Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 322

Chapter 322: Beg for mercy

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
He thought he could kill Ye Mo easily but he didnt. Tan Jiao still couldnt believe that he had lost and so utterly. He still felt that Ye Mo didnt fight at full power. What power state was Ye Mo at? He could control the sword with his will?

Tan Jiao stared at the sword in Ye Mos hand. For the first time, he felt regret. He didnt expect to be killed immediately as soon as he reached the peak of the world and by someone so young. He remembered Luan Qingfengs words, "Dont insult a young mans poverty". Ye Mo didnt need to be insulted, he had already surpassed him. If he had some more time, probably even the inner hidden sect people would be no match for him.

"Please have mercy." A grey figure quickly stopped in front of Tan Jiao. It was Luan Qingfong. Although he stopped Ye Mo, his heart was ruptured with astonishment. He didnt expect that Tan Jiao was actually no match for Ye Mo. They even settled the score so quickly and he didnt even see the fight. Funny how he had thought about how to let old Tan let Ye Mo go. Now, it wasnt if old Tan would let Ye Mo go but if Ye Mo would let old Tan go.

Ye Mo sneered: "Luan qian bei, do you think I will let him go? He dares to kill my brother and sister, and I will have mercy on him? Tan bastard, youre lucky that Im only killing you today. If I came back a little late and you touched Ye Ling and Zifeng, wherever you come from, I will erase that place to the ground."

Tan Jiao shook. He knew that Ye Mo wasnt lying. He really had such power. If he died, that was it. But if Ye Mo also annihilated his home sect, then he would be the sinner of his sect.

"Ye Mo, on account of me and old Han, please let old Tan go. These years, old Tan did quite some things for the country." Luan Qingfeng knew that he must not let Ye Mo kill Tan Jiao. If Ye Mo did, then the conflict between the hidden sects and the country would erupt. After all, old Tan was killed in the Heaven Squad and the person was the instructor of the Flying Snow.

Plus, Tan Jiao reached great heaven state. This was significant for both the country and the hidden sects. If a great heaven master was killed like this, it would be such a loss.

Tan Jiao didnt speak. He was full of regret. He was a good friend of Gong Zizai. Years ago, Song Yuanyi gave him a strange ore that allowed him to make his whip. Thus, he owed Song Yuanyu. Plus, he reached great heaven and he was arrogant so he thought anyone who wasnt great heaven wasnt worth anything.

But today, he finally realized that even reaching great heaven, he was only so so. He was still someone whom Ye Mo could kill at anytime. His extreme arrogance of reaching great heaven disappeared without a trace and his thinking became logical again. At least he could realise that if the He Liu sect people didnt try to rob the blood coral from Ye Mo, how could they be killed by Ye Mo?

It was all because he thought of Ye Mo as an insect before and an insect was not worth of it for him to consider right or wrong.

Ye Mo shook his head, "Sorry, Luan qian bei. Please move aside. I must kill this person."

Luan Qingfeng suddenly took a step forward: "If youre going to kill old Tan then please kill me as well. If you let old Tan go this time, I, Luan Qingfeng, swear to the heavens that as long as Im in Beijing one day, I will make sure the Ye family is safe."

Ye Mo was moved. He couldnt always stay at Beijing. Although he could annihilate the He Liu sect, there were many people in the hidden sects. Who knows if some would hate him. If during the time he wasnt at Beijing, something happened to Ye Ling and Zifeng, then he wouldnt even be able to regret. Plus, even if he could get revenge in the end, would the lost come back?

But he really didnt want to let Tan Jiao go like that. Although he knew that his sword chi had entered Tan Jiaos dan tian making him unable to progress in the future at all. But even if he stayed where he was, he was still a great heaven level master. He was worried letting such a person stay in Beijing.

Tan Jiao really didnt want to die like that. He just reached great heaven and didnt even have time to experience the joy and changes in great heaven and he was going to die here.

Now that Luan Qingfeng said something and Ye Mo seemed hesitant, he immediately had some hope.

"Old Tan, its just a misunderstanding between you and Ye Mo. You should apologize." Luan Qingfeng saw Ye Mos concerns. He knew that Ye Mo offended too many people and if he was outside, he would worry about his family members.

Tan Jiao thought what ever, this was his only chance, he could no longer care about his face and immediately said: "I Tan Jiao swear that if I still live on today, I will not let the hidden sects people do as they please in Beijing. I will also support Qingfengs idea. If I revoke this oath, let the heavens and earth perish me."

Ye Mo sneered. This old thing still wanted his face making an oath. He didnt say protect the Ye family but instead said protect Beijing and support Qingfeng.

But Ye Mo didnt point this out because he did some concerns indeed. It was simple for him to kill Tan Jiao now but if he did, Luan Qingfeng would feel uncomfortable. If someone came to ravage the Ye family, he wouldnt do anything. Although Zhang Jue was not bad, he was still far inferior compared to the hidden sect masters.

And, he couldnt stay by Ye Ling and Zifeng all the time. Was he meant to send his brother and sister to the hidden sects as well? This wasnt realistic. Even if it was, since the hidden sect people could find them in Beijing, they could find Serenity as well. If he satisfied himself in the short term killing Tan Jiao, it wasnt worth it.

Thinking about Serenity, Ye Mo immediately thought about Tang Beiwei. He should go see her soon.

"Ye Mo, please believe old Tan and me. Im sure that when youre not in Beijing, as long as I and old Tan are here, the Ye family would be perfectly fine. There definitely wouldnt be such thing happening again. Old Tan was just too impulsive after hearing his old friend being killed as soon as he left solitary training." Luan Qingfeng quickly supplemented.

Ye Mo looked coldly at Tan Jiao, "Okay, since Qingfeng qian bei said this, Ill stop here. But if something happens to my brother and sister again, then dont blame me."

Although it was satisfying killing Tan Jiao now, Ye Mo couldnt establish this satisfaction on the safety of his siblings. With two such masters sitting in Beijing, it was much better than him thinking about them all the time. And, Tan Jiao was infused with his sword chi. He wouldnt help him resolve it. Tan Jiaos power would only decrease not increase.

Then, Ye Mo took a step out and disappeared without a trace. Of course, he did this purposefully to make Luan Qingfeng and Tan Jiao not dare to go back on their words. It was just a invisibility magic and he stood on his flying sword and left.

Luan Qingfeng and Tan Jiao looked at where Ye Mo disappeared and opened their mouths wide open in shock. They couldnt say a word for a very long time.

"Did he surpass great heaven? Ive never heard ancient martial arts have such means. This is too." Luan Qingfeng stuttered to find a word to describe Ye Mos actions.

Tan Jiao also looked dumbly at where Ye Mo left. He finally understood that Ye Mo didnt fight with him at full power at all. With the way Ye Mo left, he was more certain that Ye Mo had surpassed great heaven. Was he the being amongst the legends?

"Old Tan, lets talk when we go back. This Ye Mo isnt simple." Luan Qingfeng sighed.

"Elder Tan, Elder Feng, are you here? Hasn't Ye Mo come yet?" Although Han Zaixins status was very high, he still needed to be polite in front of Tan Jiao and Luan Qingfeng. He and Zhang Jue just arrived.

Luan Qingfeng smiled bitterly and said: "Ye Mo has come and gone."

Han Zaixin saw the two deep ravines on the ground and guessed that the two had already fought. He subconsciously said: "Ye Mo helped Zhang Jue treat his wounds and was put behind ten minutes. I thought he wasnt here yet? I didnt expect him to have left already."

"What? You said Ye Mo used ten minutes to treat Zhang Jue before he came?" Tan Jiao asked in surprise.

Han Zaixin nodded," Yes, he came after treating Zhang Jue. However, I didnt think we wouldnt make it since we drove immediately. Luckily nothing happened otherwise the loss would be big."

Tan Jiao was in even more disbelief. Ye Mo started off ten minutes later than him and still arrived before him. What did this mean? No matter power or speed, they werent on the same level.

"Brother, youre back." Ye Ling walked into the yard and saw Ye Mo come in. She immediately ran over and let out a long sigh of relief. She heard her grandpa say that the person who was fighting Ye Mo was quite possible the legendary Heaven Squad. So, she was very worried and when she saw Ye Mo come back now, she finally felt relieved.

Ye Mo patted her head and said: "lets go see Zifeng."

Ye Zifeng ate the pill Ye Ling gave and was obviously recovering fast. He was very happy to see Ye Mo. He heard a lot about Ye Mo from Ye Ling.

Ye Mo helped check Zifengs leg again. With the lotus life pill, there shouldnt be any problems. But because Ye Zifeng wasnt a qi cultivator, he needed a week to recover.
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