Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 310

Chapter 310: The elevator that went up by itself

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
So the ghost upstairs harmed him indeed. Now, the clothes confirmed her suspicion, Luo Xuan actually felt a faint sense of sadness and lost. Although she wasnt on good terms with Ye Mo, in this dead apartment block, a neighbor was much better than solitude.

But soon, her eyes went cold and was no longer in the mood to stay at the top of the building. She picked up her long sword and charged down without hesitation.

She went from the 12th to the 9th floor but didnt find anything at all. She felt very strange. Did the thing leave already?

If she really saw the ghost, Luo Xuan wouldnt be scared. She didnt believe that she would lose to a ghost. But she looked around and still didnt find anything. She actually started to feel scared. The things that were unseen were the scariest. Luo Xuan no longer dared to stay on the 9th floor and wanted to go down immediately, the faster the better.

But when she just reached the elevator of the 9th floor, she found that the elevator came up and opened by itself. There was nothing inside the elevator. The doors opened for a bit then closed and went up by itself. Then, it stopped at the 10th floor for a moment before going up to the 11th floor.

Luo Xuan could no longer calm down anymore. She felt goosebumps on her head. She just came down and didnt find anything but now, this elevator was going upstairs by itself. She could no longer hold back the terror in her heart. There was only her living here above level 3 but she couldnt even see anything. Her eyes were supposed to see a lot of things.

Originally, there was Mo Ying next door but he was definitely harmed. Luo Xuan resisted the terror in her heart and climbed down from the balcony. She wanted to go downstairs and not stay here for tonight. That elevator was too scary. At this moment, she realized that that Mo Ying could embolden her even without doing anything. But now, he had gone.

When Luo Xuan came down, she found that the balcony belonged to Mo Ying.

"Ahhhhhh." Luo Xuan screamed at Ye Mo who was not far away. He appeared too suddenly. Luo Xuan felt her skin had already started getting more goosebumps. Wasnt he dead? How did he appear here?

"You said you wont follow me. I didnt kill you. You must not come here please." Luo Xuan had already forgotten she was someone who could hunt ghosts. She actually started to feel scared towards Ye Mo.

Ye Mo looked at her strangely: "What are you on about? Wasnt your courage usually pretty great? And you went up to the 9th floor to hunt ghosts. Why do you have that expression? This room is where I live. You came to my place and youre telling me not to come over. Youre really strange. Did I not tell you I was going into solitary training? Why did you come here?"

"You didnt die?" Luo Xuan came back to her sense and still looked at Ye Mo unsurely.

"Youre dead!" Ye Mo said unhappily. He just reached chi gathering middle stage and had a ride in the sky. But as soon as he came back, this girl said he was dead.

Luo Xuan suddenly had an overjoyed expression on her face. She grabbed Ye Mos hands, "You didnt die. You really didnt die! Great! I thought you died. Your hands are still warm. You didnt die, [whimpers]..."

As she spoke, Luo Xuan actually started crying and she almost went into his arms.

Ye Mo frowned. Was this girl okay? Why was she so scared? He knew her guts and that night, she fought with the ghost. Although she was pushed downstairs, her qing gong still saved her life and she was a yellow level middle stage cultivator. What was going on?

"What happened?" Ye Mo didnt push Luo Xuan away, he didnt know what happened to her.

"hmm, dont move." Ye Mo saw Luo Xuans eyes were strange. He grabbed Luo Xuans wrist. Indeed, in her body there was some dark unclean qi. She was already a yellow level warrior and could see things others could not. How could such evil qi attach to her body?

Ye Mo used his chi to force out that dark qi and burnt it.

At this moment, Luo Xuan realized that she had ran into Ye Mos arms. She quickly moved out and said: "What was I doing just then? And what happened to you? I saw your clothes at the top of the building?"

"You went upstairs?" Ye Mo thought that there were no ghosts upstairs now and even if there were, she shouldnt be scared like this. Plus, since there were no ghosts here, how was she intruded by evil qi?

"I dumped my clothes there, after I finished solitary training. I went to the roof and stood for a while. Because I was full of sweat, I took off my clothes there." Ye Mo said.

Luo Xuan had calmed down by now and breathed before saying: "So thats what happened. I was so scared. I thought something happened to you so I went upstairs by myself wanting to kill the ghost to get revenge for you, but when I got to the 12th floor there was nothing. And then, I saw your clothes and I got angrier so I went down again but I didnt find anything."

Ye Mo asked strangely: "Since you didnt find anything, why were you so scared?" he didnt ask her why evil qi got inside her body? But he felt quite grateful of Luo Xuan. After all, she went to get revenge for him.

Luo Xuan still had some after shock fear, "I dont know. I thought I wouldnt be afraid of ghosts but at the 9th floor, I saw the elevator go up and open up by itself. There was nothing inside. I didnt see anything but then the elevator continued up to the 10th floor. Then, I became scared and jumped down immediately. I was prepared to leave but I saw you."

Ye Mo frowned and murmured to himself: "So the elevator moving has nothing to do with that woman. What was going on?"

"With what woman? Luo Xuan asked.

Ye Mo waved his hand: "Nothing important but luckily you came down early. If you came down a little later, perhaps you wouldnt be able to come down. Amazing, even I didnt notice this."

"Mo Ying, tell me. You live here and youre not afraid of ghosts. And you said even you didnt notice. Are you a disciple of the Mao Mountain?" at this moment, Luo Xuan also knew that Ye Mo was no ordinary person. She was almost harmed living here but a normal person could live here so freely? That wasnt normal.

Ye Mo nodded seriously: "Im an immortal. Ghosts are insects in my eyes. Normal ghosts who see a master like me ran as far as they can."

"Psht" Luo Xuan heard Ye Mos bull shit and felt much better.

After saying that, Ye Mo also felt a little embarrassed. That night when he went up to kill the ghost, the elevator also moved up by itself but he didnt notice anything. It was obviously bullshit saying that ghosts ran as far as they could when they saw him.

"Okay, you go back to sleep. Ill go up and have a look." Ye Mo said. He really didnt believe something could hide right under his nose.

"Dont." although the bleak chi inside Luo Xuans body had been burnt, the lesson she learnt tonight was too big. It allowed her to understand that although she was a yellow level martial artists, there were a lot of things she couldnt control. She still thought that although Ye Mo had some small capabilities, he was still far from her. Even she almost couldnt come down, if Ye Mo went, he would be dead for sure.

Ye Mo looked helplessly at this little girl who, a few days ago, still had great aspirations in catching ghosts and said: "Okay, then Ill go up in a few days. But since youre so scared, why are you still staying here? Do you not know that this is a haunted building?"

Luo Xuan shook her head: "I know. Thats why I moved over. I lived at the uni before but it affected my cultivation and a lot of people kept annoying me. So now I live at the haunted building, no one had come to annoy me these days. I feel so much better. And, Im not scared of ghosts. Ghosts are scared of me."

Ye Mo looked at Luo Xuan in shock, "You sure youre not afraid of ghosts?"

Luo Xuan hesitated for a moment: "Most of the times, I'm not scared but the one I met tonight was too powerful. I couldnt even see it, so."

"So, you were scared, right?" Ye Mo said.

Luo Xuan nodded unexpectedly: "Yes."

Then, Luo Xuan looked at Ye Mos room and said embarrassingly: "Um, Mo Ying, your room door is broken. How about you come over to mine. I still have an empty room."

Ye Mo pointed at his two empty rooms: "I also have empty rooms too. Why do I need to live at your place?"

"Because..because." Luo Xuan stumbled for a long time but still couldnt say it.

Ye Mo was in a good mood. He smiled and said: "Because youre scared of ghosts right. Never mind. On account of your chi recovery pills letting me reach great heaven state, Ill help you once. But Im telling you, Im leaving here in at most a week, so youll be living by yourself still."

"Youre bluffing again, great heaven." Luo Xuan rolled her eyes. She wouldnt believe Ye Mos words but she continued: "Perhaps next week after going to that qian beis house to look at the books, I can leave too."

Ye Mo didnt know if great heaven level masters could fly but he felt that now he ascended to level 4, he was so much stronger than before. He wouldnt even care about great heaven state masters. Plus, Zhang Zhihui said there was rarely any great heaven level masters. What would he be afraid of.

"Right, since youre a disciple of Mao Mountain, you shouldnt be afraid of ghosts. There was a loud bang in your apartment a few days ago and why were you injured." Luo Xuan remembered what happened a few days ago and asked.

Ye Mo smiled, "When did I say Im a disciple of Mao Mountain? Im a pill master. Last time I borrowed your qi recovery pills to concoct a few pills. After eating those pills, you will ascend immediately. After you rest up, Ill give you one to eat and youll know.

Luo Xuan looked at Ye Mo strangely for a long time before saying: "Youre really capable, arent you? Not only are you great heaven level but youre also a pill master. But never mind about the pills, I suggest you go find a job tomorrow. Otherwise, you day dream too much staying home all day long."
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