Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 330

Chapter 330: The conversation with Wu Guang monk

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Ning Qingxue shook her head and said: "I dont know Jue Yun temple. What about it?"

Li Mumei said mysteriously however, "In Luo Cang, they built a new temple called the Jue Yun temple. It has the two mottoes on the door "lost in the deep clouds, awaken at this temple." It means that if you have any questions you are confused about, you can burn some incense and worship the Buddha in this temple. I heard its very real and is very popular online. I heard that the lead monk of this temple is called Wu Ming. Hes a very capable monk. How about we go to this temple and burn some incense, just think of it as a holiday trip."

Ning Qingxue asked confusedly: "A newly built temple is very popular? Would it be some intentional spin on the internet?"

Li Mumei shook her head and said: "that I dont know but I heard that an old monk in the temple said he attained dao in Luo Cang so he built the temple in Luo Cang."

Ning Qingxue said nonchalantly: "In that case, lets go see it. I vts very close to Yu state."


Luo Cang.

Compared to a year ago, this place seemed a lot more populous. Many people said it was due to the Jue Yun temple. Ever since the Jue Yun temple was built here a few month ago, the tourists here increased drastically.

When Ning QIngxue and Li Mumei came here, they found it to be very busy indeed. It wasnt any inferior than Yu state, which was a big city.

Jue Yun temple was indeed very popular and they had to line up to burn incense.

Although it had only been built for half a year, a long street of incense and offering shops had been set up. It was very busy and most tourists would come here to burn incense and then go into the temple and ask about their troubles or make a wish. Before they left, they would buy a few artefacts from here for good fortune.

After the two had requested to burn incense, the line had reached all the way to outside the temple. In this era, there was actually no one cutting in line. They all had a pious look on their face.

Was it really that powerful here? Ning Qingxue looked at this long line of people and felt dubious.

An old man with a broom stopped by the two suddenly.

Ning Qingxue looked at the old man in surprise. He was in his 70s but looked very strong. He glanced at Ning Qingxue once and closed his eyes.

There seemed to be a lot of monks in this temple but there really werent many holding a broom like this 70 year old monk. Just when Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei didnt know what this old monk was doing, this old monk suddenly opened his eyes and said: "I am Wu Guang, you two honour patrons need not to line up. You can come in and make offerings with me."

Li Mumei looked vigilantly at the old monk. Other people had to line up to burn incense. Why did they not have to line up? Qingxue looked so out of this world. Was this old monk scheming something.

The old monk didnt seem to notice Li Mumeis eyes and just turned to leave after finishing.

Ning Qingxue pulled Li Mumei, "Lets go have a look. If we line up, we are going to wait for more than an hour."

Li Mumei looked at the long line. They might not get to the front even in more than an hour. There were just too many people. Plus, this monk was so old that he couldnt have any bad intentions, right?

The old monk took the two to the last zen room. There was a Pu Sa painting in the room. The two couldnt recognize which Pu Sa it was.

"Master Wu Guang, didnt you say you were going to take us in to burning offerings? Why did you bring us here?" Li Mumei was getting more vigilant.

Wu Guang monk put the broom down and said Ai Mi Tuo Fo. Then, he said to Ning Qingxue: "Patron, you have fortune with a master who enlightened me, so I wish to help you resolve your problems but before that, I need to see the necklace artefact on you."

Ning Qingxue grabbed the necklace and said: "Master Wu Guang, are you talking about this?"

"A Mi Tuo Fu." Wu Guang Monk continued: "Patron, you need not to take it down. Ive confirmed it. Okay, you may talk about what confusions you have."

Ning Qingxue looked at the Wu Guang monk in surprise. How did he know that it was she who needed help and they werent just here to burn offerings.

Li Mumei could also see that this old monk really seemed to know something. Before Ning Qingxue spoke, she intervened: "A few months ago, Qingxue was unconscious due to an accident and when she woke up, she lost a years of memory but everything of her was normal according to the hospital diagnosis. We wish to ask master Wu Guang, can that memory be recovered?"

Ning Qingxue immediately supplemented: "Yea, Ive searched some cases about lost memory. Most of them remember fragments but how come I remember nothing? And, and."

Wu Guang monk sat on a cushion but didnt reply after hearing the twos words. Instead, he said: "Patron, can you please tell me where you got this necklace?"

Ning Qingxue frowned: "I dont remember where I got this necklace. If I do, I dont need to ask you."

"Have you cultivated ancient marital arts?" Wu Guang asked but then he shook his head. Even if she did, what could she have accomplished being so young.

Looking at Wu Guang shaking his head after asking her that question, Ning Qingxue asked curiously: "Master Wu Guang, I havent cultivated ancient martial arts but what has my memory got to do with cultivating ancient martial arts?"

Wu Guang nodded and said: "Patron, you dont know. After people lose memory due to outside force, they indeed do retain fragments. Especially the things you have a deep impression of, these memories will return with time. But this is definite, there are some memories that can not be recovered and will not retain any fragments."

Ning Qingxue said confusedly: "But I didnt feel anything at all. If the people around me didnt tell that I lost memories, I wouldnt even know. And, Ive seen many Western doctors and specialists say that even if you cant remember it yourself, with people constantly reminding you about things you have a deep impression of, you will still feel familiar about it. There shouldnt be no impression at all."

"A Mi Tuo Fo." The monk called out again and then said seriously: "You encountered a strong force that caused chaos in your spirit. I shouldnt tell you this but because you have a necklace made by a qian bei himself on you and its ten times better than the best I have seen."

"What? Master Wu Guang, you say that this necklace is made by a qian bei of yours? Who is that qian bei?" Ning Qingxue asked in shock. She saw that Wu Guang was already in his 70, wouldnt this qian bei be 100.

Wu Guang didnt answer Ning Qingxues question however. He just continued: "When one cultivates ancient martial arts to a certain degree, you can attain inner qi and when you reach a rather high state with the threat of death, you will subconsciously use inner qi to envelope the most precious part of your soul and your most precious memories. These memories will show up in your next life. Although you cant remember it completely, you will have some vague impressions.

Of course, the pretense is that no one intervenes. But if you didnt die and woke up instead, then this enveloped memory wouldnt be remembered. It may even disappear slowly just like what is happening to you."

Ning Qingxue dazed for some time before asking cluelessly: "But Ive never learn any ancient martial arts. I dont even know what inner qi is. How can it envelope my soul and memory?"

Wu Guang nodded, "A Mi Tuo Fo, even if yo cultivate ancient martial arts to a very high state, you wouldnt be able to do such thing much less patron dont even know ancient martial arts. Ive only heard that this action not only has requirements for power but also strict requirements for cultivation method. I also thought that a cultivation method capable of enveloping memories into reincarnation does not exist but your situation is very similar to this case."

"Then Master Wu Guang, if thats the case, how do I recover my memory?" Although Ning Qingxue knew that this wasnt the case for her, she still couldnt help asking.

Wu Guang said: "Unless you cultivate this way again and reach at least the power state of the moment before you lost your memories. Then, your memories will recover automatically and your power will double up. But, you may still remember nothing, but."

Wu Guang hesitated for a long time but eventually didnt continue. He said: "Two patrons please, I will be doing work now." Then, he closed his eyes and stopped talking.

Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei looked at each other dubiously and then bowed before exiting. After the two came out, they were still confused. What this old monk said seemed to be too metaphysical.
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