrow. If you dont feel safe at night, you can live at my place. There are 3 bedrooms."

"Um, thats not too good. How about you go first and when I want to come, Ill press your bell." Ye Mo immediately said.

"Okay, Ill go back first. Im tired today. If youre coming then come earlier, otherwise, Ill fall asleep." Luo Xuan nodded but just when she walked to the doorway, she stopped. Ye Mo had a fright. Was she going to remember?
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