Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 338

Chapter 338: Cant stand a blow

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
Just when the sky got dark, Ye Mos cultivation essence recovered. He took out that yellow Gu bug and threw it out. That Gu turned into a yellow ray and disappeared. Ye Mo followed it with the speed as fast as the Gu. However, a few minutes later, the yellow bug flew into an mansion in a vast expanse of land.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense in and immediately followed.

The Gu fell into a blue clothed mans hands. The man looked like he was in his 40s but his face was very bleak and had no emotions. However, his power seemed to be not much lower than Tan Jiao. It surpassed earth level tertiary stage and was earth stage peak.

There was such a master hidden in the cities and cultivated for such a short time. Ye Mo was sure that the man had cultivated no more than 30 years. He could reach this state in 30 years. It could be seen that this person was not only talented but his cultivation method must be extraordinary too.

Ye Mo knew how hard it was to cultivate ancient martial arts, he had seen many cultivation methods for ancient martial arts and their ways of opening meridians were very trash. It was complete trash compared to spirit chi cultivation methods. Even if Ye Mo cultivated ancient martial arts himself, he would need 5-6 decades to reach earth level and during these years, he would need medicinal herbs to support it.

The blue clothed man was in his 40s but was already half way to great heaven state. It could be seen that his cultivation method was over powered. Who knew how many essence blood bugs this guy had devoured to reach this stage.

The man held the yellow Gu bug Ye Mo released as his face turned blue. He really didnt expect that the host of this bug was killed twice in such a short time.

"Who is it? You dare to kill the host of my bug. If I dont turn you to dust, then I wouldve wasted this 30 years of cultivation. Sha 3, come over." The blue clothed man said in anger and couldnt control his fury as he slapped the table in front of him to pieces.

A black clothed man dashed from the side and walked in front of the man. He knelt down with one knee and said: "Gu king, Sha 3 awaits your command."

The mans hideous face relaxed a little and said with a cold tone: "I planted this Gu bug a few days ago on someone called Han Zai. Since the Gu bug is here, it means that Han Zai is dead. I ordered Han Zai to kill Ye Mos family. Since Han Zai is dead, this means that his death is related to Ye Mo. Immediately notify Sha 1 to ask Yang Jiu about the situation. Then, tell him to assemble all the killers he can. Do not leave a single person behind in the Beijing Ye family. Kill everyone Ye Mo knows."

"Yes." Sha 3 replied.

The blue clothed man sneered and looked at the Gu bug in his hand, "I, Ren Sha, will show you the consequence of offending me and killing the host of my gu."

"Wait." The blue clothed man called out and said: "After finishing the Ye family, bring those few women Ye Mo knows to Chun An. I will go there personally to humiliate them."

Then, the mans veins bulged on his head. Ever since he made his debut', no one dared to mess with him. Only he could go kill people, who dared to kill his men? But today, several of his men were killed by a young man in his 20s. He wouldnt tolerate such a thing.

Sha 3 just reached the door and was kicked back by a huge foot retreating tens of meters as he smashed into the blue clothed man. He spat out more than ten mouthfuls of blood and just died like that. A Gu flew out and landed on the blue clothed mans hand.

The blue clothed mans iris quickly retracted. One kick and his personal guard Sha 3 was dead. This man was definitely a dreadful being.

He looked up and saw Ye Mo who walked in through the door slowly. His face was calm as though he didnt kick that foot and Sha 3 fell over himself.

"Who are you?" Although everyone who went to kill Ye Mo knew what Ye Mo looked like, this blue clothed man had never seen Ye Mos picture. He didnt know Ye Mo and from the bottom of his heart, he didnt want to lower himself to know Ye Mo.

Although he didnt know Ye Mo, from how Ye Mo kicked Sha 3 to death in one kick, he knew that this youth would definitely be able to threaten him. Although the youth wasnt as strong as him, he shouldnt be far from him.

He didnt want to start a conflict with such a person. There was no benefit for him. Thinking about this, the blue clothed man said: "I have no feud with you. Why did you start trouble at my place and kill my disciple? Am I supposed to be scared of you?"

Ye Mo sneered, "Who am I? No feud? Im the Ye Mo whom you were about to kill everyone related to. Tell me if we have feud?"

"You are Ye Mo?" the blue clothed mans face changed. It went from bleak to astonishment. He knew that Ye Mos power wasnt bad and had a few killing blows but was at most black level power so he didnt care at all.

As for Ye Mo killing many people of the He Liu sect, the news hadnt reached him yet. But when he saw Ye Mo today, he realized that he couldnt even tell how strong Ye Mo was.

Only his trusted loyals knew this place, no one knew that he lived here. How did Ye Mo find him?

Thinking about this, Ren Shas heart sunk. He killed through any means necessary and was very vengeful and often killed many innocent people. However, he had his own standards and that was the people who he killed had to have no threat to him. If they did, then he would resist it and try to avoid conflict until he had the power to take them out from the roots.

But there were too little people in this world who could threaten him and just listening to Ye Mos age, he would know that Ye Mo definitely had no threat to him. But when he saw Ye Mo, he realized that he had made a big mistake.

Ye Mo was not only a threat to him but a being no lesser than him. He didnt want to mess with such a person. If he knew that Ye Mo was this strong earlier, he wouldnt intervene with Ye Mos matter much less kill everyone near him.

Ren Shas sixth sense was very strong. Although he didnt think Ye Mo was a match for him, he didnt want to take risks. If he had another 3 years, he could reach great heaven stage. By then, Ye Mo would be an insect in his eyes.

Then, another two men rushed in, their appearances were similar to the Sha 3 Ye Mo just killed. The two men walked up to Ren Sha and knelt down saying: "Gu king, we just received news that Lu Min died in Ning Hai, and Yang Jiu and Han Zai are nowhere to be seen."

"You killed everyone I had in Ning Hai? You were just in Chun An in the morning. How can you go to Ning Hai to kill people? And then how can you appear here?" Ren Shas eyes turned fierce. He had seen Ye Mos means and he didnt want to continue this with Ye Mo, but Ye Mo was the person who kept killing the hosts of his Gu bugs. This made him infuriated. He had already forgotten what his killers went to do at Ning Hai.

Ye Mo sneered and raised his hands. Two wind blades and the two men who knelt down on the ground were also killed by Ye Mo. Two Gu bugs flew out quickly landing in Ren Shas hands.

"You." Ren Sha could no longer hold in the anger and raised his hands. More than ten different coloured rays charged at Ye Mo.

Ren Sha wanted to use Gu bugs to attack him. Ye Mo sneered and shot out a chi swirl. All the Gu bugs were trapped by the chi swirl. Before they could come out, they were burnt to crisp by Ye Mos fireball.

A putrid smell came and they turned to flying dust falling everywjere.

Ren Sha looked at the ground filled by dust in shock. He was dumbfounded. There were indeed people who could counter his Gu but not this easily. It had been less than 3 minutes and they were all gone. In that instant, Ren Sha knew that the distance between him and Ye Mo was way too great. To the extent that he couldnt even stand a blow. Ye Mo was a great heaven master. No matter how much he didnt want to admit it, he was sure Ye Mo was a great heaven master. If he wasnt, he wouldnt be able to kill his Gu so simply and easily.

"Im not a match for you." All the Gu bugs were killed by Ye Mo. Blood seeped out of the corner of Ren Shas mouth. Although these Gu bugs lived off other peoples life essence, they were still cultivated by him. His spirit was affected when so many of them were killed.

Ye Mo walked up a few steps slowly and said: "Of course youre not a match for me. I dont need you to remind me."

"Before I die, can you tell me how you found me?" Ren Shas eyes showed desperation.

Ye Mo knew that Ren Sha couldnt just give up like this but Ye Mo wasnt afraid of anything Ren Sha had planned. In his eyes, this Ren Sha was at most the same as Tan Jiao. If this man didnt have the Gu bugs, even Tan Jiao could instant kill this man.

"Your yellow Gu. I captured it and I let it go. Of course it can bring me here." Ye Mo said plainly. Then, he raised his hand and let out a wind blade.

Ren Sha looked dumbly as Ye Mo chopped off one of his arm without a sound. He didnt even feel any pain. He couldnt understand how someone could follow the Gu bug. What speed would that be?

But the moment his arm was chopped off, he reacted. He raised his hand and shot out a black ray. Then, he retreated a few meters back and rammed into the wall. This wall actually fell apart.
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