Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 315

Chapter 315: Encounter with old friend

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
Although Chun An Uni wasnt the most famous uni in china, it had a long history. There were all sorts of genius and handsome guys and girls there.

Luo Xuan was undoubtedly an angel beauty in the uni however, because of this, she always stayed at the library and rarely went to class much less school activities. So although she was the dream lover of many guys, she would never talk to anyone.

It was hard even for girls to talk to Luo Xuan much less guys. Zi Yun was an exception but it was just her. Although many people wanted to know Luo Xuan through Zi Yun, the results were disappointing.

Although there were many people who continued to search for Luo Xuan everyday and wanted to meet her with their persistence, no one had really seen her go out with anyone. What made everyone disappointed was that not only did she ignore these people who went for her but she even moved out of the school. No one even knew where she lived now.

But today, Luo Xuan actually walked into the uni while laughing with a man. This made all the guys drop their jaws on the ground. Although the guy looked not bad, he wasnt handsome to a heavenly shocking degree. How did he take down the angel of Chun An?

Ye Mo felt strange that so many people looked at him when he walked into the uni. The eyes didnt seem very friendly.

Luo Xuan smiled. She knew what was going on but she didnt need to explain such things to Ye Mo. Although Ye Mo seemed the same age as these students, in her view, his inner character and knowledge were far superior.

She felt she couldnt see through Ye Mo at all. She believed she was quite beautiful, at least she didnt see anyone prettier than her but being with Ye Mo, she didnt feel like she was pretty at all. This was because Ye Mo never looked at her with those admiring eyes nor did he say any flirty words. His eyes were always clean and without any other thoughts.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to ask where the library was, there was a fit a rambling at the school entrance.

"There are people fighting." A few students yelled and everyone rushed over. To these extremely bored students, such events were rather interesting.

Ye Mo didnt want to go but Luo Xuan said: "The one fighting is a martial arts cultivator."

A martial arts cultivator would be fighting at school entrance? Ye Mo also looked over. He knew both the fighters. He didnt expect to meet Xu Ping here. Ye Mo didnt even think and walked towards the school entrance. Luo Xuan also followed Ye Mo.

Wu Zhenjun was smacked to the ground unable to get up. His two followers were also on the ground. The man hitting didnt stop and kept kicking with his leg. Young master Wu cursed. What bad luck he had been having, always getting beaten up.

Ye Mo walked over and stopped the big man, "Xu brother, I thought I would only be able to see you a year later. I didnt expect to see you here. Life is really full of wonders."

Ye Mo really didnt expect to see Xu Ping here. This made him very happy. If it wasnt Xu Pings star jade, his flying sword wouldnt reach its current quality. And, Xu Ping was a very good person, due to his strength last time, Ye Mo didnt tell him the truth and felt guilty. Now that he met Xu Ping, he immediately wanted to catch up with him.

The man stopped kicking and saw it was Ye Mo. He immediately exclaimed in joy: "Mo brother, it really is you. I was searching for your news last time and I heard you were forced down the cliff by those sons of bitches. I really didnt expect to meet you here. This is great!"

"Brother it really is you. Save me. Your friend is so unreasonable.. I was the one who invited you to go chat up girls last time, Wu Zhenjun." Young master Wu saw it was Ye Mo and immediately begged for help in excitement.

Xu Ping looked strangely at Ye Mo and asked: "Mo brother, you know this guy?" In his mind, Ye Mo would never know a young master like Xu Ping.

Ye Mo nodded helplessly: "Yea, Xu brother please let him go on account of me."

XU Ping didnt ask Ye Mo why and just yelled at Wu Zhenjun: "Piss off. Next time I see you acting cocky again, Ill beat you each time." Xu Ping could also tell that Ye Mo wasnt that close to this Wu Zhenjun.

Xu Ping didnt hit very hard. After all, Wu Zhenjun was an ordinary person. Hearing Xu Pings words, Wu Zhenjun immediately crawled up and rubbed his shoulders while walking in front of Ye Mo: "Friend, thanks, you are really amazing. You actually." Speaking to this, Wu Zhenjun looked fearfully at Luo Xuan next to Ye Mo. In his view, Ye Mo was really capably to get in with this girl.

Ye Mo thought, this young master Wu was really a meme. The first person he noticed was actually Luo Xuan. However, he didnt have the intentions of talking too much with this young master. Just when he was about to invite Xu Ping to sit for a while, a police car drove over and stopped by them.

3 people came down. Other than the two Ye Mo saw last time, there was also a middle aged policeman.

"Whats wrong?" that middle aged policeman looked amicably at Wu Zhenjun and then looked seriously at Xu Ping and Ye Mo.

That policewoman Zhang Feng looked more seriously at Ye Mo. Ye Mo gave her too much bad impression. But soon, she saw Luo Xuan and was shocked. Although she didnt ask about the situation, she could tell from the scene that this young master Wu must be harassing pretty girls again and Ye Mo helped this young master Wu. Then, this bulky man acted heroically. They couldnt beat this bulky man so they called the police.

Seeing this middle aged police ask Xu Ping in a criticizing manner, Wu Zhenjun quickly walked up and said: "Captain Wang, let this go. It was a misunderstanding."

Wu ZHenjuns words not only shocked that captain but also Ye Mo. This Wu Zhenjun was willing to let Xu Ping go. This was unexpected. In his eyes, these young masters were usually extremely cocky. They wouldnt let people go like that so easily even though Xu Ping didnt beat him that hard.

The captain looked curiously at Ye Mo and them. But since the victim said never mind, he wouldnt do anything extra.

Ye Mo looked at Wu Zhenjun and smiled: "Not bad, you didnt betray me helping you twice." Although this Wu Zhenjun was a bit of a young master, he wasnt bad. At least he still had some loyalty. The reason he said never mind wasnt because he knew that Ye Mo wasnt afraid of the police but because Ye Mo helped him twice and this Xu Ping was Ye Mos friend.

Ye Mo then looked at Xu Ping, "Xu brother, lets find a place to talk."

"Okay." Xu Ping and Ye Mo and Luo Xuan left but Wu Zhenjun still yelled at the back: "Brother, Ill invite you to food next time. Im called Wu Zhenjun."

This was the third time he told Ye Mo his name and Ye Mo wanted to laugh. This guy was really intriguing.

"This kid isnt that annoying. I saw this guy in front of a restaurant pulling a girl he didnt know to drink. This triggered me and I beat him up. Mo brother how did you know him." Xu Ping asked.

Ye Mo shook his head, "I dont know him but not long ago, he saved my life unintentionally."

Xu Ping dazed and wanted to ask who could hurt Ye Mo in the city but that Zhang Feng policewoman caught up.

"What else do you want?" Ye Mo frowned and asked.

Zhang Feng didnt even look at Ye Mo and just said to Luo Xuan: "That person has done bad things. Its best you dont stay with him. He mustve sweet talked you a lot. Dont believe a word of him. Just think of everything he says as the opposite."

Luo Xuan frowned and wanted to say something but this Zhang Feng came from good will so she eventually smiled: "Thank you for your care. I understand."

Zhang Feng saw Luo Xuan walk off with Ye Mo eventually and couldnt help but to shake her head. She murmured: "Why doesn't such a pretty girl know self love? Why did she have to be with someone who calls hookers.

Xu Ping didnt know the situation but didnt intervene until a long way away: "Mo brother, whats with that female police?"

Ye Mo felt his chin and said: "She caught me calling a hooker and blocked me in my house."

Xu Ping immediately continued: "Such a tiny thing? So what if you call a hooker? Both sides are willing. This woman is really nosy. Uh..."

Xu Ping suddenly realized Luo Xuan who didnt seem happy and immediately knew his words were problematic. He quickly added: "How could Mo brother go call hookers! Sister in law, dont worry too much."

Ye Mo quickly intercepted: "Xu brother, were just neighbours. Theres nothing between us. Dont misunderstand."

Luo Xuan was expressionless and didnt say anything.

The three found a teahouse and then Ye Mo asked: "Xu brother how did you come to Chun An?"

Xu Ping sighed, "I was planning to go back and cultivate but I was afraid the Broken Fist Hall mad dogs would find where I live. So, Ive been living in the city and because I heard about your things, I planned to get revenge for you. But, my power is too low. Recently, I heard there was a blood coral in Liang Pu so I rushed here. I was thinking that if I got the blood coral, perhaps I would be able to reach earth stage. That way, my chances of success would be greater."

"Then how did you come to Chun An?" Ye Mo asked strangely.
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