Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 340

Chapter 340: Sha 1

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
Ren Sha showed struggle in his eyes but it was just a moment before he was lost and murmured: "I have a Gu king. if something happens to my Gu king, all the Gu bugs under me will attack their hosts and fly back."

It was actually that simple? Ye Mo once again saw the struggle in Ren Shas eyes and was amazed at his power. He quickly asked: "Are you the leader of the Earth Fiend organization?"

"No, Earth Fiend was created by Sha 1. After I came, I planted a Gu in him making him serve me." Ren Sha replied very quickly this time.

Ye Mo didnt expect that this internationally renowned Earth Fiend was actually a puppet organization. In that case, he didnt have any reasons to hesitate. Ye Mo took out a dark green ball from Ren Sha. There was a Gu bug lying there. The essence blood and life force on this Gu bug was much stronger than those other ones Ye Mo destroyed.

Ren Sha had also completely woken up. He saw Ye Mo hold the Gu king and his face rapidly changed. He knew that he had no way out now and his heart was full of resent.

It had never occurred to him that someone he thought he could kill easily eventually killed him without even leaving him a chance to escape. The unwillingness in his eyes was deep.

Ye Mo suddenly thought of the He Liu sect incident and asked: "Did you notify the hidden sects that I got the blood coral? How did you notify them?"

As if knowing that he would still die anyways, Ren Sha stopped saying anything but was secretly trying to shatter his aorta.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense and immediately knew what Ren Sha was trying to do. He tried to save his soul by committing suicide. Ye Mo didnt give it second thought before throwing out a fireball that surrounded Ren Sha.

Ren Sha was stunned. He had already considered Ye Mo to be the most dangerous person but didnt expect that he could tell that he tried to protect his soul. Was Ye Mo even human?

"I wont let you go even if Im a ghost" this was the last howl from the fire.

Ye Mo said coldly: "You wont have the chance to be a ghost, but now, you wont die yet. You can stay in that fire for a while."

Finally, Ren Shas eyes showed that all hope was lost. If he had another chance, he would rather offend the entire hidden sects than Ye Mo. His eyes gradually became dead.

Ye Mo looked at the Gu king in his hand. If he was just going to kill it like that, he felt it was a waste. He knew that although this Gu king was very low caliber in the cultivation realm, it was quite strong on Earth.

Although he felt it was a waste, Ye Mo still enveloped the Gu king in a fireball. He knew that even if he kept it, he couldnt keep it alive. He had no clue as to how to keep gu.

The Gu king struggled in the dark green ball, but in the fire, its struggle was a waste. Half a minute later, it finally stopped struggling and was turned to ash with that dark green ball.

At the same time, in dozens of places on earth, those Earth Fiend killers were all attacked by the Gu bugs. In a very short time, they turned into bloodless bodies and the Gu bugs disappeared into the skies.

Ye Mo sat on the small island. Gu bugs kept flying back, Ye Mo knew this was because Ren Sha hadnt died yet.

When it was day break, Ye Mo had burnt all the Gu bugs. Looking at Ren Sha who was on his last breath, he threw over another fireball and this Ren Sha completely disappeared from the world.

But when the Gu bugs attacked the hosts, in an underground chamber in a temple in Hong Kong, a pale faced man sat on the ground using his power to resist the devour of the gu.

He was the original head of the Earth Fiend, Sha 1. Different to other people, he knew from the beginning that he was turned into a tool for cultivation for the Gu king. When the time was right, he would be consumed.

But knowing was one thing and avoiding it was another. He knew that if the Gu king didnt need him to serve, he wouldve been long gone.

The moment that the Gu kings mansion was destroyed, he knew his chance had come. The Gu king always killed people and now, he finally met his end. Sha 1 was waiting for this opportunity. The moment the mansion was destroyed, he brought his two men to the underground basement.

Although Sha 1 was controlled by the Gu bug, he used his connections and had much better information than Ren Sha.

Ren Sha was very vengeful, ever since he came to the Earth Fiend. This organization was completely different from before, it had turned into a retribution machine.

So, Sha 1 thought of all the ways he could to help the Earth Fiend find strong enemies, and this time, they messed with Ye Mo. Ye Mo was too young and he didnt look well on Ye Mo but after investigating Ye Mo, he became hopeful of Ye Mo. He hid Ye Mos true capabilities from Ren Sha, just so Ren Sha could annoy Ye Mo.

As expected, things developed as planned. Even Sha 1 didnt expect Ye Mo to act so fast. Ye Mo was in Chun An in the morning and at night, he had come to Hong Kong.

Sha 1 brought two men into the underground basement. He knew that Ren Sha had an underground escape route. Even he didnt know how to get in. Just when he thought Ye Mo couldnt kill Ren Sha, the two men and him starting experiencing attacks by the Gu bugs. This made Sha 1 very surprised and joyful. He knew that only when the Gu king was killed would such thing occur.

So when the Gu started the attack, Sha 1 also started his resistance. For the past decade, he had been constantly thinking of ways to resist the Gu devouring. Finally, he thought of a way. Mutilation.

He forced the Gu into one arm and cut off that arm. Then, he quickly went into the metal room and closed the door. After eating the blood essence of that arm, the Gu couldnt find Sha 1 and flew off with the other Gu bugs.

Although Sha 1 lost an arm, he forced out the gu bug and was very happy. He didnt dare to stay in the underground basement and quickly fled.


The instant Su Jingwen packed away the charms, she remembered what happened when she came. She was too angered by her cousin, thats why she left. She thought about what happened with Ye Mo and her cousin and just remembered Ye Mo saying something about someone trying to assassinate her.

Since those people were going to assassinate her, it meant that they wouldnt let Ye Mo go either. Then, what would happen to Ye Mo? But in the turn of an eye, Su Jingwen realized that she was too hysterical. If something was going to happen to Ye Mo, how could he come here and give her the fire ball charms. Knowing Ye Mos power, since he knew that there was someone trying to assassinate him, he would have a way to deal with it.

Although she thought of this, Su Jingwen still felt a little guilty. She left before due to anger and didnt even care about Ye Mos situation. She wondered if Ye Mo would come back.

Su Jingwen sat in the car and waited for a long time but still didnt see Ye Mo. She started up the car disappointedly. At this moment, her mood was a little bad. It was because the cousin who had grown up with her become so rude, turning into someone she didnt even recognize. Was that still the cousin who helped her no matter what? She just couldnt put aside the words her cousin said today.

Su Jingwen shook her head and tried to cast these things aside. She knew that no matter how Ye Mo handled the assassins, it wasnt suitable for her to stay outside. Thinking about this, Su Jingwen didnt hesitate to drive home.

When Su Jingwen got home, she saw her cousin talk with her mother in the living room. Her face immediately changed.

Seeing Su Jingwen come back, her mother Mu An smiled and said: "Xiao Wen, your cousin has been waiting for you a long time, he says he has business with you."

Su Jingwen rubbed her forehead and said plainly: "Mum, I dont feel right today, Im going to rest." Then, she didnt even look at Xie Weizhen and just turned to leave.

Mu An looked strangely at her daughter. Although her daughter had always not really liked Xie Weizheng, she had never behaved like this today. Although Mu An wanted Su Jingwen and Xie Weizhen to be together, she still respect her daughters thoughts.

"Jingwen, its my fault today. I came to apologize. Please forgive me. Im sorry." Xie Weizhen saw this and stood up apologizing. His tone was very genuine and serious.

"Xiao Wen..." Mu An subconsciously thought it was her daughter being a little too grumpy. Even if Xie Weizhen did something wrong, he came up here to apologize. What else cant they sort out?

Su Jingwen looked coldly at Xie Weizheng, " You pointed at me calling me a shameless woman. Why are you apologizing to me? Leave. I dont have you as a kin anymore. You dont need to say anything else, Xie Weizheng. Go."

Mu An heard Su Jingwens words and her face also sunk. No matter what happened between the two, what right did Xie Weizhen have to call her daughter shameless.
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