Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 316

Chapter 316: Sworn as Brothers

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Xu Ping continued: "When I came to Liang Pu, I immediately knew that the blood coral wasnt something I could touch. There were too many martial artists going Liang Pu and I had to accidentally stumble upon something. In the end I was hunted so I came to hide at Chun An. Luckily, those people didnt follow. I was prepared to stay one more day at Chun An and then go to the 100 thousand great mountains but I met you here. Im so happy. You didnt die."

Ye Mo laughed, "Xu brother, the person that got the blood coral is me. These people are going to Liang Pu to rob my blood coral. Sorry Xu brother, I had too many enemies before and I didnt say my real name. Im actually not called Mo Ying. Im Ye Mo."

Xu Ping dazed at Ye Mo for a long time before exclaiming in shock: "Ye Mo brother, you really are good. I didnt think that the blood coral was actually on you. This is such a surprise. Great, great, this is too great."

Xu Ping actually started laughing. His eyes were actually happy. Although he hadnt seen the blood coral, he had heard too many stories of it. To him, such a good thing was better in Ye Mos hands than other peoples hands.

Ye Mo took out a porcelain vase and tipped out two chi increasing pills to Xu Ping and said: "Xu Ping, these are the pills made from the blood coral. Ill give you two. Youre yellow level tertiary stage now. When you go back, find a quiet place and eat a pill. Half a year later, eat another. These two can guarantee you to reach earth level."

Xu Ping held the vase and was dumbfounded. After a long time, he reacted and quickly pushed the bottle back to Ye Mo, "No brother, this is too precious. I cant take it."

Although he pushed it back to Ye Mo, Xu Pings heart was roaring with waves of shock. It could let yellow level reach earth level. This was absurd. If people outside knew, they would slaughter anyone who stood in the way to it. But Xu Ping had this principle: although he desired for this pill, he knew that with his relationship to Ye Mo, this was too precious.

Ye Mo pushed the bottle back and said seriously: "Xu brother, if you look down on me, then dont take it. You were willing to avenge me after hearing about my death. Giving you these two pills is nothing. Even the essence increasing pill to reach great heaven states I can help you get, much less these two chi increasing pills. Plus, if it wasnt for your material, my flying sword wouldnt be able to be completed. If were talking about owing, then its me who owes you."

Luo Xuan looked at the two in shock. A pill to reach earth level and he gave two. She knew the value of this pill because she had one. And these two, one was giving it away and the other didnt want it. What was flying sword? Ye Mo also said that he could make the pill to reach great heaven state. If this got out, the small world would be flipping over.

"Okay, Ye brother, if Im still going to push it away, it would be acting up. If Ye brother you dont mind, well do what they did in the ancient times and swear as brothers." Xu Ping no longer rejected and took the pills. Whether it was real or fake, Ye Mo was someone who could become brothers with in his eyes.

Ye Mo stood up, "Of course, let us be sworn brothers here today."

"I have a big brother called Xiao Changdong. Although Xiao brother isnt here today, let us swear in brotherhood together." Xu Ping also stood up and said.

"Sure, a man whom you can call big brother definitely is a true man." The two used tea as wine and became sworn brothers.

Luo Xuan looked at the side in admiration but she wasnt a man. If she was a man, perhaps she would also rise up the intent to swear in brotherhood with someone like Ye Mo.

"3rd brother."

"2nd brother."

They finished the oath and stood up. They looked at each other and laughed out loud.

"If theres peach tree garden here, then you guys can relive the history of swearing brotherhood in the peach gardens." Luo Xuan smiled.

TL note: , swearing brotherhood in the peach gardens, was a historical event of the three kingdoms era where 3 people swore brotherhood in the peach gardens.

Luo Xuan approved of Ye Mo from the bottom of her heart. Regardless if he could make the essence increasing pill, from how he could casually give Xu Ping the chi increasing pill, it meant that he was no ordinary person. Plus with her knowledge of him, Ye Mo was indeed a mystery but he seemed very generous.

Ye Mo took out a curved sword he made before and gave it to Xu Ping and then gave him 3 lotus life seeds and said: "Second brother, I made this sword for you. Try it out and these pills. No matter how serious your wounds are, as long as you havent died, you can recover from it. Take these."

Xu Ping took the curved sword and tapped it on the corner of the table. The table corner fell off immediately. He looked at the sword in surprise: "Good sword, good sword, I didnt think 3rd brother you can craft weapons as well."

Luo Xuan saw that the sword in Xu Pings hands was this sharp and was also taken back. This sword could be called gods weapons. Yet, Ye Mo gave it away again so easily.

Ye Mo saw Xu Ping take these things and then asked: "2nd brother, what did you hear about? Why were you forced to Chun An."

Xu Ping said hatefully: "Its the He Liu sect people. These bastards are too atrocious. A few days ago, I heard that they were going to Beijing to exterminate the entire Ye family to get revenge. I just walked past. Of course I wont care about such thing."

"What?" Ye Mo stood up abruptly and his eyes were full of killing intent.

Although there wasnt much connection between the Ye family and him, his sister Ye Ling and brother Ye Zifeng were still there. These He Liu sect people wanted to bring his family into this. They didnt want to live.

"3rd brother you? Are you from the Beijing Ye family?" Xu Ping suddenly woke up.

Ye Mos face was bleak like water as he nodded: "Although Im not the Ye family member now, I still have a brother and sister there. If something happens to them, I will pull the He Liu sect from its roots."

"3rd brother, lets stop talking. We should hurry to Beijing. Even if it costs my life, I wont let the He Liu sect bastards succeed." Xu Pings face changed drastically and was full of regret. He actually didnt find out that the Beijing Ye family was his 3rd brothers family.

Ye Mo shook his head, "2nd brother, if they have already done so, its no use going now. If they havent, then I am enough to deal with them. They had a few earth levels masters killed by me so this time, it should be all earth levels going. 2nd brother you wont be able to help me now if you go."

Xu Ping nodded. He wasnt unhappy at all at Ye Mos words. He had seen Ye Mos power. Ye Mo was really strong and killed two black level peak stage masters easily. Now, Ye Mo said that he killed a few earth level masters. This meant that his power surged up drastically. Was he really a great heaven level master?

"2nd brother do you have any place to go? If you dont, you can go to Flowing Snake first. Ive made a company at Flowing Snake called Luo Yue. You should be able to cultivate in peace there." Ye Mo said.

Xu Ping immediately said: "Okay, I will wait for you at Flowing Snake."

Ye Mo nodded, "I made the company to collect all the spirit things in the world and make pills with them. 2nd brother dont worry, I will make you reach great heaven for sure."

Then, Ye Mo turned and said to Luo Xuan: "Sorry, Luo Xuan, Im going back to Beijing immediately. If possible, I will come back to help you find the book tonight. If not, then you can only go look for it by yourself. Ill give you your book back first." Ye Mo took out that Ni Luo Sutra and gave it to Luan Xuan.

Luo Xuan took the book. She didnt know where Ye Mo put the book but still nodded and said: "Mhm, I know. Its fine even if you dont help me. I know what book Im looking for now. perhaps I would be able to find it in half a day. If I find it, I will save that thing for you. If Im not at home today, then go to Ying Hua temple 30 miles east of here, I will wait for you there."

Ye Mo and Xu Ping didnt hide anything from her during their conversation. And perhaps influenced by them, she didnt think much and told them where she would be.

After the 3 split, Xu Ping went towards Flowing Snake, and Luo Xuan went towards the library. Ye Mo found an empty place and stood on his flying sword and sped like lightning towards Beijing.


Beijing Ye family. Although due to Ye Mos rampage, it no longer had that temperament before. People didnt even see the young masters of the Ye family being cocky on the streets but the people who knew the inside information wouldnt think so.

Only people who had power in Beijing would know that despite the Ye family losing their previous temperament, it actually became a lot stronger than before instead.

No family would have the courage to give the family leader position to a youth in his 20s but the Ye family did. The current leader of the Ye family, Ye Zifeng was only 23 and this was the only case.

People who knew didnt laugh at Ye family at all because Ye Beirongs move was magnificent. Ever since Ye Zifeng took over the family leader, the Li family and Qiao family rushed to show their good intentions. And this new election, the support for the Ye family increased drastically. This wasnt it. Even Han Zaixin went to the Ye family to visit Ye Beirong many times.

This was all because people knew that Ye Zifeng had a brother called Ye Mo and he was incredibly strong.

But today, the Ye family mansion seemed serious and silent. Not only was it surrounded by Anti Violence police but there was the smell of blood coming from inside.

At this moment, the Ye family mansion had been locked down and people werent allowed near.
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