Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 323

Chapter 323: Re-encounter with Nie Shuangshuang

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
"Big brother, I wasnt able to help you much at Ning Hai. Thank you this time." Ye Zifeng had always been nice to Ye Mo and he knew that the only reason Ye Mo was willing to come back and help the Ye family this time was due to him and Ye Ling. He wasnt an idiot. He could also tell the reason grandpa let him be the family leader, but he didnt reject it. It was because he really did want to lead the Ye family to glory bringing them to a new level.

Ye Mo waved his hand, "Were brothers. No need to say that. Plus, when I was studying at Ning Hai, you helped me a lot. Especially when I left, you told Wang Ying to give me that 20k. I had no money on me at all at the time, that 20k helped me a lot. And, in the future, I wont be coming back to Beijing a lot. If theres anything, you can ask Zhang Jue for help."

Ye Mo really felt emotional. When he first woke up, he didnt even have the money to eat food. If it wasnt Wang Ying who brought him 20k, it would be really hard for him.

Without that money, he wouldnt be able to reach stage 1 chi gathering. Without reaching stage one, he wouldnt be able to sell charms and without that, he would have no source of income. So, it could be said that Ye Zifengs 20k gave Ye Mo the basis to survive in this world.

Ye Ling heard this and her eyes went red. She thought of all ways to protect Ye Mo and in order not to let people know, she even intentionally hated him and kept trying to start up trouble with Ye Mo and Ye Zifeng. Her little money was all tricked by her opponents. If Ye Mo didnt come back to Beijing in time, she wouldnt dare to think what state she would be in. Now, reflecting on how Ye Mo lived at Ning Hai by himself without food to eat, she felt really bad. She really was too nave before.

Ye Mo saw Ye Lings face and could tell what she was thinking about. He immediately held her hand and said: "Ling, you dont need to blame yourself. Your intention was good. You were used by people only because you had no social experience. From now on, think before you do and listen to Zifeng."

"Mhm.." at this moment, being with her brothers, Ye Ling experienced a long lost feeling. It was the feeling of family. With family members, there was family.

Ye Zifeng dazed and said: "Big brother, I told Wang Ying to give you money many times but at that time, I didnt have much myself. At most, I sent out 1 or 2k. I never brought you 20k."

Ye Mo was also surprised. Zifeng didnt give this to him but who else would be kind enough to give him money other than his siblings?

"Brother, could it be that Wang Ying liked you and gave it to you herself?" Ye Ling suddenly said.

Ye Mo smiled and patted Ye Lings head, "Dont be so nosy. It would be strange if Wang Ying would like me." He thought of that care free Wang Ying. She could say anything in front of him. If she really liked him, she wouldnt say that Zifeng gave him the 20k but say it was her.

"Ill ask her when I go back then. Zifeng, get some more rest! I will leave tonight. It might be a while before I come back. As for Ling, I will refine your necklace and bracelet later."

Ye Mo saw the dim necklace on Ye Lings neck. Although it could defend, it cant block half an attack from an earth level master.

As soon as Ye Mo said that, the Ye family mansion suddenly seemed busy. People kept coming to greet and visit. Ye Mo didnt know who these people were, but he guessed that they were probably the power circle of Beijing. These peoples ears were really good. He just taught He Liu sect and Tan Jiao a lesson and these people got the news.

"Zhang Jue is here. Ye Ling, open the door for him." Ye Mos spirit sense had scanned Zhang Jue outside.

Ye Ling opened the door and indeed saw Zhang Jue outside.

Ye Mo, are you really great heaven? Even elder Tan was no match for you. Youre really." Zhang Jue looked at Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng who looked at him in shock. He stopped embarrassingly and scratched his head.

Ye Mo smiled: "Great heaven? I really dont know myself but it doesnt matter. Zhang Jue, when Im not in Beijing, I might have to trouble you to take care of Ye Ling and Zifeng."

Zhang Jue immediately patted his chest and said: "Dont worry. As long as Im here, I wont let anyone bully Ye Ling and Zifeng."

Ye Mo nodded and gave a chi increasing pill to Zhang Jue and said: "This pill can at least let you reach black level tertiary stage from your black level primary stage. If you eat this at black level tertiary stage, it can make you reach earth level."

Zhang Jue grabbed the pill as though it was some great treasure. He looked at it and exclaimed: "Its that powerful? Is it the spirit pill of the legends?"

Now, he knew that Ye Mo might really be a great heaven master and wouldnt doubt at all the things Ye Mo gave him. Spirit pill? Ye Mo almost laughed. Chi increasing pill was possibly the lowest grade pill of the entire cultivation realm but someone called it spirit pill. If this got out, people would laugh out their teeth.

Zhang Jue looked at the phone in his belt and said: Im going back. Ill come drink with you later."

Ye Mo waved his hand and said: "Im going to leave Beijing soon. Greet elder Han for me. Tell him that I will help him find the thing. By the way, how is the woman Han Yan brought back last time?"

Ye Mo was asking about Wen Dong.

Zhang Jue quickly said: "Shes fine. She recovered very quickly as well. That snow lotus seed was really a good thing but your means are quite impressive. After she got well, she left with the Feng Tian who came to see her. I dont know where they went exactly but Han Yan knew and she sent them two away."

Hearing that she was fine, Ye Mo felt relieved. Ye Mo didnt really care where she went. He decided to save her life because she was loyal. Even though she was about to be interrogated to death, she didnt want to spill his information.

Ye Ling wanted to ask about Ning Qingxue but Zhang Jue was here and it was not convenient to ask. Now that Zhang Jue had left, she immediately asked: "Brother, how is Qingxue now? Have you visited her yet?"

Ye Mo didnt want to mention Qingxue but now that Ye Ling asked, he felt a little gloomy. Yea, how was she now?

"Whats wrong Brother? Did something happen between you and Qingxue sister?" Ye Ling didnt know that Ning Qingxue had lost her memory.

Ye Mo shook his head and said: "Nothing. After things here are over, I will go see her."

Ye Ling could tell that Ye Mo was hiding something but since her brother said that, she couldnt really ask anymore: "Mhm, can I go see her?"

Ye Mo immediately waved his hand: "No need. Dont leave Beijing during this time. Wait till I come back." At this time, it was safest for her to stay in Beijing.

After helping Ye Ling and Zifeng repair their protection artefacts, Ye Mo left the mansion. Although he was well known amongst the hierarchy of Beijing, he really didnt know Beijing very well. He just asked Ye Ling and now know that Wang Ling worked at her familys company. Other than coming to thank her, he also needed to ask who gave him the 20k.

When Ye Mo got to the road, he found that there was a bar on the busy road. The bar was called Drunk Eye bar. The reason he noticed this bar was because he felt this bar was familiar. He seemed to have come here before.

Ye Mo quickly remembered that he had been to this bar indeed. When he first came to Beijing, Nie Shuangshuang invited him to this bar. And, Nie Shuangshuang killed two people at this bar. Ye Mo stopped her when she was taking off her clothes and forced her to swear that she wouldnt have any ill will towards Ye Ling.

However, when Nie Shuangshuang left the sentence she said "Im still a virgin", Ye Mo still didnt understand what it meant now. He didnt know why Nie Shuangshuang said that before she left but he felt that Nie Shuangshuang was very eerie. It was just like Nie Wubian he killed and that red robed woman in Chun An. They all had common characteristics, eerie, bleak and cruel.

Ye Mo shook his head but that Nie Shuangshuang kept her promise and didnt do anything to Ye Ling. After he walked past Drunk Eye bar, he scanned his spirit sense in casually and was surprised to find that Nie Shuangshuang was actually sitting inside the bar.

She sat in the exact same position as when they met up. It seemed like she had been sitting there for a long time.

What was this woman doing here? He wouldnt believe it if she fell in love with him just seeing him twice and came here to reminisce. He saw with his own eyes how evil this woman was. He saw her indifference when she killed.

And her words "Im still a virgin". Although he didnt believe that she was, he didnt understand why she would say that.

Hmm? Ye MO noticed that bleak and evil chi on her was gone? And, her inner qi was unstable, her face was pale. It was obvious she was heavily injured.

She had such heavy wounds, why didnt she go treat it? Why was she drinking here? Ye Mo immediately felt strange. Why did she change her cultivation method? If she didnt, why was the chi on her completely different from last time?

When Ye Mo saw Nie Wubian, he suspected that she was also the 9 Moon sect disciple. Now that he saw her, the bleak chi was gone and this was quite suspicious.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to go in and ask if she was a member of that sect, a sliver of cruelty appeared on her face as she stood up abruptly.

Ye Mo watched as Nie Shuangshuang left the Drunk Eye Bar and followed without thinking. He wanted to see what this woman was doing.
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