Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 321

Chapter 321: Who is the insect

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
Just when Zhang Jue and Han Zaixin walked rapidly out of the Ye family mansion, they saw Ye Mo standing at the door waiting for them.

"Ye brother, you didnt go? Are you going to drive there with us or?" Zhang Jue saw Ye Mo and asked curiously. From the bottom of his heart, he didnt want Ye Mo to fight Tan Jiao because Tan Jiao was already great heaven. That was a legendary state. No matter how strong Ye Mo was, he couldnt have reached that state at this age.

But he couldnt say such words. As a martial artist, if you are challenged and you dont dare to face up to it, it would be very hard for the martial artist to progress. And, he knew Ye Mos character as well.

Ye Mo smiled, "Zhang brother, I want to help you with your wounds. I was desperate to kill that old thing before and I forgot."

Then, Ye Mo grabbed Zhang Jues wrist and with his chi, in less than 10 minutes, all the wounds in Zhang Jues body disappeared.

"Treating wounds with inner qi, really? Ye Mo, what level are you at?" Zhang Jue looked at Ye Mo in surprise. Han Zaixin on the side also heard Zhang Jues word and looked at Ye Mo in bewilderment. Its said that the great heaven could use their qi to recover wounds. Was Ye Mo really great heaven?

"I dont know what my current power is now but well talk about this after I kill Tan Jiao that old fart. Elder Han and Zhang Jue, thanks a lot this time." Ye Mo really didnt know what his power level was equivalent to but he was really grateful for Zhang Jues help. Although Zhang Jues power level was too low and didnt do much, the fact he stood up for him made Ye Mo approve of him.

Zhang Jue smiled embarrassingly and said: "I actually didnt do much. Elder Tan is too strong. Sigh.." he thought about the decades of cultivation he has had. Compared to Tan Jiao it was like a joke. He also felt quite disappointed.

Ye Mo smiled plainly: "Theres nothing great about that little power of his. Believe yourself. You can soon surpass him. Wait for me to come back. Im going first."


Ye Mo left Zhang Jue and Han Zaixin and immediately stood on the flying sword. A few minutes later, he was already on top of Tuo mountain.

More than ten minutes later, Tan Jiao appeared on the Tuo mountain. He turned back and looked, it was empty. He then sneered, "I purposely went a little slow but I still dont see a shadow of him. I overestimated you."

But before he finished, his voice suddenly stopped as though a chicken getting its neck choked. This was because he saw Ye Mo standing on top of Tuo mountain staring coldly at him. It was obvious that he had been here a long time.

"You." Tan Jiao was dumbfounded looking at Ye Mo. His previous exploding confidence wavered and his back felt a little cold. After he reached great heaven, his heart was exploding with confidence and felt like he stood at the pinnacle of the world. This made him unable to accept being challenged by a xiao bei. So, he was very angry at Ye Mo.

But now, he didnt even know when Ye Mo came. He took the shortest route but didnt even see Ye Mo go passing him. Even if Ye Mo took the car, it would be the same speed as him. And, it wasnt easy going up here with a car.

"When did you come?" Tan Jiao asked powerlessly. His voice was dry. He was suddenly thinking, did he do things right.

Ye Mo sneered: "You talk a lot of rubbish. Hurry up and fight."

Tan Jiao dumped that question aside and took out his whip again, "Even if youre faster than me, so what. Today, Ill show you what a true martial artist is."

Then, Tan Jiaos whip carried wave like patterns and covered the skies grinding towards Ye Mo.

Ye Mo looked at Tan Jiaos whip and applauded. Although Tan Jiao was an enemy of him, this old guys whip technique was really good. Before Tan Jiao, the strongest whip master he had seen was Xian Daoist, but compared to Tan Jiao, that was childs play.

After Tan Jiaos whip came out, it turned into lines of waves and appeared ethereal. There wasnt even the sound of it gashing through the air but the infiltrating killing intent rolled over like a wave.

Ye Mo sighed. If he was still stage 3 now, even at the peak, he would have to run as far as he could from this Tan Jiao. The difference between great heaven and earth level was too great. The difference was greater than earth and black level.

Ye Mo was sure that if his stage 4 wasnt much stronger than his previous stage four, he really wouldnt be able to do anything to this Tan Jiao, even if he had a flying sword.

But now, in Ye Mos eyes, Tan Jiao was at most a little troublesome.

A purple ray flashed and Tan Jiaos whip was blocked by Ye Mos flying sword. The clash of the weapons made a screeching sound. The whip that was already in a ripple like state formed solid again.

Dang, the whip was slashed away by the flying sword and Tan Jiao also took a few steps back. Tan Jiao was shocked by lightning in his heart. People could only dodge his shadowless whip. No one knew where his whip would strike nor where it was. But Ye Mo not only could know but also struck his whip away. Even his hand was hurting from the shock.

Tan Jiao looked at his whip and dazed. He soon found something that was even more unbelievable. His whip was full of chips.

His whip was actually damaged. His whip was made from a rare ore, which even he didnt know what was, with the tendon of a dragon snake in the deep sea. Its said that dragon snake would turn into a real dragon in some more years. Although this was a legend, but it was indeed a dragon snake tendon.

So, he loved this whip like his life. But in that one bout, his whip was full of scars. Although they werent deep, it was enough to hurt his heart.

Then, Tan Jiao realized a terrifying fact. Just then, Ye Mo didnt seem to grab his sword with his hand? Could he really control his sword? This was something amongst the legends. Could Ye Mo do that as well?

But soon, the hatred of his damaged whip stopped him from thinking again. He looked at Ye Mo with insatiable rage. How dare he damage his whip.

Ye Mo looked expressionlessly at Tan Jiao but his mind was focused on Tan Jiaos whip. He was sure that whip was made from the best materials. He used his chi essence and his flying sword but he couldnt even break the whip. He only made a few shallow marks on it.

Ye Mo sneered and sent out his flying sword again. Its speed was more than twice as fast as it was during stage 3.

Tan Jiao just saw a slab of purple and that purple dashed towards his throat. Tan Jiao suddenly fell into an ice cave and woke up. It was a flying sword. It really was a flying sword! Ye Mo could control sword telepathically to kill people. He was actually at such a state.

Ye Mo didnt even dare to think anymore. His whip quickly whipped out and clashed with Ye Mos flying sword. He was sent back again and again by the sheer force of the flying sword.

But Ye Mos flying sword was like it was alive and sliced towards Tan Jiaos neck at an absurd angle. Ye Mo was going to behead Tan Jiao.

Under such shock, Tan Jiao no longer dared to be beaten around passively. If this continued, he was going to lose his head sooner or later. He jumped up from the spot and didnt even care about the flying sword. He just whipped down on Ye Mos head. He wanted to use a kamikaze on Ye Mo.

Ye Mo sneered and in a spurring shadow, he flew up and disappeared tens of meters out. His flying sword carried a bloody mist and it spun around before appearing on top of Ye Mos head.

Rumble, Tan Jiaos whip smashed into the ground where Ye Mo stood before. A mere meter long whip actually smashed out a 10 meter wide and 3 meter deep ravine. But Tan Jiaos stomach had a deep gash slashed out by Ye Mos flying sword. If he didnt jump a little higher before, Ye Mos sword wouldve cut open his stomach.

You like acting cocky huh? Ye Mo sneered again and the flying sword above his head seemed to be getting bigger. At the same time, it tore apart the air breaking the speed of sound and smashed towards Tan Jiao.

Tan Jiao saw this big purple mass smash towards him and his heart immediately sunk to the bottom. He just realized that Ye Mo wasnt even fighting with full power before. This Ye Mo was too terrifying. He was not only not a match for him but far inferior to him.

But no matter what Tan Jiao thought, Ye Mos flying sword slashed down like a huge door. Tan Jiao gathered all his qi and smashed his whip towards that purple mass.



Tan Jiaos whip was sliced apart and his body was smashed out more than 40 meter again by the huge explosion and flying rocks. Where he stood before was a 13 meter deep ravine decimated by Ye Mos flying sword.

Tan Jiao fell down far away and smashed onto rubbles constantly spitting blood. If his whip didnt block Ye Mos sword, he wouldve been a dead body now.

Ye Mo waved and the flying sword landed in his hand. He looked coldly at Tan Jiao and walked over slowly. He knew that also great heaven master was not bad but was no match for him right now. But, he also knew that this Tan Jiao wasnt someone strong amongst great heaven masters. Perhaps he just reached great heaven.

Seeing Ye Mo walk over slowly. Tan Jiaos heart was like dead ashes. He didnt think that his great heaven power was no match for Ye Mo. Although he hadnt consolidated his state yet, he had great confidence reaching such power level. In his eyes, other people were insects but now, he realized who the insect was.
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