Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 335

Chapter 335: Conflict

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
Su Jingwen froze. She even forgot she was almost on Ye Mo.

Ye Mo looked apologetically at Su Jingwen and said: "Sorry, Jingwen, I brought this on you this time. These people have big feud with me. They are like mad dogs. Whoever offends them, they will annihilate. I just didnt expect that they wont even let go of the friends I know."

Hearing Ye Mos words, Su Jingwen suddenly realized that she was just normal friends with Ye Mo and they were going after her. What tragedy would happen to Ye Mos close friends and relatives?

"Ye Mo, your family in Beijing and Qingxue.." Ye Mo knew what she meant.

Ye Mo smiled, "They wont have a chance, at the latest, tonight. I will pull this organization from the roots."

Seeing Ye Mo smiling with killing intent, Su Jingwens heart shook. She had never seen this side of Ye Mo. He actually had such intense killing intent. Perhaps she never really understood who Ye Mo was and only saw one facet of him this whole time.

"Im fine. Dont worry. What should we do now?" Su Jingwen looked worriedly at Ye Mo. Although she didnt know who one eye and Han Zai were, she could tell that they belonged to an extremely strong organization.

Ye Mo stood up, "Lets go and have a chat with next door."

Su Jingwen looked in surprise, "Were going to them now?"

"Yes, we go now. Ill collaborate with them." Ye Mo nodded and said.

"But, they are all killers. How can they collaborate with us?" Su Jingwen looked at Ye Mo in confusion.

"They will." Then, Ye Mo stood up and brought Su Jingwen out of the room.

"Jingwen, how are you here? You." At the same time Ye Mo opened his room, the door opposite to them, 206, also opened. A handsome youth with his arms around a girl whos face was still red came out and the instant he saw Su Jingwen, his face was full of shock.

Su Jingwen also dazed and after a moment called: "Wei Zheng cousin? How come you are here?"

That handsome youth almost couldnt believe his eyes. After a long time, he reacted and his face went green. He pointed at Su Jingwen with his finger and said: "Jingwen, you actually opened a room here with a man. How shameless are you? You, you.."

Su Jingwen never thought the cousin who had always been nice and amicable to her became so hideous. He actually pointed at her face and called her shameless. She said angrily: "Xie Weizhen, whats my being here got to do with you? Who are you to me? Arent you here with another woman yourself? What right do you have to talk about me?"

"You." Xie Weizhen felt so fury. Thinking about the woman who he had thought about for many years was being slept by another man, he could no longer control himself.

"Im a man. I have some entertainments so what? Its just for fun on occasion. But you are so shameless coming here with another man." Xie Weizhen was irated. In his mind, Su Jingwen belonged to him, no one else could touch her. But now, he even didnt get a chance to touch her but someone else got in bed with her first.

Su Jingwen looked at Xie Weizhen who had lost his mind. After a moment, she calmed down. She suddenly reached out her hand and grabbed Ye Mos arm and stuck closely to him and said plainly to Xie Weizhen: "Xie Weizhen, I didnt say anything about your entertainments. You are you, I am me. Am I related to you? What right do you have to tell me what to do? I like booking hotels with other people. Whats that got to do with you. I love Ye Mo, so what?"

Su Jingwen was soft on the outside but tough on the inside. Once she was angered, she wouldnt care about anyone or anything. Plus, to Su Jingwen, Xie Weizhen overreacted way too much.

"Okay, okay, I thought you were very busy. You said you had things with your friend, so this was the thing? You shameless woman! Even if you want it, cant you tell me? Can I not satisfy you..." Xie Weizhen was almost going crazy with jealousy. He walked up a few steps towards Su Jingwen and slapped with his hand.

Su Jingwen who had calmed down already was triggered again by Xie Weizhen. She really didnt think that her cousin would be this crazy when he got angry. He had no sense of reason at all.

Ye Mo heard they were cousins so he didnt intervene but now that Xie Weizhen was going to hit her, he wasnt going to keep watching.

Before Xie Weizhens hand reached Su Jingwen, Ye Mo already grabbed his wrist and slapped a few palms back. Then, he kicked.

Xie Weizhen was slapped so hard that his mouth was full of blood and a few teeth fell out. Then, he was kicked back into the room. The sound of him crashing into the ground could even be heard outside.

That woman with Xie Weizhen screamed and quickly rushed inside to check up on Xie Weizhen.

Su Jingwen was shaking with anger. Her face was pale and couldnt say anything in a long time. Ye Mo sent some chi into Su Jingwens body to help her calm down.

"Sorry, Ye Mo, I dont feel too comfortable. Im going back." Su Jingwen calmed down and looked apologetically at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo quickly said: "Its fine. Go back, Ill be fine by myself. I caused this to you today. Dont say sorry."

Su Jingwen suddenly looked up at Ye Mo and seemingly wanted to say something but eventually didnt say anything. She turned and left.

Ye Mo followed Su Jingwen with his spirit sense until she got on the car and left. Then, he shook his head helplessly. Su Jingwens cousin was too much of a douchebag.

But then, Ye Mo cast these thoughts aside and knocked the door on 205.

"Who is it? We dont need any service here." One eyes coarse voice sounded.

Ye Mo suddenly pushed open the door and looked at the two who were in shock and said plainly: You dont need service but I do."

"Who are you? How did you open this door?" one eye looked at Ye Mo in shock. He clearly locked the door, but how was Ye Mo able to open it. The sensitivity to danger of being a long term killer immediately surged up. In the twinkling of an eye, he had a black pistol in his hand.

Han Zai also looked at Ye Mo with vigilance while a triangular small spear appeared in his hand.

Ye Mo didnt seem to see their actions at all nor look at the pistol in one eyes hand. He just walked in and sat down.

After sitting down, Ye Mo looked calmly at one eye, "Youre called 9th uncle right? Im coming to save your life today but if you dont listen I dont mind sending you to hell."

"Youre asking to die." Ferocity flashed across one eyes eye as he raised his pistol instantly and fired.

Ye Mo suddenly raised his hand as well and at almost the same moment one eye fired, he caught a bullet with his two fingers and his face went cold, "If you dare to fire a second shot, I dont mind embedding this clip into your forehead."

"You, you caught a bullet with your hand?" One eyes tone became shaky, even his hand was shaking.

He heard that some ancient martial arts masters could catch bullets with bare hands. But this youth who was this close to him, only a few meters, not only caught the bullet but with two fingers. Even ancient martial arts masters cant do that? Is he still human.

Ye Mo flicked his fingers and the bullet flew by almost along one eyes ear shooting into the wall behind him.

Just when one eye was more shocked, Ye Mos cold voice sounded, "If I want to kill you, its only a matter of one finger. If you still want to live, I suggest you not to move. My patience isnt that good. I wont forgive you the second time."

Crank. One eyes pistol fell on the ground. He actually lost his will to fight. He was a killer. What sort of people hadnt he seen before? What could make him lost his will to fight? But this youth in front of him rendered him shaking, feeling that the youth was undefeatable.

He had a feeling that no matter what tricks he had, they were all useless in front of this person. He would die as soon as he tried anything. Who was this person? When did he offend such a person?

Han Zai also looked at Ye Mo in shock. His weapon also slunk. Ye Mo catching the bullet electrocuted him too much. Was this something humans did?

"Qian bei.. you, you..." One eye felt that this person seemed familiar. He looked like that Ye Mo on the picture he was shown but this was too shocking that he didnt dare to believe.

If Ye Mo was such a terrifying person, wouldnt it be suicide trying to kill people related to him?

"Im Ye Mo, the person you want to kill." Ye Mo smiled plainly. His tone was extremely plain.

They both felt hopeless. If this terrifying person in front of them was Ye Mo, then they had no chance of living at all today.
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