Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 333

Chapter 333: Spirit Sense Mark

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
Ye Mo was sitting on the flower pot but he stood up now. He looked at the woman who came in and asked: "Jingwen, why did you come? I just came back as well."

Su Jingwen seemed more fatigued and stressed than a year ago. She was pleasantly surprised when she found that the person in the yard was actually Ye Mo, "Ye Mo, its actually you? I thought it was Xu Wei coming back."

Ye Mo smiled: "Jingwen, long time no see. You seem not quite well recently. By the way, did Xu Wei move away?"

Su Jingwen heard the first part of the sentence and her face immediately became dull, but after hearing Ye Mo ask about Xu Wei, she immediately turned around and replied: "Yea, Xu Wei has been gone for a long time. Every time I come pass here, I would always think you or Qingxue would come back. Today, I saw the door seemed to be open so I came to ask. I didnt think you really came back. I thought I was dreaming."

Hearing about Qingxue, Ye Mos face also went dull and after a moment, he asked: "Jingwen, you.... have you ever seen Qingxue? Did she come back to live here?"

Although he knew that Ning Qingxue probably wouldnt come back, Ye Mo still couldnt resist to ask. The reason he didnt go to Xuan Jiang first and instead came back to Ning Hai was because deep in his heart, he hoped that Qingxue had come back but the reality was she didnt. Even the silver heart grass she was taking care of died.

There was a sliver of disappointment in Su Jingwens eyes. Just then when Ye Mo said she didnt seem to be doing too well, she actually felt happy because he cared about her. But quickly, he asked about Xu Wei and Ning Qingxue. It was as though she just came here to pass on a message.

But soon, Su Jingwen set right her mentality. She was only normal friends with Ye Mo and Ye Mo saved her mothers and her life.

Now that Ye Mo asked about Ning Qingxue, Su Jingwen still replied despite feeling a little disappointed and hurt: "Qingxue went back to Yu state after getting hurt on the streets in Ning Hai last time. She never came back again. I called Li Mumei saying that I wanted to visit her. Li Mumei told me that Qingxue seemed to have lost some of her memories but Qingxue's mother doesnt want her to remember anything, so , so."

Although Su Jingwen didnt say why, Ye Mo could guess it. It was that Ning QIngxues mother was scared she would remember things after seeing Su Jingwen so her mother stopped everyone Ning Qingxue knew in Ning Hai to go see her.

Su Jingwen did know something about Ning Qingxue. Li Mumei told her. It was probably that after the incident, Ning Qingxue forgot the time she stayed with Ye Mo. Seeing Ye Mos disappointed eyes, Su Jingwen sighed. That student in her eyes before became a mature man, a man troubled by love.

At the moment when Su Jingwen saw Ye Mos disappointed eyes, she actually had this feeling in her heart: perhaps it was because Ning Qingxue didnt love Ye Mo that deep. If she did, she would have some impressions of him, no matter how little it was.

Ye Mo suddenly thought that he still hadnt asked what was wrong with Su Jingwen since she came here. This was not very polite.

Ye Mo quickly asked: "Jingwen, I just got back and the house is a bit messy. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Oh, Ye Mo, are you free now?" Su Jingwen came to her sense and quickly asked.

Ye Mo nodded, "Mhm, I do."

Su Jingwen immediately said: "I want to invite you to food, is that fine?"

Ye Mo smiled, "Of course. If I dont have much money on me, it should be me inviting you. Youve already treated me to food once."

Su Jingwens face immediately brightened up, "Lets go. My car is just outside."

Hearing Su Jingwens words, he immediately knew that Su Jingwen probably didnt happen to drop by here but came here intentionally. This definitely wasnt her first time. She might have been doing this every day.

Su Jingwens car had this faint aroma, similar to her body smell. It could be seen that she really liked this smell.

Just when Ye Mo closed the car door, Su Jingwen turned around and said: "Ye Mo, how about we go to West Lake restaurant again, how?"

Ye Mo immediately remembered that elegant and voluptuous Fang sister and the dishes with the same price for everything as well as the moment when he first ate with Su Jingwen.

"Mhm, I really like the tea Fang sister makes. Lets go there." Ye Mo nodded in agreement.

Su Jingwen started her car and didnt go far before her phone rung. Su Jingwen picked up the phone and looked at the number. She frowned and hung up.

However, her actions seemed to be of no use as her phone rung again. Ye Mo said: "Jingwen, lets swap. You sit here and Ill drive."

"Mhm." Su Jingwen stopped the car and swapped seats with Ye Mo. When her soft and plump butt passed by Ye Mo, Ye Mo reacted to it down there. Luckily it was very short.

Ye Mo felt a little awkward. He realized that he didnt have the self control he thought he did in these things. He even thought of that deep ravine on Ning Qingxues chest at the bottom of the Shen Nong Jia cliff.

Ye Mo shook his head and cleared his thought focusing on driving.

Although she pretended nothing happened, Su Jingwens face blushed a little.

Putting these things aside, Su Jingwen answered the phone: "Cousin, what do you want? Oh. Im outside with a friend now. I dont have time to go. You can go by yourself.. at night? Sorry, I dont have time at night, either. Im hanging up."

Ye Mo didnt ask about it. If Su Jingwen had something, she will tell him. Since she didnt, he didnt need to ask.

It suddenly became silent in the vehicle, as though feeling this awkward silence, Su Jingwen suddenly said: "Ye Mo, you are that master who sold me the charms right? Thank you. You saved my mother and you saved me."

Ye Mo also guessed that Su Jingwen probably recognized him so he didnt deny.

Although she knew that Ye Mo was the person who sold her the charms, Su Jingwen was still very excited when Ye Mo admitted it to her, "It really is you. Thank you, Ye Mo, and thank you for the bracelet you made for me last time."

Ye Mo just realized that Su Jingwen was wearing the coarse bracelet with two beads. Last time, he saw Ning QIngxue have three beads. It was probably given to her by Su Jingwen. He immediately thought about the bracelet he told Ning QIngxue to bring over, so he asked: "Jingwen, last time I asked Qingxue to bring you a bracelet. How come you didnt wear it?"

Ye Mo was curious as that latter bracelet was much better than the current one. Why did Su Jingwen wear the bad one and put away the good one? Su Jingwen hesitated before saying: "Ah, I like this one. Did you give the other for me? Ill go back and wear it on the other hand then."

Ye Mo nodded and didnt say anything. It was her business that which one she liked.

Aare you coming back to live in Ning Hai?" Su Jingwen saw that Ye Mo seemed to have something in his mind constantly so she asked.

"No, Im finding a friend to ask where the Qi Yang mountain is. Im just passing by Ning Hai." Ye Mo said.

"Qi Yang mountain?" Su Jingwen repeated strangely.

Seeing that Su Jingwens tone seemed to be a little strange, Ye asked immediately: "Jingwen, youve heard of the Qi Yang mountain?"

Su Jingwen quickly shook her head and said: No, I dont know about it but I saw some pictures online last week . Someone went to tour at Mount Kun Lun and found a black plate. The plate had the words Qi Yang in traditional Chinese characters.

Ye Mo thought and quickly asked: "Is it just these two words?"

Su Jingwen shook her head and replied: "No, one of them is Qi Yang shadow cliff, the other is He Liu thousand river."

So it was in the Mount Kun Lun region. It seemed he still needed to ask Zhang Zhihui. They were about to arrive at West Lake restaurant and Ye Mo suddenly turned the car and followed a black Audi. He saw on his audi a youth and felt his spirit sense marker again. This marker was the one he made on the Gu bug. The Gu was on Chen Qing and he didnt expect to feel it this quick again.

Su Jingwen quickly said: "Ye Mo, the West Lake restaurant isnt this way."

Ye Mo just realized Su Jingwen was still on the car and said apologetically: "sorry, Jingwen, I just saw a very important person. I forgot this was your car. How about I get off the car first and after Im done with this, Ill treat you to food."

Although Su Jingwen wasnt too happy, she still said: "Why are you getting off? Cant I go with you?"

"Okay, but this is purely personal. Im afraid it will cause trouble for you." As Ye Mo spoke, he noticed that car stopped by a bar called Wei Xian.

Everyone knew what people did at bars. One rarely went there purely foe drink, so Ye Mo had some concerns bringing Su Jingwen in.
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