Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 336

Chapter 336: Subdue

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
The one eyed suddenly gritted his teeth. This person in front of him was indeed Ye Mo. He didnt expect Ye Mo to be such a potent being. If Ye Mo wanted to kill him and Han Zai, they wouldnt be able to escape no matter what tricks they played but he still had a sliver of hope. It was that Ye Mo wasnt going to kill them but negotiate with them. Otherwise, with his skills, he wouldve long killed him and Han Zai.

"Ye qian bei, I know the gap between us is big. In your eyes, perhaps Im not even an ant. If you have any requests, please tell us but if you want us to betray the Earth Fiend then just kill me." One eyed gritted his teeth. Either way, it was going to be death so he might as well be straight forward.

Ye Mo said calmly: "You dont dare to betray Earth Fiend only because of your family or the Gu bug that makes your fear."

One eyed look at Ye Mo in shock. After a long time, he breathed out slowly: "How do you know we have Gu bugs in our bodies?

Gu Bug was a mean for the Earth Fiend to control their subordinates. One eyed had seen with his own eye that an earth fiend killer was caught back after betraying the organization. Then, the Gu bug ate his flesh for 3 days and 3 nights. At that time, the flesh of that killer was almost eaten up but he was still howling and wasnt dead.

Ever since then, he had the belief that no matter what, he must not betray the organization.

Ye Mo smiled, " Lets not talk about the Gu bug in your body first. What I want to say to you is: do you know your final ending?"

Han Zai glanced once at one eyed and suddenly intervened: "As long as we reach heaven rank killer, we are free so my goal is heaven rank."

Ye Mo laughed and immediately said coldly: "Lets not say whether you can live to reach heaven rank but even if you do, that would be the end of your life. You should know of the Gu king, right? He controls you people with the Gu bugs. This kind of Gu bug will devour the life force and essence blood of the person you kill and digest it in your body."

"So what?" One eyed shivered at Ye Mos words but said without willing to back down.

Ye Mo shook his head: "No biggie. Its just that after you reach heaven rank killer, the Gu bug in your body will have matured and his final feast would be the life force and essence blood in your body. Of course, after consuming you, it has finished its task and they can be taken by your head, that Gu King to cultivate evil ways."

"Youre bullshitting.." One eyed shook in terror. He even knew that Ye Mo wasnt bullshitting but couldnt help denying it verbally.

Ye Mo sneered: "Im not bullshitting. You know it yourself. Tell me, have you really ever seen any heaven rank killer? You definitely wont be able to see one because they have been used as cultivate resource. Its that simple."

"Are you saying that the more laurels and honour we get, the closer to death we are? Han Zai asked shakily. He subconsciously felt that Ye Mo was right, very right.

"What do you think?" Ye Mo didnt explain anymore and asked rhetorically.

After long, one eyed sighed, "Ive been suspecting it for a long time. Why was there not a single heaven rank killer? If they really were going to be free, they should let all the killers know. After all, we would have a goal to work for but Ive never heard of a single freed heaven rank killer. Now hearing qian beis words, I believe qian beis words are true."

"9th uncle, this, this." Han Zai also looked at one eyed in shock. He was speechless.

After a moment of silence, one eyed looked at Ye Mo and said: "Ye qian bei, I know its very easy to kill us for you. I dont know why you dont kill us and still tell us the truth. Were very grateful for you but we cant betray the organization. So if youre going to kill us, please do it fast. I Yang Jiu will be very grateful."

Ye Mo said calmly: "If I was going to kill you guys, you guys wouldve been dead bodies long ago. Would I need to waste time talking with you?"

"But I said we cant betray the organization." One eyed struggled.

"Its because you have the Gu bugs in your bodiws? Ye Mo looked at one eyed.

One eyed decided to brawl and stood up: "Yes, its because of the Gu bugs in our bodies. Qian bei, you havent seen these Gu bugs before and you dont know how terrifying they can be. I would rather die immediately than betray the organization."

"What if I can get the Gu bugs out of your bodies?" Ye Mo said plainly.

"What? Qian Bei, you, you really can get them out?" one eyed looked at Ye Mo in astonishment. Then, he immediately followed: "Ye Qianbei, if you can really take the Gu bugs out of our bodies, my life will be yours."

Then, one eyed knelt down on one knee. His expression was not only genuine but determined. Han Zai looked once at one eyed. Although he was bulky, it didnt mean he was dumb. He knew that if he didnt show his stance right now, he would be dead for sure. And, he never felt a sense of belonging with Earth Fiend. Thinking about this, Han Zai also knelt beside one eyed without hesitation.

"Who was the person you killed before?" Ye Mo asked one eyed.

"Hes an merchant from Macau in Ning Hai." One eyed didnt even finish and was stopped by Ye Mo, he was no longer interested.

Then, Ye Mo grabbed Han Zais arm. He swiped with his hand and a yellow Gu bug appeared in his hand. He was already middle stage chi gathering now, and it was too easy for him to pick out a Gu bug.

One eyed and Han Zai looked at the Gu bug in Ye Mos hands in shock. They didnt think that such a terrifying thing was taken out by Ye Mo in such a brief moment. The organization dared to kill someone like him! But immediately, one eyed rejoiced. The stronger Ye Mo was, the happier he was.

Ye Mo squeezed the bug and said: "I took out this bug from Chen Qing and let it out. Its still marked by me. Where do you think you guys can go?"

Hearing Ye Mos words, one eyed sweated cold sweat on his back. Ye Mo was already waiting for the earth Fiend people to fall into his trap, and how funny it is that they dared to come kill Ye Mo!

Although the Gu bug in one eyed was a little more troublesome, Ye Mo only spent less than 30 seconds and took it out from one eyed.

Seeing Ye Mo take out the two bugs and put them into two jade boxes and packed them away to some unknown place, one eyed felt his skin having goosebumps. The only feeling in his heart was, this Ye Mo was so terrifying.

"How many of you came to Ning Hai?" Ye mo took out the Gu bug and then asked.

One eyed replied respectfully: "Ye qianbei, there are 3 of us in total. Other than me and Han Zai, theres one more. But, hes waiting for our news. After we finish our mission, we will go to Beijing together."

Ye Mo nodded and said: "You two, make an oath that you must not betray me." Although one eyed and Han Zai had said that they would be loyal to him, that was due to the Ye Mo's threat. Ye Mo couldnt trust the two completely so the oath was necessary.

Other people can think of oath as a joke but Ye Mo could make it become true.

After the two made the oaths, Ye Mo quickly took out a drop of essence blood between the eyebrows of each of them and made them into two restrictions before sending them back. If they were cultivators, they would be able to get rid of the restrictions by cultivation quickly. But one eyed and Han Zai were ordinary people, so no way for them to dispel the restrictions.

Although they saw Ye Mos action, the two didnt dare to move at all.

After the two made their oaths and he finished making the restrictions, Ye Mo then said: "Now, go find that companion of yours immediately."

"Qian bei, are we going to take him here for qian bei to remove the Gu bug?" Han Zai asked immediately.

Ye Mo sneered, "Remove the Gu, do you think Im a philanthropist? I only need you two to lead the way. As for the other person, kill him immediately, the faster the better. I dont want to wait a long time but you must use this charm. When you see him, throw it over and say lin."

The reason Ye Mo gave the two a fire ball charm was because he knew that if they didnt use the charm to kill, that Gu bug would escape. Once it did, that Gu king would be able to know very quickly. Of course, another reason was to intimidate the two.

Han Zai still wanted to say something but one eyed replied immediately: "Yes, qian bei, well go immediately."

One eyed felt shock and fear. If Ye Mo chose the other person, then they would be finished now. It was now he realized Ye Mos decisiveness in killing and he also knew why Ye Mo told him and Han Zai to kill. It was a symbol of loyalty.

Ye Mo closed his eyes and didnt talk. After one eyed and Han Zai left, his spirit sense immediately scanned Xie Weizhen. He was kicked and slapped by Ye Mo but was still in his room. But from how he kept calling, he was probably calling for backup. Ye Mo sneered. If Xie Weizheng went away, then he would let it go, but if he was still going to piss him off, then he really cant be blamed.

Xie Weizheng was infuriated at this moment. Ever since he was young, he was the genius of his age. When had he got insulted like this in his life?

Although Su Jingwen had never agreed to his pursue, in his eyes, no one else could touch Su Jingwen. But now, not only was the woman of his dream slept by another man and he was slapped in front of her and even lost a few teeth.

If he could swallow the insult, then he wouldnt be Xie Weizheng. So he would have Ye Mo's guts for garters. As for Su Jingwen, she was no more than a slut but he wouldnt let her go for daring to betray him.
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