Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 342

Chapter 342: Hurt

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
When Ye Mo woke up again, he felt that the spirit chi here had dissipated. He then stood up with regret. He felt his power went up a level. Although he was still stage 4, he wouldnt be short on spirit chi if he flew from Ning Hai to Hong Kong on the flying sword.

Ye Mo felt hungry and this shocked him. Normally, it would be fine if he didnt eat for two or three days but now he was hungry meaning that it had been at least more than 3 days.

Thinking about the time he missed, Ye Mo got on the flying sword and headed straight for Ning Hai.

When Ye Mo came to Ning Hai, he still saw Yang Jiu and Han Zai guarding outside of Wei Xian.

The two were already very desperate. Ye Mo said he would be back the second day or that night. But now, it was the 4th day and Ye Mo still hadnt come looking for them. Despite this, the two didnt leave Ning Hai.

Although he didnt know why Ye Mo hasnt come back yet, Yang Jiu had the premonition that something happened to Earth Fiend. He knew about the strict rules in Earth Fiend. They hadnt reported back in a few days. If Earth Fiend was still fine, they wouldve come looking for them in Ning Hai. Since they still hadnt come, it meant that something happened to Earth Fiend.

This was the reason why Yang Jiu and Han Zai still hadnt left.

When Ye Mo came back, they saw him immediately and came up greeting him. After some talk, Ye Mo realized that he had been cultivating for 4 days, no wonder his stomach was hungry.

"Qian bei, Ive dealt with that Xie guy. He wanted to scheme against you and Ms. Su Jingwen. We caught his evidence. Were wondering now if we should kill him?" Yang Jiu was very reverent to Ye Mo. He knew that Ye Mo went to annihilate the Earth Fiend and now that he was back. Although he didnt dare to ask about the result, he had connections and found signs. Accompanied with his previous guesses, Yang Jiu immediately knew that something really happened to the Earth Fiend.

Ye Mo waved his hand: "You two can deal with him. Its better if you can get some money out of him but even if you can, dont let him live too easily. As for his life, it doesnt matter if its taken or not. After this, you two immediately go to Flowing Snake and look for my second brother Xu Ping. I have some people starting out a company for me at Flowing Snake. There will be places for you. After I deal with some things, I will also go to Flowing Snake. As for Earth Fiend, you dont need to worry about them. I have pulled them up from their roots."

Yang Jiu and Han Zai looked at Ye Mo in shock. He actually annihilated the Earth Fiend. Pulling such a big hitmen organization from its roots. This was only a few days. Ye Mo seemed more mysterious in their hearts now.


After arranging the two, Ye Mo didnt go look for Su Jingwen. He went straight to Xuan Jiang. He still had a goal and that was to go to the He Liu Sect.

But Ye Mo was disappointed to find that the Xuan Jiang Zhang family didnt know about Zhang Zhihui at all. When he went to the family leader, only then did he know about Zhang Zhihui. However, the leader told Ye Mo that Zhang Zhihui hadnt met up with them nor contacted them for a long time.

Ye Mo estimated. It was actually after he sent Zhang Zhihui to annihilate the Broken Fist Hall, there was no longer any news of Zhang Zhihui.

Putting that aside, Ye Mo went to Wu Liang mountain. Since the Earth Fiend was gone, he needed to bring back his sister Tang Beiwei.

Wuliang mountain still looked the same with many tourists.

Ye Mo came to the entrance of Serenity. On the platform, he realized that the chain to Serenity had gone.

Someone cut the metal chains? Ye Mo was shocked. This definitely wouldnt be by Serenity because although the hidden sects didnt go into the world, they would still have connections to the outside world. They still had some necessities that they needed to trade.

If his sister wasnthere, he wouldnt be so worried but she was.

Ye Mo immediately stood on the flying sword and came to the opposite side of the cliff. Soon, he went into the Serenity valley. Coming out of the tunnel and at the end of the small road, it was the front door of Serenity. He scanned his spirit sense in.

Tang Beiwei was looking after the blue flower blue leaf grass and seemed to be very focused. It was as though nothing could move her attention from it.

Ye Mo breathed easy. Tang Beiwei was fine. Looking at where she lived, it seemed fine. Jing Xian didnt mistreat his sister.

Ye Mo quickly went into the yard that his sister was in and called, "Beiwei."

Tang Beiwei turned around abruptly and saw Ye Mo. She dropped the spade in her hands without a thought and ran away pulling Ye Mos arm and said with a face full of joy: "Brother, youre here."

Ye Mo patted her shoulder apologetically and didnt know how to say it to her.

"Whats wrong? Brother." Tang Beiwei felt Ye Mos hesitation and asked desperately. She had a bad feeling in her heart.

"Beiwei, sorry, brother went a little late, and your mother has already passed away." Ye Mo took out Tang Jings ashes and passed it to Tang Beiwei. Although he knew this would only make her sad, he didnt know any other way to bring it to Tang Beiwei.

Tang Beiwei let go of Ye Mos hands and took the box in disbelief. She couldnt say anything for a long time. Although Tang Jing wasnt her real mother, in her heart, no one could take Tang Jings place. Tang Jing was her mother.

But her mother was taken to Beijing. How long had it been? And an ash box was brought back. She couldnt take it. she couldnt believe it. Her mother went to enjoy life not die. Why did things have to be this way? Why? Tang Beiwei was frozen.

Ever since she was young, her mother used her weak shoulders to bring her up to adult because nothing could stop the love a mother had for her daughter. Whether it was raining or windy, snow or hail, her mother always pushed that little cart sheltering her.

But today, the daughter grew up. The mother still wasnt able to enjoy life yet and left like that.

"Mum." Tang Beiwei held the ash box in daze and cried out. She knelt down, tears raining down.

Ye Mo looked at Tang Beiwei crying and didnt try to comfort her. She needed to cry out the sorrow in her heart now.

After a long while, Tang Beiweis voice was even sounding coarse. Then Ye Mo carried her up, "Beiwei, aunty had left. She definitely dont want to see you like this. Find a place and lay your mother to rest."

Tang Beiwei sniffed and looked at Ye Mo before hugging him and crying again. Lucky she still had a brother. If she didnt have her brother and her mother died, then she wouldnt have anyone in this world. She would just be living alone in this world and lose the will to live.


Outside Serenity under a pine tree, Tang Beiwei piously buried her mothers ashes.

She inscribed on the tomb stone, "Sweet mother Tang Jings grave, erected by daughter Tang Beiwei."

This was all done by Tang Beiwei. Ye Mo didnt intervene. After Tang Beiwei had done all that, Ye Mo went down on his knees and kowtowed a few times with Tang Beiwei.

"Beiwei, come with me, Ill take you to my company." Ye Mo saw that Tang Beiwei was getting more and more morose so he wanted to take her out and lighten up her mood.

Tang Beiwei shook her head, "Brother, I dont want to leave yet. The people here are very nice to me and I also like the life here. Mum just left, I still want to stay with her for a while."

"Beiwei, you." Ye Mo didnt expect Tang Beiweis decision to stay in such an enclosed place.

Tang Beiwei walked by Ye Mos side and held onto his arm before saying slowly: "Brother, other than you, I have no other kin in this world. I know youre going out to find Luo Ying. I might as well wait for you here. After you find her, you can bring her to see me."

Then, she stayed silent for a while before saying softly: "Brother, sometimes, I really hope Im not your sister. If Im not, I will marry you and go find Luo Ying with you."

Tang Beiwei was very clear in her mind that even if she left with Ye Mo, she would still be living by herself. Ye Mo would be going out to find Luo Ying. And, she was used to living here.

Ye Mo rubbed Tang Beiweis hair and said: "Dont talk nonsense. lets go to where you stay first."

"Mhm, brother, the blue flower blue leaf grass you gave me last time grew another flower." Tang Beiwei seemed to have recovered a little from the sadness.

Ye Mo nodded and said: "Mhm, Ive seen it already. Youve taken good care of it. Thank you, Beiwei. And, your cultivation is going well too. You have reached stage one. You still need to work hard though. I will teach you properly this time before I go."

Tang Beiwei shook her head however, "Brother, I dont like you saying thank you to me. And, I will

work hard. Mhm, brother, by the way, how did you get in here?"
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