Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 343

Chapter 343: Wuliang Dian Cang

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
"Patron Ye, what Beiwei asked is also what Im curious about." Jing Xian appeared silently in front of Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei.

Ye Mo was focused on the conversation with Tang Beiwei and didnt notice Jing Xians arrival. Even so, he applauded the nun. It was no simple task to arrive here without his notice even if he wasnt concentrated.

"Master." Tang Beiwei quickly bowed.

Ye Mo looked strangely at Tang Beiwei. Did she plead Jing Xian to be her master? How come she didnt tell him. As though seeing Ye Mos surprise, Jing Xian said plainly: "I instructed her a few times when she was cultivating. Her cultivation method is very extraordinary. I dont dare to take her in as my disciple, but she insists on me being her master."

Ye Mo immediately understood what was going on and quickly bowed: "Thank you Jing Xian qian bei for taking in Beiwei. I, Ye Mo, thank you here."

Although he said that, Ye Mo was worried. He was afraid Jing Xian would see through Tang Beiweis cultivation method. If his spirit chi cultivation method was seen through, then it would be ground breaking.

Jing Xian quickly closed her palms and said: "Patron Ye, you are too polite. Jing Xian doesnt dare to be so. I see that patron has become stronger than last time, congratulations."

"Brother, sorry, I didnt have time to tell you yet. Master pointed out some meridians and chakra points for me. I cultivated the rest by myself. Master said Im not suited to the Serenity cultivation method. I just need to keep cultivating my current method." Tang Beiwei quickly said.

Ye Mo felt relived. Although Tang Beiweis words were a little rude to her master, she was desperately trying to explain to him that she didnt disclose the cultivation method. Despite this, Ye Mo still wanted to write an ancient martial arts cultivation method for Tang Beiwei. Once people asked, she can use that as an excuse.

Seeing Ye Mo nod, Tang Beiwei immediately said: "Brother, you still havent said how you came?"

Ye Mo knew that Jing Xian was also waiting for his answer: "I saw that the metal chain was broken so I jumped over."

Tang Beiwei didnt say anything. She knew that her brother had many strange capabilities but Jing Xian was extremely shocked. Jumped over? She wouldnt believe this no matter what but Ye Mo definitely came from the original way. Otherwise, how would he know that the chains were broken? But if Ye Mo didnt jump over, how did he come?

"Jing Xian qian bei, please tell me how that metal chain broke?" Ye Mo asked. If his sister wasnt here, then he wouldnt care but she was so he had to know what was going on. He didnt want his sister to be in the slightest danger.

Jing Xian looked at Ye Mo once. Although she knew Ye Mo was lying, she couldnt keep asking. She nodded and said: "Jing Xi actually agreed on the marriage between Susu and Bian Chao and privately took the marriage gift of Dian Cang. We didnt know about this at all. But a few days ago, Dian Cang sect people came to Serenity to marry Susu but found that Susu had left Serenity. The people were immediately angered."

Ye Mo didnt finish hearing and was also angry. Although Jing Xi was killed by him, how dare the Dian Cang people want Luo Ying. Luo Ying was the most precious person to him in this world. The Dian Cang people dare to come touch her.

Jing Xian sighed and continued: "Since Jing Xi is no longer here, so we cant reply to the Dian Cang people. Eventually, people came from Dian Cang injured Jing Ci martial sister. If it wasnt Beiwei, the Dian Cang people wouldnt just settle things there."

Tang Beiwei looked at her master in surprise: "Master, I didnt do anything though. I didnt know what happened either? I just heard that Jing Hui martial uncle said the metal chains were broken. Although I knew that my brother could come over, I dont know how he came over either. Whats this got to do with me?"

Jing Xian looked apologetically at Tang Beiwei and said: "Sorry Beiwei, I didnt tell you about this. I was afraid you would worry. The Dian Cang people was still going to rampage after beating Jing Ci but the young master of Dian Cang saw Tang Beiwei and was immediately shocked. He immediately changed his target to Beiwei and requested Beiwei to marry him instead of Susu. Bian Chao was going to bring Beiwei with him but I stopped him telling them that even if they were going to do so, they needed to wait a few days for Beiweis brother to come back.

They said that I was right, and they were keen on face-saving. So they went back to prepare for marriage gift. It would be 3 days before they come back. As for the marriage gift they gave last time, they would want it back when Susu comes back."

"Master." Tang Beiwei looked at her master in shock and subconsciously held onto Ye Mos arm tight. She was thinking, if her brother didnt come, was her master going to marry her into that Dian Cang or something?

Ye Mos face was very bad. Although he didnt know what Jing Xi meant, he definitely wasnt going to let his sister be forced into a marriage.

Jing Xi glanced at Ye Mo and said: "Just when I didnt know what to do, patron Ye came. I cant decide on this issue. Although I want to send Tang Beiwei away in secret, if Dian Cang knew about this, not only will Beiwei have nowhere to hide but our Serenity will also be destroyed and so will your Ye family."

"Brother." Tang Beiwei held Ye Mos hand tightly and called out worriedly. She knew her brother was strong but even Serenity was so worried about Dian Cang. She didnt dare to guess if her brother was a match for them.

Seeing Ye Mos face bleak and killing intent leaking, Jing Xian said worriedly: "Dian Cang is different from Serenity. Any one of their elders is earth level. And, Dian Cang is one of the 6 big sects. Although they are ranked last, their power is far from what our sect can compare."

Ye Mos face eased up. He knew that he couldnt blame Jing Xi for this. She really couldnt do anything. Thinking about this, Ye Mo nodded: "Jing Xian qian bei, thank you for taking care of Beiwei. A mere Dian Cang is no threat to me. I can beat the He Liu sect to fragmentation then there would be no reason for me to worry about Dian Cang."

Jing Xian heard Ye Mos words and was dazed. Ye Mo actually beat He Liu Sect to fragmentation? What was this? Their sect was secluded and thus didnt know what happened in the outside world.

After a moment, Jing Xian asked hesitantly: "Patron Ye, are you sure its the He Liu sect? He Liu sect is also one of the 6 big hidden sects. They are ranked even higher than Dian Cang."

Ye Mo smiled, "They schemed for my blood coral and ambushed me but I killed them all. Then, these people wanted to cause trouble at the Beijing Ye family. I killed all of them again. By the way, Jing Xian qian bei. I want to go to the base of He Liu sect and see. Do you know where their sect is?"

Jing Xian replied after a long while: "Sorry, I dont know. Even if I do, I cant tell you. This is the rule of the hidden sects."

Despite guessing this would be the result, Ye Mo was still a bit disappointed. He pulled his sister hands and bid goodbye to Jing Xian and returned to where his sister lived.

Once returning there, Ye Mo asked: "Beiwei, tell me, you didnt teach anyone else the cultivation method I taught you right?"

Tang Beiwe immediately said: "No, brother, I know what you taught me is different from them. Im not that dumb. My master just felt that the speed with which I gathered inner qi was very rapid and thus thought my cultivation method was really good. She never asked we what I was cultivating and just gave me tips on things I didnt understand.

Ye Mo nodded and said: "Good, you must never tell anyone what youre cultivating. Im going to stay here for a while and write out an ancient martial arts cultivation method for you. If someone asks, just say its that."

"Brother, are you really going to live here for a while?" Tang Beiwei was feeling down but she became excited hearing that Ye Mo was going to stay for a while.

Ye Mo nodded and said: "That Dian Cang sect dare to scheme for you and your sister in law. I will make them disappear. And, Ill also stay here for a while teaching you cultivation. And, you kept that blue flower blue leaf grass quite well. I still have a purple heart vine here. I also need you to grow that for me. This will be our future food. You must not treat it carelessly."

"I know brother." Tang Beiwei immediately replied

Tang Beiwei hesitated before eventually asked: "Brother, when that metal chain broke, I was really worried if you were still able to come. But then, I thought that you must be able to come over. Although you did come over indeed, I still want to know how you got over? Did it take a lot of time?"

Ye Mo smiled, "I just took a few seconds because I flew over."

Tang Beiwei opened her mouth wide and looked at Ye Mo. After a moment, she said dazily: "Brother, did you really spend a few seconds to fly over?"

If it was someone else, she wouldve filtered the words as bullshit but whatever Ye Mo said Tang Beiwei believed unconditionally because she trusted her brother. Every single thing he did was something she didnt dare to imagine before.

Looking Tang Beiwei who was still a little sad, Ye Mo patted her head. Although it seemed Tang Beiwei was very mature, she was still very young. Before she met him, she had gone through too much hardship. Not long after meeting him, her mother passed away. Reality was too cruel to her.

"Beiwei, at night brother will take you to fly in the sky." Ye Mo saw the longing in her eyes.
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