Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 314

Chapter 314: Is Great Heaven Very Strong?

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
This martial brother Liang sneered: "Huo brother, you underestimate him too much. Do you know He Liu sect? its said that the seven people they sent all died in his hands, including the Gong Zizai. Why do you think we can stop him?"

"Hes this strong." Huo Quming gasped some cold air and felt scared. If he attacked Ye Mo just then, perhaps his Huo family would be gone now.

Martial brother Liang sneered bleakly and said: "Martial brother dont worry. Were not a match for him indeed but Ive contacted the He Liu sect people and some other people. Do you think he can get away? He Liu sect was very shocked after their 7 masters died and they sent out large amounts of masters this time. To them, the blood coral is second priority. Getting revenge by killing Ye Mo is their top priority."

Huo Quou nodded: "Okay, Liang brother. you go contact the Dao friends from He Liu sect and Ill go investigate where hes living at. But we need to let that little girl live, Que is very attracted to her. By the way martial brother, do you know that girls background? I asked old Zhu. He said a friend introduced her."

Martial brother Liang shook his head and said: "This girl cultivated ancient martial arts for sure but I cant tell which sect she came from. She probably is a small sect disciple, otherwise, she cant be with someone like Ye Mo."


"Xuan Xuan, wait for me. I finally came back." Huo Que kept rambling behind Ye Mo and Luo Xuan. He really did have a difficult journey coming back. He was prepared to make things happen tonight and prepared tranquilizer pills to tranquilize Luo Xuan when they ate. Then, he would do his business so Luo Xuan would be his woman.

What he didnt expect was that Luo Xuan actually left and didnt even drink tea. What he didnt expect more was that his grandpa didnt stop Luo Xuan and let him stop her. But Luo Xuan didnt even look at him and quickly disappeared with that man.


"Mo Ying, you looked not right. Did something happen?" After they walked out a long distance, Luo Xuan asked.

Ye Mo nodded, "That man who entered the house as well probably recognized me. If Im not wrong, hell be inviting people to kill me tonight."

Ye Mo observed very clearly. Just when he walked out from Huo Quous house, he saw that mans face twitch and his body even shake a little. From this, Ye Mo was certain that he was recognized.

"An ordinary person dares to attack you? Dont worry. If he invites too many people I will help you. Im a black level master now. I can take on tens of him." Luo Xuan immediately comforted. She felt her power sky rocket and so did her confidence.

Ye Mo looked strangely at Luo Xuan and intentionally hesitated for a moment before saying: "Are you sure you can take him on?"

Luo Xuan immediately said: "I think your brain isnt working well from concocting too much pills. Although concocting pills and foreseeing is good but your power is what matters the most. Youre lucky you met me. If you met someone else, you wouldnt be free just because of that powerful pills you had. Perhaps you would be kept in custody to make pills. But to be honest, youre really good. You found the book such quickly amongst all those books. I really admire you.

Ye Mo smiled, "That old man Huo is black level peak stage and that man who came with him is earth level primary stage. If they ask for help, it would all be earth levels. You sure you can take on them?"

"Huh." Luo Xuan looked at Ye Mo in disbelief and hesitated for a while before saying: "You can see what power level they are?"

"Of course. Youre a black level primary stage girl. Its not that I dont believe you. What if you happen not to beat them, I will suffer due to you." Ye Mo said casually.

Luo Xuans face was bulging red and looked at the calm Ye Mo and suddenly stomped Ye Mos feet, "Were you playing with me intentionally just then. You already knew they are earth level masters, then why are you staying here? Hurry up and run."

Her face was red, half due to Ye Mo knowing that she was bluffing and half that she was really worried. If these people were really as strong as Ye mo said, then, even her martial sister would be no match for these people.

Seeing Luo Xuan stomp his feet, Ye Mo didnt mind and couldnt even be bothered to dodge. He said plainly: "Because Im not afraid of them at all. If I was, I wouldnt be coming with you today."

Luo Xuan stared at Ye Mo for a moment before saying: "I feel like you changed a lot today. Last time, you said you needed a few days before you would come with me to the Huo family. Was it because you hadnt broken through yet? Then, you used my qi recovery pills to make those pills and you broke through. Then you would come with me today. The pill I ate in the morning was also the same batch?"

Ye Mo nodded: "Indeed, the reason I came with you was because I broke through. I gave you 3 pills and came with you to repay you for the 8 qi recovery pills." He secretly commended Luo Xuan for remembering exactly what he said a few days ago.

"So thats it." Luo Xuan breathed easy but suddenly, she froze and looked at Ye Mo in shock: "Dont tell me you were telling the truth when you said you were great heaven state? Are you really a great heaven state master?"

"Are great heaven masters very strong?" Ye Mo asked speechlessly.

"Of course, in the small.. no, in my place, the great heaven masters are very rare. Even our sect only has one great heaven master. You tell me if they are strong?" Luo Xuan said very seriously.

Ye Mo really wanted to ask what sect she was in but he didnt eventually. He could only say: "Im not great heaven but Im not too sure exactly what state Im in, but."

Ye Mo wanted to say that he could probably kill great heaven state but he didnt. after all, he hadnt seen one before. He knew the difference between black level and earth level. If the difference between great heaven and earth was greater, then he really wouldnt be sure.

"Can great heaven masters fly?" Ye Mo thought for a long time and couldnt find a way to compare so he could only ask this.

Luo Xuan looked strangely at Ye Mo. After a long time, she said speechlessly: "Are you really an ancient martial arts cultivator? I really suspect that. If you can fly, then wouldnt you be an immortal? Ive never heard of someone who could cultivate to an extent that they can fly. Now, I dont even know what youre saying is true or false."

Luo Xuan really didnt know. If Ye Mo liked to lie to people, the pills he gave were real. And, he could find the Luo Ni sutra. This meant that Ye Mo was no ordinary person. But sometimes, his words didnt sound so reliable.

Ye Mo however, nodded: "f they cant fly then they should be no match for me. If I want to kill them, it shouldnt be too hard."

Luo Xuan rolled her eyes at Ye Mo, "You speak as if you can fly. I wont talk smack with you now. We should go to the school quickly and find the former half of the Ni Luo Sutra. Then Ill take you to my martial sister. Those people shouldnt be able to find us there.

Ye Mo was speechless. He thought to himself: I really could fly though, but he didnt need to tell Luo Xuan that. After all, she and him were not people of the same world. The small world she was in should have some spirit grass. After he was done with the things outside, he would go to the small world and get revenge from Tai Yi while getting some spirit things.

The two got off the taxi at Chun An uni. Luo Xuan suddenly stopped and thought of a key question. Ye Mo saw Luo Xuans strange eyes and asked: "Why are you looking at me?"

"Not right, you said they recognized you. Is you name fake too? And, why were those people hunting after you?" Luo Xuan was very meticulous and because of Ye Mos interruption, she forgot to ask some questions but now she remembered.

Ye Mo said plainly: "Its fine if you know. My original name is Ye Mo. Because I got a blood coral, these people want to catch me and rob the blood coral away."

"You really have blood coral on you?" Luo Xuan heard from her martial sister a few days ago about the blood coral. She was really shocked when Ye Mo mentioned it.

But she immediately understood what pill Ye Mo gave to her. It was pill made from the blood coral. Ye Mo could actually make the blood coral into pills. This meant that he really didnt lie when he said he was a pill master.

Ye Mo saw Luo Xuans expression and knew she guessed it out. He nodded: "You guess right. The pill I gave to you was made from the blood coral."

"It was such a precious pill, no wonder I could keep ascending." Luo Xuan exclaimed and said again: "Ye brother, thank you. You actually gave me such precious pills."

Ye Mo smiled, "Theoretically, without your qi recovery pill, I wouldnt be able to make the chi increasing pill so you dont need to be thankful. Originally, I lost out a little but now, I earn big. I should be thanking you."

Luo Xuan knew Ye Mo was talking about that golden paper. She smiled and didnt feel at all that Ye Mo earned big.
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