Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 331

Chapter 331: Encounter with old friend

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
Luo Xuan looked at this haunted building she had been living in for a week and actually felt a little wistful about leaving. Although it was a short week, she had experienced a lot. It seemed that in the two years living at Chun An, it wasnt as eventful as this week.

"What are you thinking? Lets go." Ye Mo broke her thoughts.

Luo Xuan came back to her senses and nodded: "Okay, lets go."

"Luo Xuan, do you know where Qi Yang mountain is located?" although Ye Mo didnt know where Qi Yang mountain was, he believed that too many people would know and he only needed to ask. It was just like how he didnt know where Shen Nong Jia was but he could find out by searching online.

Luo Xuan shook her head and looked at Ye Mo strangely: 'I dont know Ye brother, do you not even know where you are going? Ive been in Chun AN for two years. Although I dont really go out, I heard most of the famous mountains in China. Ive really never heard of Qi Yang mountain. I thought it was a place I havent been.

Ye Mo thought: was he tricked by Hong Si? But Hong Sis tone and attitude couldnt be lying too at the time. Because he was talking with this sister at the time, he actually didnt ask where the Qi Yang mountain was.

"It doesnt matter. Ill ask someone later and well know. Since it can have a hidden sect there, it must be a famous mountain. People would know."

But then, Ye Mo and Luo Xuan asked many people and even searched on the web but no one knew Qi Yang mountain.

Luo Xuan also asked in confusion: "Ye brother, could that person have lied to you?"

Ye Mo also said uncertainly: "I dont think that person would trick me but from what weve asked there really doesnt seem to have a Qi Yang mountain. This is strange indeed."

If he was really desperate, he could go to Beijing and ask Tan Jiao and Luan Qingfeng but he didnt want to do that. First, the two might not be willing to tell, and, Ye Mo didnt want to see that arrogant Tan Jiao again. Even if he didnt ask those two, Zhang Zhihui would probably know about it, He can go ask Zhang Zhihui.

"Ye brother, where are you planning to go now?" Luo Xuan looked at Ye Mos face and knew they wouldnt be able to go to Qi Yang mountain.

"I want to go Ning Hai first and ask someone I know about where it is." Ye Mo was unhappy that his plan was stopped. From his perspective, Hong Si even shattered his own dan tian, how could he lie to him on this?

If it was just by himself, Ye Mo would definitely step on the flying sword to Ning Hai but with Luo Xuan now, that would cause too much attention during the day. And, with his current chi reserve, it would be very exhaustful to bring Luo Xuan with him to Ning Hai.

Although she knew Ye Mo could fly, Luo Xuan didnt ask why Ye Mo was taking the plane to Ning Hai. Since Ye Mo chose that, he must have his reasons.

Although Chun An airport was very small, there was a lot of human traffic. When Ye Mo and Luo Xuan walked into the airport, it wasnt empty at all despite it being the morning.

"Ye brother, what are you looking at?" Luo Xuan followed Ye Mo closely and noticed that Ye Mo had his attention on this middle aged woman reading newspaper as soon as he came in.

Ye Mo smiled, "Luo Xuan, did you see that woman next to the window reading the newspaper?

Luo Xuan nodded, "I see her. Whats wrong Ye brother?"

"Do you feel that person is familiar?" Ye Mo continued to ask.

Luo Xuan shook her head in bewilderment, "Ive never seen this person and I dont feel her to be familiar at all." But even so, Luo Xuan still studied that woman carefully and was sure she didnt seem familiar.

"Im sure you know her. That person is either your big martial sister or your second martial sister because she is masqueraded." Ye Mo said with certainty. It was because he felt a similar chi from this woman as he did with Luo Xuan. This meant that their cultivation method was the same.

Luo Xuan also showed an expression of shock but before she could talk that middle aged woman turned around. It seemed she noticed that Luo Xuan was observing her.

The moment she saw Luo Xuan, she showed surprise and joy in her eyes but it soon turned to worry. Although those eye expressions were very subtle, it fell clearly into Ye Mos eyes and he was more certain that this woman was related to Luo Xuan.

But as soon as this woman saw Luo Xuan, she actually turned to leave.

Luo Xuan quickly followed without talking to Ye Mo. She was sure that this person was her big martial sister Luo Yin.

Ye Mo didnt follow. He looked around and sure no one was stalking them before standing at the side waiting for Luo Xuan. He was sure that woman was Luo Xuans big martial sister and Luo Xuan recognized her. If it was her second martial sister, Luo Xuan will hesitate first and even ask him before going over.

That woman came to a quiet corner and looked around waiting for Luo Xuan to come over. She pulled Luo Xuan over anxiously and asked: "Luo Xuan, how can you appear at the airport without any masquerade do you not want to live?"

"big martial sister, is that really you?" Luo Xuan exclaimed in joy and hugged this woman. Although she didnt say it, she had always been worried for her big martial sister. Now that she saw her, of course she was very elated.

Luo Yin also felt relived. She had been constantly worried for Luo Xuan and now felt a lot more relived seeing her. But immediately, she asked: "Luo Xuan, who is that man next to you? You must not be like Luo Fei, if master knew that two out the 3 of us who came out lost our virginity, she will be very sad."

Luo Xuans face blushed and immediately said: "Big martial sister, what are you saying. Ye brother isnt like the sort of person youre thinking about. Hes very nice. And, he saved me many times. Even that Lotus Life pill I gave you last time was from him."

"Who is he? How does he have such precious pills? And why would he save you? A man being nice to a woman is definitely no good. Luo Xuan, you must not trust a man." Luo Yin said vigilantly.

"Big martial sister, sigh, even that Ni Luo Sutra was found with the help of Ye brother. how can you say that about him. Although I dont know if men are good or bad but Ye brother is definitely a good person." Luo Xuan immediately rebuked.

Luo Yin looked at Luo Xuan in shock and said after a moment: "Luo Xuan, you have never rebutted my words before but now for that Ye brother of yours, you have done so twice. Is that Ye brother really that good?"

Luo Xuan rubbed the edges of her clothes awkwardly and said: " Big martial sister, I, I really dont know how to explain it to you but I believe him. Hes not a bad person, and, it was Ye brother who recognized you just then."

"what? It wasnt you who recognized me?" he has such capabilities. Has he seen me before?" Luo Yin immediately became more vigilant.

Then, as though she suddenly thought of something, Luo Yin said worriedly: "Luo Xuan, you said that Ye brother helped you find the Ni Luo Sutra and he recognized me. Then could it be him that night outside the Ying Hua temple? Luo Xuan, youre too young. Dont believe strangers words."

As she spoke, Luo Yins face became more and more serious. The more she thought the more she believed that perhaps the Ye guy followed Luo Xuan to the Ying Hua temple and then impostered as Luo Fei stealing the Ni Luo sutra and then found Luo Xuan later.

"Big martial sister, dont think like that. Ye brother isnt like that. Plus, even 1000 Ni Luo Sutra wouldnt be worth anything in Ye brothers eyes much less one. Big marital sister, please, I beg you stop saying bad things about Ye brother. Hes a really good person. Hes the best man Ive ever met." In desperation, Luo Xuan actually used the word man but as soon as she said it, she noticed it and her face blushed.

Luo Xuan didnt want there to be any misunderstanding between her big martial sister and Ye Mo from the bottom of her heart. Big martial sister was the person she respected the most other than her master while Ye brother was the person he admired the most. He saved her many times and was that nice to her. Plus, that Ni Luo pill wasnt worth anything to Ye brother. He could give the chi increasing pill that was countless times more precious. Why would he care about a mere Ni Luo Sutra.

Plus, Ye brother said the Ni Luo sutra was useless to him, and the only valuable thing was the two golden paper and she gave them to him how could he still be interested in the Ni Luo Sutra. However, she could tell her big martial sister that. The made Luo Xuan feel guilty for the first time because she hid something for her big martial sister for Ye Mo.

"Sigh." Luo Yin sighed but didnt see anything. She could tell that this little martial sister of hers is admiring Ye brother to the bones, it was useless no matter what she said. It was just that from the bottom of her heart she wanted the person who tried to kill them to be someone else, even that Ye brother rather than Luo Lin.

"How you always been with Ye brother these few days?" Luo Yin asked casually. She could tell that her martial sister was still a virgin. This meant that they didnt do something over the line.
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