Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Helpless Blood Donation

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin
What is it? Say it, Im in a good mood today. Ye Mo had collected the seeds and turned the Silver Heart Grass into a bowl of soup. He was indeed in a good mood today.

Could you lend me 2000 dollars? Ning Qingxue said calmly. To her, she thought Ye Mo wouldnt reject lending 2000 dollars to her because all of Ye Mos money was hers before.

I dont have the money. Ye Mos good mood was slightly soured after Ning Qingxues request. He only had 3000 dollars in his pocket right now, and Ning Qingxue just wanted to borrow 2000 all of a sudden.

You Ning Qingxue was quite angry as she thought that he was so stingy. He took 500,000 dollars from her and yet didnt even want to lend her 2000. How could a person be like this?

If you just remove the interest from the 500,000 I gave you, it would be enough for 2000. You are a man and have many things to do in the future. How can you be like this? Ning Qingxue didnt think she would actually say what she thought in her heart, and it seemed to be very reasonable.

When Ye Mo saw Ning Qingxue was starting to plead for herself, he hurriedly held his hands up and said: Stop, stop, stop After, he took out a roll of notes and gave Ning Qingxue 2000 dollars as he said, This is the only time. Next time, dont ask me for money because my money is hard earned.

Ning Qingxue was contemptuous but eventually didnt rebuke Ye Mo. She thought that if his money didnt come easy, then no ones money came easy. He only needed to lend her a place to live, and he made 500,000 dollars.

The reason Ning Qingxue wanted to borrow 2000 dollars was because she didnt have any money on her and was out of phone credit. Plus, she had to buy some feminine products... This made her very uncomfortable.

That night, Ye Mo waited until Xu Wei and Ning Qingxue went to sleep before walking to the tree in the back yard. He finished the soup in one gulp and started to cultivate. When the potent medicine blasted into Ye Mos chest, he controlled the direction of his Chi to rapidly change the tenacity and width of his meridians. Ye Mo was overwhelmed with joy as he didnt think that one Silver Heart Grass had such potent medicinal power. It looked like there was hope for him in reaching the Second stage of Chi Gathering.

After four hours, the cultivation essence in Ye Mos body started increasing rapidly. However, he soon felt that something wasnt right. When the cultivation essence in his body increased to a certain degree, it stopped and instead started to burn his meridians. Ye Mo was shocked. If this were to continue, he would truly become useless. He was wondering what was going on when the burning sensation and the bursting feeling in his meridians grew more intense and, in the spur of the moment, he could only bit his wrist.

Spew. The heat that had nowhere to go rushed to his wrist as hot blood spewed out from it. For now, Ye Mo was relieved. Luckily he thought of this idea abruptly; otherwise, he would have been doomed. It seemed that he shouldnt have drunk all of it in one gulp. This medicinal soup that he made didnt have a few spirit grass from the original recipe, he had to use normal herbs to replace them and therefore, there were side effects.

After the burning sensation was appeased, Ye Mo immediately cultivated to heal the wound. Although he suddenly lost blood, Ye Mo had reached the tertiary stage of the First stage of Chi Gathering. There was such a breakthrough the first time he cultivated, and Ye Mo felt that the medicinal powers hadnt been exhausted. Perhaps if he kept cultivating, he would even reach stage 2.

However, on the second day, just when Ye Mo finished his breakfast and was ready to go to school, he found that the scorching feeling in his body was present once again. He felt bad, would he have to release all of his blood again? It made his heart ache to see all of this blood being released.

But this couldnt overwhelm Ye Mo. He just went straight to the hospital to sell his blood. He didnt know how much of his blood was taken away until finally, the Chi in his body calmed down. He gasped a sigh of relief. When he arrived at the school, he didnt go to the library and instead went to find a place to cultivate. These few days were crucial, he had to completely digest the medical liquid in order not to waste it.

The next few days, Ning Qingxue had been in contact with Li Mumei every day. She didnt dare to think about the Ning Family that was in pandemonium. Although there was also the news of her marriage with Ye Mo in Ning Hai, it was far less heated compared to in Beijing.

The only thing that comforted Ning Qingxue was that ever since her news appeared on websites and newspapers, the Song family seemed to have given up and didnt bring up her matter with Song Shaowen again. In these few days, Ye Mo lived a life filled with joy and pain. His cultivation was improving every day, but he had to go donate blood to the hospital each day. Although the money he earned from blood donations wasnt much, it was still a source of income.

The sixth night after he drank the soup, Ye Mo was cultivating when he suddenly heard a few cracks in his body. It was as though something was blasted open. His body started to feel free and comfortable. The remaining medicinal powers in his body had been all used up. His cultivation essence increased by many folds and his spirit sense was able to reach out.

He was finally at the Second stage of Chi Gathering now. That really wasnt easy; he didnt need to go to the hospital and suffer again. At this moment, Ye Mo almost wanted to get up and yell, but he knew it was midnight. If he were to scream at that moment, people would think that he was a madman. But, he really couldnt express the joy in his heart. The next day, Ye Mo bought some breakfast for Ning Qingxue and got ready to leave for school. He wanted to leave a few medical pills for Shi Xiu; since he was stage 2, it meant that he was going to leave soon. Shi Xiu was his friend, so before he left Ning Hai, he was going to make a few medicinal pills in case of emergency.

Originally, Ye Mo thought that after he had married Ning Qingxue and had released some of their photos taken together, there would be trouble for him. Yet surprisingly after almost half a month, he didnt encounter any trouble. This made him gradually relaxed.

Ye Mo. Ning Qingxue stopped him the moment Ye Mo was about to exit the door. As soon as Ye Mo heard this, he knew it wasnt going to be good. Last time she stopped him, he lost 2000 dollars. What would it be this time? However, Ning Qingxue had called to him, and he couldnt just pretend he didnt hear it.

He turned his head towards Ning Qingxue. She was still as beautiful as a goddess, the only difference was her physique a bit more plump. It seemed that his cooking during these periods of time was responsible for it. If a stranger were here, he wouldve thought that she came for a holiday, and not seeking asylum.

What? Ye Mo was forlorn. Seeing Ye Mos helpless face, Ning Qingxue didnt feel happy. Am I not a match for you? Even if it was a fake wedding, I could still be a match for someone like you, she thought sadly. But luckily, her personality was indifferent; otherwise, she wouldnt have been able to stay all by herself at Ye Mos place for half a month.

I have a classmate coming, and she is a journalist. You should know the purpose. Although I really dont want to go eat with her, Im still under the scrutiny of other people. Could you come to eat with my classmate and I tonight? Ning Qingxues face returned to her previous calm.

I know how to cook, so why going out to eat? Ye Mos first thought was that cooking at home would save money.

You Ning Qingxue shook her head in disbelief. It wasnt that she needed her face, she just wanted to make sure their couple life was more realistic in other peoples eyes.

Okay, okay, Ill come tonight Ye Mo said weakly and turned to leave.
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