Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 334

Chapter 334: The Vicious Earth Fiend

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
"Wait, Ye Mo, I see that everyone who goes in here needs a membership card. We dont have one. How do we go in." Su Jingwen was very meticulous. She followed Ye Mo into the door and noticed that everyone in this Wei Xian had this membership card.

Ye Mo turned back and smiled: "Its fine. I have one." Then, he pulled out a card exactly the same as the person before hims.

Su JIngwens face changed and seemed to have thought of something but eventually didnt say it and just nodded.

Indeed, when Ye Mo used the card at the door, the person didnt stop them, instead, he bowed and led them in.

"Ill have room 207." Ye Mos spirit sense found the target in room 205 and two woman seemed to have been brought in. 207 and 205 were right next to each other.

The two went in the room, Ye Mo sent off the waitress and hung the do not disturb sign on the door.

Seeing Ye Mo close the door, Su Jingwens heart started beating faster. Of course she knew what people usually did here, she even heard whining from one door. Didnt Ye Mo say he was following someone? Why did he bring her here?

And, this room seemed to have an intimate atmosphere, even being with Ye Mo, Su Jingwen felt a little uneasy.

Ye Mos spirit sense immediately scanned the situation but couldnt hear any sound. He was prepared to direct the sound into the room when he turned around and saw Su Jingwen who seemed a little anxious. He immediately understood why she was so nervous.

If it was just him entering this room and closing the door, people would suspect him. If he found someone he didnt know, he couldnt let them know what he was doing. Thinking about this, he said apologetically to Su Jingwen: "Sorry, Jingwen for inconveniencing you like this, but the person Im following today is very important so I need to know what they are doing at Ning Hai."

Su Jingwens face eased up and fixed her hair and smiled: "Its fine. I dont have anything on anyways.." After hesitating for a long time, she finally seemed to have made up her mind and asked: "Ye Mo, did you always come here frequently before?"

Ye Mo dazed and replied: "No, this is my first time here today. Whats wrong?"

Su Jingwens eyes brightened up and asked immediately: "But how do you have this VIP card? I never saw you apply for it?"

Ye Mo suddenly understood Su Jingwens menaing. She must not like such facilities and thought he came here frequently. Ye Mo immediately smiled and said: "When we came in, werent there two people who happened to leave? I borrowed it from the person who passed me."

So that was it. Su Jingwen suddenly breathed easy but immediately felt shocked. When Ye Mo came with her, he didnt stop at all but he could still take someones VIP card. This was too unbelievable. They just brushed past each other. How short was that time interval.

But thinking about Ye Mos master identity, she understood. And that little sliver of discomfort deep in her heart disappeared. However, she immedaietly thought, why would she be unhappy if Ye Mo came here a lot?

Su Jingwen looked at Ye Mo again and Ye Mo was already standing at the corner. He had a small dagger in his hand and it cut into the wall like tofu. After a brief moment, the conversation next door passed in.

However, the conversation wasnt normal. It seemed to be the dirty talk between two men and women. Heavy breathing and whining sounded. Su Jingwens face was red as an apple, even her neck turned pink. She looked at Ye Mo. Ye Mos concentration didnt seem to be distracted at all. Her heart shook. Did Ye Mo like to hear this whining sound?

But seeing Ye Mos serious face, she knew that that wasnt the case. It must be due to something else.

Ye Mo was indeed noticing these two men who just walked in. One of them had the spirit sense marked Gu on him but Ye Mo couldnt understand why they wanted women as soon as they came in. They didnt even talk but were so focused into their business. If his spirit sense mark wasnt there, he really wouldve thought he followed the wrong person.

After a few minutes, the brawl ended and then the two girls were sent away. They put on their clothes and started drinking beer.

Ye Mo suddenly smelled this faint aroma and remembered that Su Jingwen was here. Thinking about the noise just then, he felt apologetic. He shouldve opened the sound later.

"Sorry, Jingwen, I didnt expect that to happen just then." Ye Mo said awkwardly.

Su Jingwen with a bursting red face glared at Ye Mo. She didnt even say "its fine". It meant that she was really angry.

Seeing Ye Mos troubled state, Su Jingwen took back her glare and then said: "Only this time. Next time I wont forgive you."

Ye Mo finally felt relieved a little. He wouldnt be with her next time for sure. This time was just a coincidence.

"I know youre not trying to listen to that. What are you trying to listen to?" Su Jingwen suddenly came up beside Ye Mo making Ye Mo remember her soft ass on the car. Coupled with the scene he just saw, his heart couldnt help to sway.

As though feeling Ye Mos unsual eyes and the heat from his body, Su Jingwen immediately rolled her eyes on Ye Mo, "Youre not allowed to think dirty. Even if you do, think about your Qingxue, dont think about me."

Hearing about Qingxue, Ye Mos heart went cold. That hot feeling went away immediately. Even his eyes went sad.

Su Jingwen immediately regretted after saying it. Why did she have to mention Ning Qingxue? Ye Mos change in expression couldnt escape Su Jingwens meticulous eyes. She found that Ye Mo had become cold and indifferent. Those romancing eyes disappeared without a trace.

"Sorry, I didnt mean it." Su Jingwen felt more regret for her words and moved closer to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled, "Its fine. I lost track of my thoughts. Thanks for reminding me."

Although Ye Mo had regained his composure, when Su Jingwen moved close to Ye Mo, she felt that Yang and refreshing chi from Ye Mos body and actually felt a little lost like Ye Mo just then. She forgot she was getting closer and closer to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo looked at Su Jingwen and knew that she probably felt regret for her words just then but he didnt mind it that much now.

The two people next door, one only had one eye. Although both of his eyes looked normal, under the scan of spirit sense, one eye seemed dull.

Other than the one eye, the other was a robust youth. This youth was more than 1.9m and the Gu was on this youth.

"Han Zai, are you feeling better now." The one eye looked at the robust youth and said plainly.

The robust youth nodded, "Yes, 9th uncle. I feel a lot more easy now, and that feeling of worry and fear disappeared."

The one eyed smiled, "The first time I killed, I was worse than you. At that time, it was an earth red qian bei taking me to find a woman to relax. Then, each time I kill, I need to find a woman to relax. This is your first time killing. You will get used to it. You just joined the organization and you were assigned to human yellow. This means the uppers look highly of you."

Han Zai agreed and continued to ask: "9th uncle, is the qian bei who led you heaven level killer?"

One eye shook his head, "After he reached earth purple, there was no news of him again. I heard his last mission was in Africa and after that, no one has heard of him again."

"Is that qianbei living in hiding? After we reach heaven level killer we can choose our own life?" Han Zai said with longing.

One eye waved his hand and said: "Well talk about this after we go back. We should talk about our next target now. Only us two came to Ning Hai this time. If we do things well, we may rank up. You might even rank up two levels."

Han Zai nodded and listened to one eyes instructions.

One eye took out a map, "Weve been to the house Ye Mo lives at. Theres no one living there. But there are really quite some people who are familiar with Ye Mo in Ning Hai. One of them is a teacher called Yun Bing in Ning Hai uni. I heard shes pretty close to Ye Mo and she has a kid too. This kid is our target tonight. Theres also another woman called Su Jingwen. Shes also close with Ye Mo and is also the other target of tonight."

Han Zai nodded and said: "Now I understand the terror of offending us Earth Fiend. I dont know who this Ye Mo is but he dares to act against the Earth Fiend." Then, Han Zai shook his head.

One eyed said seriously however: "Han Zai, dont worry about that. Our mission is to kill. Whoever our uppers tells us to kill, we kill. Dont even mention other things, okay?"
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