Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 312

Chapter 312: You need to be responsible

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
Ye Mo smiled, "I think you should go take a shower first."

Luo Xuan exclaimed and just realized that her body was covered in dirt and grime. She quickly rushed into her room. An hour later, Luo Xuan walked out in white robes with more intense spiritual beauty. She looked fresher and out of this world. She even felt more mature than before. If an ordinary person stood next to Luo Xuan, she would feel embarrassed.

Ye Mo was no normal person of course. He looked at Luo Xuan with spiritual and ethereal temperament and said: "Your cultivation method is not bad. You actually have some immortal essence to you. Its much better than normal cultivation methods."

At this moment, Luo Xuan knew that Ye Mo was not an ordinary person at all. She walked in front of Ye Mo and bowed: Mo brother, thank you. I know that youre no ordinary person. Please forgive my insolence. My cultivation method is a top one indeed but due to sect laws, I cant tell you. Sorry, I misunderstood you before. Please forgive me."

If someone told Luo Xuan now that someone like Ye Mo would find hookers on the streets, she would be the first to not believe it.

Ye Mo smiled: "Dont worry about the misunderstandings. To you, it doesnt even matter what sort of person I am. Although your cultivation method is not bad, its nothing in my eyes. At most, you have this temperament of immortality to you when you are at the later stages of cultivation but thats about it. One you cant get long life, second, you cant ascend into a higher realm. Such cultivation method, you think I would be interested?"

"Mo brother?" Luo Xuan looked at Mo Ying in surprise. Although she knew Mo Ying was a master, Luo Xuan was still shocked by his words. Her cultivation method was very precious even in the entire small dimension. So many people dreamed of getting it.

Ye Mo laughed with pride, "Theres no point in talking about these to you. If you are willing to tell me where you guys are or tell me how to get in, I will also give you a face preserving pill and lotus life seed. Do you know what face preserving pill is? If you eat it, your face will never age. Lotus life pill can recover any injuries. How about it? This deal is quite a good trade."

Luo Xuans face changed and immediately shook her head: "I dont want your pills. You must not try to get into the small world. Even if you have greater heaven state power, you will still be killed."

Suddenly, Luo Xuan picked up her phone and said worriedly: "My martial sister is calling for me. Im going. Remember, broken seven stars, heaven control position. Dont go there." Then, Luo Xuan ran out of the house with her bag like a thief.

Ye Mo laughed to himself. This Luo Xuan was really interesting, telling him in such way. She told him in the end. Broken seven stars, heaven control position. Was that the entrance to the small world? If that was the case, then he really wouldnt be able to find it if no one told him unless his spirit sense could cover an entire country or the planet.

But spirit sense covering planet, even in the cultivation realm, few people could do this much less him.

Ye Mo was planning to give these two pills to Luo Xuan but since she already left, then never mind. He had decided to annihilate the thing upstairs and then leave Chun An tomorrow.

Ye Mo stood at the side of the elevator and pressed the button. The elevator came up from level one slowly but before it reached level 8, Luo Xuan ran back quickly.

"Youre not thinking of going upstairs are you?" Luo Xuan looked at Ye Mo who stood at the door of the elevator and asked in surprise.

Ye Mo nodded, "Im going upstairs. Didnt you martial sister call for you? Why did you come back?"

At this moment, the elevator stopped at level 8, Luo Xuan quickly grabbed Ye Mos arms and said: "That thing is really strong. Even I cant see it. You shouldnt go up. My martial sister called me to meet up with her at night. Can you go with me to that qian beis place in the day?"

"Okay, but Im leaving tomorrow. Are you not scared to live here by yourself?" Ye Mo asked.

Luo Xuan shook her head, "I might leave tonight. My martial sister called me meaning something mustve happened."

"In that case, Ill just give you these two pills. Although your qi recovery pill isnt worth much but without it, I cant make these pills so Im really grateful to you." Ye Mo was telling the truth. He not only thanked for the pills but thanked more for Luo Xuan risking her life to tell him the entrance to the hidden sects. If she was caught out, she would be dead.

"These are too precious. I cant take them." Although Luo Xuan really wanted that face preserving pill, she didnt dare to carry something so precious on her.

Ye Mo still stuffed the two pills to her. He could see the aspiration in Luo Xuans eyes. As for magic artefact, Ye Mo didnt give any to her. This was because Ye Mo believed that 3 pills were enough to pay Luo Xuan back.

"Luo Xuan, youre not going to make him go with you right?" Ye Mo and Luo Xuan just walked out of the door and was stopped by a girl. Ye Mo knew this girl.Iit was the girl who came to get Luo Xuan last time when he drank soy milk.

Yea, thank you Zi Yun. This makes your mission a lot easier." Luo Xuan said.

Zi Yun looked strangely at Ye Mo and then whispered by Luo Xuans ear: "Luo Xuan I feel like you changed a lot today and youre a lot prettier. Theres also a sense I cant describe about you. Dont tell me you went in bed with him? Is he your boyfriend? But I dont feel hes very reliable."

Luo Xuans face was fully red and slapped Zi Yuns hand and said: "Zi Yun what are you on about? were just neighbours. Its not as dirty as you think."

"Are you sure he wasnt with you last night?" Zi Yun said suspiciously.

Luo Xuan opened her mouth but couldnt say anything. Ye Mo was indeed living at her apartment last night?

Seeing Luo Xuans expression, Zi Yun had the expression of "I knew so". But she didnt continue talking to Luo Xuan and instead walked in front of Ye Mo and said: "I know youre not very reliable. I dont know what luck you got to make Luo Xuan follow you but Luo Xuan is a really good girl. Shes very innocent. Since you did it, you need to be responsible."

Luo Xuan quickly pulled Zi Yun to the side, "Stop saying that. Were going. Zi Yun, good bye."

In her two years at Chun An uni, Zi Yun was the closest friend she had. Tonight, she might be leaving with her martial sister and this made her feel guilty to Zi Yun.

"Wait for a bit." Zi Yun grabbed Luo Xuan and said: "Your big sister has good eyes. You can ask her. When I went close to him, he smelt really nice, very refreshing. He probably isnt someone who sleeps around. I wish you happiness, Luo Xuan."

Although Ye Mo didnt want to hear these things but his hearing was so strong that he couldnt avoid it. He just smiled faintly and didnt put it to heart.

"Mo brother, lets go. Zi Yun was talking rubbish. Dont worry about it." Luo Xuan quickly pulled Ye Mo onto a taxi and left.


An Chun Huo family, although it wasnt a big family in China, it was very famous in Chun An. This was because all the people in the Huo family had long life. Now, the Huo Quou of the Huo family was 100 years old and its said that his body was still very healthy. Another point was that the Huo family had this Huo chemical industries company which was said to be in the top 500 in the world.

So, although the Huo family didnt have anyone special political wise, it was still the ruling family in Chun An.

When Ye Mo saw Huo Quou, he almost couldnt believe that Huo Quou was 100 years old. Because he only looked like he was in his 60s. According to this, this Huo Quou could live for at least 20 years.

And, he was a black level peak stage master. Ye Mo really didnt expect him to be an ancient martial arts cultivator. He didnt know how Luo Xuan knew about Huo Quou but he thought about the Zhang Zhihui of the Zhang family and sighed. The masters were all hidden among the civilians.

If he didnt see it with his own eyes, he definitely wouldnt believe in that a normal city like Chun An, there would be such a master.

"Grandpa Huo, I originally wanted to wait for your birthday to come with master Zhu, but Im going to leave Chun An in these few days so I come here to greet you. This painting is for your grandpa Huo. I wish that you live a long life." Luo Xuan then took out an ancient painting and gave it to Huo Quou.

Ye Mo praised. He didnt expect Luo Xuan to have such an obedient and sweet side. He never saw it in her. But from her tone, Ye Mo could tell that she knew about Huo Quou through a teacher named Zhu.

Of course, Huo Quou laughed and took the painting: "Not bad, not bad, such an intelligent and pretty girl and youre still so kind. Old Zhu said you wanted to see my collection. Thats fine. Come, Ill take you to the library. After you see the books, then we can have a chat. Hmm, who is this?"

Huo Quou said and looked at Ye Mo. Luo Xuan quickly explained with a blushing face: "Oh, grandpa Huo, this is Mo Ying, my boyfriend. He came with me."

"Your boyfriend, sigh, Huo Que this boy doesnt have good fortune." Huo Quou casually scanned Ye Mo and a sliver of astuteness flashed across his eyes.

Originally, Ye Mo was planning to give a gift but upon seeing this glance, he immediately gave up the thought. This old thing actually had some killing intent in his eyes the first time he saw him.
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