Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 326

Chapter 326: Change

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
Ye Mo saw the unfinished letter and sighed. No wonder Nie Shuangshuang said she was still a virgin. It was because she saw the disgust in his eyes. She said that just to prove something.

No wonder when he first saw her, she had this bleak and strange chi on her. It was her pet, a pet that devoured spirits. If her pet just devoured a male soul and hadnt fully digested it, then she would have that strange chi indeed. It seemed that everything you saw wasnt always true. When he saw her pull open her skirt, it was just her letting out her pet to devour spirits.

There was actually such a thing that could change into something like the environment and ascend through devouring human spirits. If this thing was in the cultivation realm, it would be fought over be countless people but on earth, it was a disaster.

Ye Mo looked at the unconscious Nie Shuangshuang as his heart battled intensely over whether or not to save her life.

Never mind, he still had 3 lotus life pills anyways. Seeing that you risked your life to notify me about the 9 Moon sect, Ill feed you one. As for whether you live or die, that will depend on your luck.

Ye Mo took out a lotus life pill and put it in her mouth. The pill immediately melted and flowed into Nie Shuangshuangs body.

After feeding, Ye Mo didnt want to waste time here. He got on his flying sword and flew towards Chun An like a comet. He knew that tonight, there would be a slaughter fest at Chun An.

When Ye Mo got back to Chun An, it was already almost 10pm. He felt that he was about to grasp something but couldnt. It was Nie Shuangshuangs letter. There seemed to be some information he needed inside but he couldnt find what it was.

Ye Mo returned to his living place. The building was still quite dead. Other than the elderly on the 1st and 2nd floor, the 3rd floor and above was dead silent.

Because he didnt see Luo Xuan, Ye Mo wanted to find her. It was for that golden paper. Now, he had the latter half of the Nie Luo Sutra but the former half wasnt found.

But before he went to look for Luo Xuan, Ye Mo still needed to go to the Huo family. Just then, when he walked to his place, he purposely slowed down but didnt see anyone come to stop him. According to Hong Sis words, they should be ambushing him at Chun An. How come there wasnt any?

When Ye Mo came to the Huo family, he immediately understood why. Huo Quming had left and Huo Que was nowhere to be seen. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense in the library and many of the books were carried away.

Although he was quite annoyed by this old guy Huo Quming, he wasnt angry to the extent that he was going to kill Huo Qumings family. Plus, although Huo Quming wanted to kill him, he didnt do anything yet. Regardless of whether or not he acted on a tip-off, since he didnt attack, Ye Mo wouldnt waste time to kill him. There wasnt too much feud between them.

Huo Quming wasnt here and he wasnt ambushed. Ye Mo immediately knew that news of him killing four earth levels mustve been leaked to the people who were going to ambush him.

Ye Mo didnt care too much about these people running but one of the He Liu sect elder, Elder You ran away, and he wasnt quite happy about that. After all, this man was on his must kill list. As long as it was the He Liu sect, he wanted to kill.

But Ye Mo also knew that it was very hard for these people to not know the news.

Ye Mo felt quite unsatisfied but could only let it go like that. He was prepared to meet Luo Xuan later and then go to the He Liu sect. He couldnt let the He Liu sect people retreat. He must remove out the source of the trouble.

Ying Hua temple, although it was quite old and shattered, it had a long history.

When Ye Mo came to the outskirts of the temple, he didnt find anyone with his spirit sense. He only smelled blood. He quickly walked in. There was no one inside the temple but there was blood everywhere on the ground and the range wasnt small. The blood seemed quite fresh meaning there was killing here not long ago.

Did something happen to Luo Xuan. When Ye Mo thought about Luo Xuan, the first thought actually wasnt that she had the golden paper he needed but when she patted her chest and said she wasnt afraid of ghosts, when she hung the peachwood sword outside his room in the middle of the night. Then, he thought about if she had that golden paper on her.

Ye Mo looked around carefully. Outside, there were messy footsteps. From the amount of footsteps, it seemed there werent many people here, only about 4 to 5. Ye Mo confirmed again, it was four. If one pair was Luo Xuans, then other than Luo Xuan, 3 other people also came here.

Ye Mo suddenly felt impetuous. If it wasnt for following Nie Shuangshuang, perhaps he wouldve came here when the incident hadnt occurred.

Ye Mo circled around a few times outside and eventually saw the footprints of two people. It seemed that other than the 4, more people came.

But they came and left quickly. Ye Mo was sure that other than those, there were no more marks.

He looked back disappointedly. It seemed that he didnt have luck with that golden paper. Whether Luo Xuan was dead or alive, it would depend on her fortune.

Ye Mo went back to his place. The building was still dead and lifeless. Ye Mo walked in front of Luo Xuans door and subconsciously reached in with his spirit sense. It was empty indeed. Luo Xuan wasnt back.

Then, he went back to his place. Ye Mo closed the door and habitually scanned the room with his spirit sense. Hmm, Luo Xuan was curled up around his bed shaking like a lamb.

"Luo Xuan, what happened to you?" Ye Mo walked over and asked Luo Xuan in surprise.

Luo Xuan who usually wasnt afraid of ghost saw Ye Mo now and could no longer hold in her cries. Ye Mo looked at Luo Xuan and saw that she was injured but not very serious. And, it was getting better. It seemed that she had eaten some pills.

"Stand up first and tell me whats wrong?" Ye Mo asked again.

Luo Xuan sniffed for a moment and stood up and then said: "I found the Ni Luo Sutra at Chun An Uni and waited for you till 8pm. You still hadnt come back so I went to the Ying Hua temple. When I arrived, there was only my second martial sister, Luo Fei there. I talked with her for a while and she said she wanted to go see if big martial sister had returned so she went out.

Ye Mo took out a bottle of water from his ring and gave it to Luo Xuan. Luo Xuan didnt notice where Ye Mo took it out from and just took it over and drank the water. Then, she continued: "After a while, my big martial sister came. I told her I found the Ni Luo sutra and took out the two parts and showed her. She was very happy and excited. I asked her if she had seen second martial sister and she said she hadnt.

I thought that second martial sister just went out, how could she not see? Just when I wanted to go see, I heard this cry of pain outside. It seemed to be my second martial sisters. I rushed out quickly but my big martial sister was faster than me. As soon as she heard the sound, she charged out. But she immediately came back inside the temple, there was blood all over her chest. In that short moment, she was ambushed."

Speaking till here, Luo Xuan cried again.

Ye Mo frowned. He felt this thing was strange. If someone was really going to ambush Luo Xuan, then wouldnt it be the perfect time to strike when her second martial sister had already left and her big martial sister hadnt come yet?

"Then, I helped my big martial sister up. I wanted to help her stop the bleeding but she couldnt hold on. She told me to go immediately. I said second martial sister wasnt back yet. Big martial sister just told me to go, immediately. I listened to her but when I turned around to take away the Ni Luo sutra I put on the side, I noticed that it was gone." Luo Xuan kept sniffing.

Ye Mo patted her shoulders and said: "Dont worry, keep talking."

"Mhm." Luo Xuan truly felt helpless now. usually, it was her big martial sister deciding for her but now, she felt very lost. Ye Mos comfort calmed her a lot.

She nodded and continued: "I was shocked to see the Ni Luo sutra disappear and just when I wanted to turn around, someone hid behind me palmed my back. I spat out blood and it spilled on big martial sisters face. She suddenly woke up and yelled, pulling me to charge out from the back of Ying Hua temple. She was very fast, and I seemed to have heard a lot of noises from behind. Those people for some reason didnt keep chasing. Big martial sister took me and ran a few miles before falling unconscious to the ground.

I remembered that lotus life pill you gave me and I gave it to my big martial sister. Then, I carried my big martial sister and ran in a different direction. After 7km, when I couldnt run anymore, I put my big martial sister down."

Ye Mo nodded. Although from Luo Xuans description, her big martial sister was heavily wounded, if she ate his lotus life pill, she should be fine. So, he asked again: "Since you came back, where is your big martial sister?"
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