Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 339

Chapter 339: If you dont die, I cant rest easy

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
After Ren Sha rammed into the wall, he disappeared in that extremely short time. Ye Mo didnt have time to check where Ren Sha went because in that instant, he felt danger.

That black ray exploded with the chi of destruction in front of Ye Mo. Ye Mo stood on the flying sword and rose to the sky without any hesitation.

Rumble, almost at the same time, there was a loud explosion. That grandiloquent mansion turned into rubble.

Ye Mo stood in mid air looking at the rubble. He was shocked by this explosion. He didnt expect the Gu king to still have such a card. If he was just a bit slower, even if he wasnt blown to pieces, he would be heavily injured.

Such a lethal mean. Ye Mo looked at the smoking mansion. No one inside could survive.

This wasnt ancient martial arts mean nor cultivation mean. That black ray was definitely technological. Ye Mo was sure that even chi gathering tertiary stage cultivator wouldnt be able to take that explosion easy. This thing was much stronger than a grenade.

There was the sound of the firefighters. Ye Mos face sunk. He knew that since this Gu king used such means, it meant that he didnt die at all. If he had to die, he didnt need to ram into the wall.

If his sword didnt slice off one hand of his, perhaps Ren Sha wouldve escaped without any damage.

The reason that Ye Mo didnt kill him immediately was that he wanted to pull the entire organization from its roots. He didnt want to just kill the Gu King. Since he came, he needed to kill them all. He just didnt expect the Gu king to still have such traps.

Nevertheless, Ye Mo wouldnt be scared. He scanned out his spirit sense. Moments later, Ye Mo found a deep trench behind that wall.

This trench was very deep and was well designed. Ye Mo estimated that it was about 100 meters deep. The mechanism was designed like this: once the wall was rammed, the trench would appear. Once someone dropped down, a net would catch the person and release him to the bottom. Then, there would be a transport tool at the bottom.

Although Ye Mo hadnt seen this tool, he was sure it mustve been taken by the Gu King.

Knowing Gu Kings escape route, Ye Mo didnt go down there however. He was thinking of a way in mid air. He couldnt just go into the tunnel like that. This place was excavated by the Gu king. If he planted a few more of those bombs like that, he would be heavily injured even if he managed to survive.

Thinking about this, just when Ye Mo wanted to leave, the fire brigade was here.

Rumble. There was another loud bang and not far from here. There was a huge explosion rupturing from the bottom of the ground shaking over a nearby building.

So vicious. Ye Mo looked at the explosion not far coldly. He wanted to kill this Gu king more desperately. If he followed up just then, he wouldnt be able to escape that explosion no matter what. It could be seen that this Gu king was really calculated. He could dig such a long tunnel underground. From this, it could be seen that not only was his wealth astonishing but he was also deeply connected.

Normally, who dared to dig such an underground tunnel in this busy city other than the government.

But since this was exposed, perhaps another bunch of corrupt people would be pulled out.

Ye Mo didnt care about this. He went invisible and took out another Gu bug. He marked with spirit sense and let it out. Then, he followed up.


Dozens of kilometers from the exploded mansion, in a private manor, Ren Sha appeared from an underground elevator with a pale face.

At this moment, he had lost an arm but felt lucky to be alive. The setup he had made many years ago finally came to use. If he didnt have an underground escape route, he wouldve been killed by Ye Mo now.

"Ye Mo, if I dont kill you, I swear Im not a human!" Ren Sha said with full of killing intent.

He didnt expect Ye Mo to be this scary. He couldnt resist at all under his hands. Although he had many means that he hadnt used, he didnt think he could beat Ye Mo.

He didnt even think that last blast could kill Ye Mo. If Ye Mo died that easily, then he wouldnt be so hard to deal with. But it was best if he was killed by that blast. Even if it didnt, Ren Sha estimated that Ye Mo would be injured at least.

No matter how Ye Mo was, he wasnt going to let him go. After his hand recovered. He would teach Ye Mo a lesson that he would never forget. However, in the depth of his heart, he still hoped that Ye Mo followed him into the underground tunnel and was killed in the explosion.

"Gu King." Another man walked over and knelt down on one knee. His facial expression was very reverent. As for his broken arm, it was as though he didnt see it.

"Immediately prepare a helicopter, I need to leave here." Ren Sha said coldly,

"Yes." This man replied and quickly left. In a short while, there was the sound of a helicopter in the field.

Ye Mo followed the Gu bug, running around for a while before eventually coming to a private manor. Just when he came in, he saw a helicopter rise up. Ye Mo packed away the Gu and followed the helicopter with his flying sword.

The helicopter landed on an island in the southern sea. This island belonged to Ren Sha. It was his place for cultivation and holiday. Now, it was for refuge.

Ren Sha walked off the helicopter. His broken arm had stopped bleeding, the medicine he used were all top grade. Its just that he was injured the most this time, this made him very angry. No matter if Ye Mo was killed, he wasnt going to give up his plan of massacre.

"Ye Mo, I swear here today, that if I dont kill everyone around you, I." Ren Sha didnt finish and was interrupted by a voice.

"What do you plan to do?" Ye Mos cold voice sounded by Ren Shas ear.

Ren Sha turned around and looked at Ye Mo who suddenly appeared as though he was a ghost. He was completely frozen. Regardless of whether Ye Mo knew about this private island of his, even if he did, how could he come here this rapidly? He took a helicopter, could he fly or something?

"you.. are you human or ghost." Ye Mos sudden appearance exceeded Ren Shas understanding. He couldnt imagine a live person teleporting from Hong Kong to this island.

Ye Mo sneered, "werent you just making an oath to kill me? What, youre scared now that Im here? Im here for you to exact revenge."

Ren Shas heart sunk into the bottom. He knew that Ye Mo was really here. His power exceeded his comprehension. Although he didnt know how Ye Mo came here, he knew that he had no chance now.

"How can you let me live? whatever you say, I can do it. Im willing to be your animal." Ren Sha understood the situation and knelt down without hesitation.

Usually, it was always other people kneeling down to him but now, this was the first time that he knelt down to someone else to live. he was willing to do anything to live. he looked down and was desperate. He saw that behind Ye Mos back, his henchman had taken out an assault rifle from the helicopter and was about to shoot at Ye Mos back.

At this moment, Ren Shas heart was beating rapidly but he didnt dare to expose his thoughts. He just wanted his men to open fire quickly.

Ye Mo didnt even look and just threw out a fireball.

Rumble, the helicopter and the man aiming at him all erupted into flames rushing into the air.

Ren Sha saw the explosion a few meters away, the searing heat had burnt his hair but his heart became cold again.

Ye Mo didnt seem to see the helicopter burning not far away. He wasnt affected at all and just looked at Ren Sha plainly and said: "I would never let out a mad dog to bite again. If you dont die, I cant rest easy. To me, youre just an ant."

Looking at Ren Sha who still knelt on the ground, Ye Mo smiled, " If you tell me how to pull your organization from its roots, perhaps I will give you a quick death."

"Ill fight to the death with you." Ren Sha suddenly rushed up pulling a soft axe from his waist and hacked towards Ye Mos lower dan tian.

Ye Mo had seen soft whips and swords but this was the first time seeing a soft axe. But Ren Sha had lost an arm, no matter how quick he was, he wouldnt be able to reach Ye Mo.

Ye Mo waved his hand and the other arm of Ren Sha fell to the ground. The axe was kicked back by Ye Mo and it happened to ram into Ren Shas leg and slicing it off like tofu.

Ye Mo took a step forward and slapped on Ren Shas head yelling coldly: "tell me, I want to kill all of Earth Fiend, what method do you have?"
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