Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 320

Chapter 320: I am Ye Mo

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
Although other people didnt see how Tan Jiao came, Ye Mo saw very clearly. He glided in from outside. This martial art was a bit like the wind control Ye Mo used but it was inferior to wind control.

Ye Mo sneered. He wanted to ask where this old fart lived before but now he sent himself here instead.

Before Ye Mo could talk, another man suddenly entered. He wore grey robes and seemed in his 50s.

The grey robed man stopped Tan Jiao: "Old Tan, the incident is between the He Liu sect and Ye Mo. Dont harm his family. I know Gong Zizai is your friend but even if you want revenge, it should be at Ye Mo. It has nothing to do with other people."

"Qingfeng brother, are you going to stop me as well?" Tan Jiao frowned.

The grey robed man sighed: "Im not stopping you. Its for your good. Ye Mo is only in his 20s and he can kill 7 of the He Liu sect people including Gong Zizai. People say dont insult a young persons poverty. How do you know if he cant reach great heaven later. Hes also the head instructor of the Flying Snow. Strictly saying, were on the same line. Why are you doing things so cruelly? The Ye family is in trouble now. Its very easy for us to help the Ye family. I think if Ye Mo knew, he would also appreciate it. Even if we dont help, we cant go help others kill his brother and sister."

Tan Jiao sneered: "Too bad, he doesnt have any chance now because Im going to kill him immediately."

The grey robed man just realized that Tan Jiao looked at Ye Mo full of killing intent. He immediately understood the person in front of him was Ye Mo and Ye Mo had come back.

"You are Ye Mo?" the grey robed man asked Ye Mo with some surprise. Ye Mo was quite famous and it was his first time seeing this young man.

Ye Mo smiled, "Indeed, Im Ye Mo."

The grey robed man had some pity in his eyes. He realized he couldnt even see how strong Ye Mo was and Ye Mo was calm and confident. If Tan Jiao didnt reach great heaven state, he could still stop him, but now, he wasnt even a match for Tan Jiao. How could he stop him?

"You killed the He Liu sect people. I cant help you but Ill try to persuade old Tan to let go of your brother and sister. Sigh." Luo Qingfeng thought why did you come back? If you didnt, I could still say something and blame everything on you but since you came back, I really cant say anything.

Ye Mo smiled to Luan Qingfeng, "No matter what, I still need to thank qian bei for your good will. But this old thing."

Ye Mo pointed at Tan Jiao and swore: "Old thing, I didnt do anything to you. What right do you have to touch my brother and my sister? Is it just because you are stronger than other people? Shameless thing."

"Its over." Han Zaixin sighed. Young people really didnt know when to back down. Since elder Feng came to speak for you, if you spoke some soft words, perhaps elder Tan would really let you go. But old thing and shameless, when this came out, Han Zaixin immediately knew it was over.

Luan Qingfeng opened his mouth and wanted to say something but couldnt. he finally witnessed the arrogance of Ye Mo that Tan Jiao was talking about. He actually pointed at a great heaven master and called him old thing. Even if you want to die, you dont have to do it this way. Even if the president came, Tan Jiao would still kill Ye Mo.

"Little bastard, youre asking to die." Tan Jiaos face was green. He didnt even think and slapped towards Ye Mo.

He was clearly a few meters away from Ye Mo but when he raised his hand, that hand already reached in front of Ye Mo. Even if Luan Qingfeng wanted to stop him, he couldnt. And, Ye Mo cursed

Tan Jiao so he couldnt. Young people had too much temper. It was reasonable to teach him a lesson.

Thud. Ye Mo didnt even move and raised his hand at almost the same time as Tan Jiao. He even took a step forward. Fist and palm clashed and there was the sound akin to a tire explosion.

Stud stud stud.

Tan Jiao retreated many meters out and finally stopped at the door. He then looked at his burning palm that felt like it was going to break and gazed at Ye Mo in astonishment. With his great heaven level power, that palm was blocked by Ye Mo and he even was on the lower hand. Was Ye Mo also great heaven? If Ye Mo was great heaven and he offended such a young great heaven, Tan Jiaos heart shook. He even felt an absurd terror.

But he soon calmed down. He wasnt fully prepared in that attack and didnt even go all out. It was acceptable to be a little on the down hand. But this was still very shocking. It could be seen that Ye Mos power wouldnt be lower than Qingfeng, perhaps even stronger than him. He really couldnt believe that Ye Mo was great heaven already.

Not only was Tan Jiao shocked but Luan Qingfeng also opened his mouth wide in disbelief. Tan Jiao was great heaven but Ye Mo beat him to retreat. How was this possible? He definitely wouldnt believe that Ye Mo was great heaven at this gae.

Although Han Zaixin was weak, he could still tell who had the upper hand in that clash. He immediately rejoiced. This Ye Mo was far out of his expectations.

Ye Mo was also shocked. He didnt think his chi was that much stronger than Tan Jiao. Although it was a little stronger, there wasnt the difference showed in the clash just then. Just then, Tan Jiao rushed his attack while he used his geological advantage. Although he wasnt too clear on Tan Jiaos power level but with this clash, he knew that Tan Jiao was great heaven level power. He didnt expect this old thing had broken through to great heaven.

But Ye Mo didnt care. Although Tan Jiao was great heaven, his inner qi was inferior to his cultivation essence. When he consolidated his state, Tan Jiaos inner qi was nothing to him. Plus, even in his current situation, it was very simple to kill Tan Jiao.

This was the difference between truth/ spirit cultivators and martial artists. The later it got, the greater the difference.

"I didnt think youve already reached half step great heaven. I underestimated you. But even so, you cant do anything in front of me." Tan Jiao said and wiped his waist. A meter long whip appeared in his hands.

Ye Mo had seen many whip masters but it was the first time seeing such a short whip.

Ye Mo sneered and looked at Tan Jiao: "In my eyes, killing you is as easy as killing a chicken. Why do you look so highly of yourself."

Ye Mo also shook his head. On earth, people think they are good just because they reached great heaven state. If this was in the cultivation world, a great heaven master, a simple magic would kill tons of them.

Looking at the sky in the well, this was the perfect definition of the earth great heaven masters.

"Ye Mo, you are actually a half step great heaven master?" Han Zaixin asked shakily. In his heart, Ye Mo was so much important that Tan Jiao. If Ye Mo could cultivate to an extent that he could match against the entire hidden sect, then he wouldnt need to be so respectful to the hidden sect people. He didnt believe Ye Mo was a part of the hidden sect nor the disciple of a hidden sect master.

Although Tan Jiao and Luan Qingfeng were still relatively polite to him, he knew that in their heart, the hidden sect was equally important. If the government was going to annihilate the hidden sects, perhaps they would betray. Luan Qingfeng was better. He would look at the bigger picture and even value the countrys benefits more than the hidden sects. But Tan Jiao was different. In his eyes, they were equally important. Sometimes when he dealt with things, he used a society method rather than a legal method.

Luan Qingfeng also looked at Ye Mo with excitement. If Ye Mo was really half way great heaven, then he would be really happy. He was different to Tan Jiao. In his heart, the country was so much more important than the hidden sects.

"Hmph, so what even if youre great heaven. As long I I hold you here, the He Liu sect people can still annihilate your family." Tan Jiao sneered. Obviously, he was very unhappy that he was knocked back by that clash.

Luan Qingfeng suddenly intervened: "Old Tan, Ye Mo is at the same height with us now. We cant let the He Liu sect people touch his family."

Tan Jiao felt very uncomfortable but he was interrupted by Ye Mo, "He Liu sect? I just killed four earth levels. After the Beijing incident is over, the He Liu sect will disappear from the history. There will no longer be the He Liu sect these three words."

"You killed He Liu sect people again?" Tan Jiaos eyes went fierce and took a few steps forward and was about to fight again.

"Old Tan, hold up. Even if you fight you cant fight here. It would do cause too much notice and it revokes the meaning of our hidden sect." Luan Qingfeng quickly stopped the angry Tan Jiao. His heart erupted in waves. If what Ye Mo said was real, he just easily killed four earth level fighters, this meant that he was no match for Ye Mo. If Ye Mo was only half way great heaven, it would be very hard for him to do this. The only possibility was that Ye Mo was also great heaven.

Two great heaven grandmasters fighting in the busy city, how terrifying would that be?

"Okay, you have balls. Come to Tuo Mountain. I will wait for you there." Tan Jiao said and left. He quickly disappeared from the Ye family mansion. He knew that it would cause too much attention if they fought in the Ye family place.

Ye Mo sneered. He knew Tuo Mountain. It was 30 kms from Beijing and was a rocky place. There were graves everywhere, and rarely anyone went. He took out a lotus life pill and gave it to Ye Ling: "Ye Ling, give this to Zifeng to eat. I will be back soon."

Then, Ye Mo just walked a few steps and he was already out of the Ye family mansion. Then, Ye Ling reacted and quickly called out: "Brother, be careful."

Luan Qingfeng saw Tan Jiao and Ye Mo leave. He didnt even think and followed out. Ye Mo was so young and had such power. He couldnt let anything happen to Ye Mo.

Han Zaixin eyes flashed across surprise and joy and immediately said: "Zhang Jue, drive the car. Well also go over."

When Ye Beirong caught up to reality, there was only him and Ye Ling left in the Ye family meeting room.
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