Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 311

Chapter 311: News of Taiyi

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
Ye Mo seemed to ask casually: "Since youre an ancient martial artist, are you from the hidden sects?"

"Yea." Luo Xuan seemed not to notice Ye Mos question.

"Then do you know about Tai Yi?" Ye Mo asked casually.

Luo Xuan nodded: "Of course. Tai Yi is one of the 3 big sects, how can I not know. Plus... mhm, wait, how do you know about Tai Yi? Who are you?"

Luo Xuan suddenly woke up and looked at Ye Mo full of vigilance.

Ye Mo was excited upon hearing that Luo Xuan knew about Tai Yi and he was able to get it out of her so easily. Although he could also find out from Zhang Zhihui. Now sonce Luo Xuan asked, he replied: "Im from the hidden sects, of course I know about Tai Yi. Dont you know Im cultivating ancient martial arts? Im just asking if youre from the hidden sects."

"Where is your sect?" Luo Xuan wasnt relaxed because of Ye Mos words at all and was more serious instead.

"Of course its at Wuliang mountain. Why are you even asking this?" Ye Mo only knew about hidden sects in Wuliang mountain, nowhere else.

Luo Xuan suddenly pulled out the sword from her waist and looked vigilantly at Ye Mo and said: "You lied to me. Youre not from the hidden sects and you dont know about the Tai Yi."

Ye Mo looked at her sword strangely and thought: they were talking nicely just then, and why did she suddenly became so aggressive? He didnt know where Luo Xuan saw through. He didn't say anything wrong. He even went to the hidden sect at Wuliang mountain. Why did this girl say he was lying?

Suddenly, Ye Mo was struck by a thought. He remembered what the Xiao Daoist said. The hidden sects were divided into inner and outer hidden sects and semi hidden sects. However, Xian Daoist said the inner hidden sects were just a legend and they never came into the world. Was this Luo Xuan from the inner hidden sects if that was the case, then Tai Yi was also an inner hidden sect. If his hypothesis was right, then he wouldnt be able to know about Tai Yi even from Zhang Zhijui.

"I dont know how you know about the hidden sects but I can tell you that no one in the hidden sects know about Tai Yi. We all have a rule in the hidden sects that if someone who isnt from the hidden sects knows about it, they must be killed. So, I will kill you." Then, Luo Xuan raised her sword and was even a little shaky.

Ye Mo reached out his hand. He knew about Luo Xuans character. It was just a subconscious movement. He didnt feel any killing intent from her. He then said: "its up to you if you want to kill me but since you want to repay debt with feud then I have nothing to say. But are you going to kill outer hidden sect people if they knew you are from the inner hidden sect?"

Luo Xuans hands shook more, "You know about us inner hidden sect people indeed. How do you know? We never come into the world. Every 50 years, our people would come out once but we never cause any trouble. How did you know?"

"That elevator went up again." Ye Mo suddenly said something completely irrelevant.

Luo Xuans hands shook again and her sword slunk. She didnt really want to kill Ye Mo. It was just a subconscious action.

"If you talk about any inner hidden sect things, you will be killed and you will also bring this upon your family. I dont know how you know about Tai Yi but you must not mention it again. Dont even mention inner hidden sects." Luo Xuans tone was shaky.

Ye Mo looked at Luo Xuan with surprise, "If I mention it, then at most I die. What are you scared of?"

Luo Xuan shook her head helplessly, "If I know that you mentioned such things but I didnt kill you, then I will be killed by them. And this may even affect my sect."

"So domineering?" Ye Mo frowned. This was more dictator than Hitler.

"Can we not talk about this? And dont mention it in the future." Luo Xuan looked weakly at Ye Mo. She really couldnt do it, killing Ye Mo. And she must not let her martial sister know about this nor Yu Lin martial brother.

Ye Mo originally wanted to ask her how long she had been out and where the entrance to the hidden sect was, but he couldnt say it because he knew that Luo Xuan wouldnt tell.

It was probably better that he followed her when she went back. With his current power, it was easy for him even to follow an earth level master.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo could only say: "Okay, I wont ask you or say anything, you. Never mind, I'll go to your side with you. On account of you not killing me."


Going back to her house, Luo Xuan was in a low mood and went to sleep immediately. Ye Mo took out the only supplementary ingredients he had left and made a cauldron of lotus life seed and some more face preserving pill. After reaching stage four, his success rate increased greatly.

After the pills were ready, Ye Mo packed and saw it was still 3:00am in the morning. He was prepared to go upstairs and see what the thing that made the elevator move was. He went up the elevator and scanned again but still didnt find anything.

"Why dont you sleep." As soon as Ye Mo walked to the balcony, Luo Xuan came out and asked.

Ye Mo studied Luo Xuan. She wore her clothes neatly. He asked strangely: "Are you not going to sleep as well? Where are you going tonight?"

"I slept for a while and was worried so I got up." Luo Xuan hesitated and said.

"I already said I wont say anything, what else are you still worried about. But, I might leave tomorrow. I cant stay here anymore. When are you preparing to leave?"

Ye Mo was going to get revenge with Earth Fiend first. They dared to mess with him. He wouldnt let them go like this.

"Its not that, never mind... its not related to you." Luo Xuan said despondently.

Ye Mo didnt want to care about this girls business and took out a chi increasing pill and gave it to Luo Xuan and said: "Eat this pill. I can guarantee that your power will increase by one stage. My pills are very precious. This one is worth 8 of your qi recovery pills. I only used eight of your pills.

Luo Xuan took the pill and smiled, "Okay, since you say its worth it then it is. It was my fault before. Anyway, I wont eat it now. Ill eat it when I get back."

Ye Mo shook his head and said: "No, you must eat it now. First it's too precious; Secondly Im a pill maker, and if something is wrong after you eat it, I can help."

Luo Xuan frowned and looked at the faint red pill and hesitated, "Youre not trying to do something to me are you?"

Ye Mo said speechlessly: "Okay, since you think Im harming you and you dont want me to pay you back for your pills, then give the pill back to me. Im going."

"Dont be so stingy. Ill eat it." Seeing Ye Mo reach his hand over, Luo Xuan dumped the pill into her mouth. She originally wanted to taste what it tasted like but it melted immediately.

A burning sensation went across her meridians making her feel shaky. She looked at Ye Mo uncertainly. Was he trying to harm me? Although she knew that Ye Mo had a lot of flaws but her perceptions of people were accurate. She never saw any ill will from Ye Mos eyes. What was this?

"Hurry up and sit down and make this power yours. This is your only chance." Ye Mos voice sounded just in time.

In the desperation of the moment, Luo Xuan did what Ye Mo told her and she suddenly felt that hot power turned into inner qi while opening up her meridians.

Was this pill really that precious? Luo Xuan didnt dare to keep thinking and focused all her attention on controlling this power.

Although 4 of chi increasing pills were needed to make Ye Mo reach level 4, one was enough for a yellow level girl like Luo Xuan.

Luo Xuan just felt her power surged up rapidly. Soon she reached from yellow level middle stage to yellow level tertiary stage but the power of the pill was still potent. If she didnt continue digesting this power, she felt that she was going to burn.

After reaching Yellow level tertiary stage, her power surged again reaching the peak of latter stage, black level primary stage, black level primary stage peak before finally calming down and finished being digested by Luo Xuan.

It was just one pill but it could make Luo Xuan reach black level primary stage peak. Luo Xuan didnt even dare to believe it but neither did Ye mo expect it to be so useful.

Although the potency of the pill was strong, it was also related to Luo Xuans talent.

Luo Xuan resisted the excitement in her heart and started to focus her mind and stabilize her power. When the day was just bright, she finally opened her eyes and checked her power. It had fully stabilized at black level primary stage peak. She was just one step away from middle stage.

"You really are a pill master? How can you make such a precious pill? Such pills dont exist even at our place." Luo Xuan stood up in shock.
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