Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 345

Chapter 345: Internal Conflict

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
"Brother, you need to be careful." Tang Beiwei resisted the disgusting bloodbath and came up in front of Ye Mo. Although she wanted to go with Ye Mo, she knew that she wouldnt be able to help and would instead be a hindrance.

Jing Xian stopped the Serenity disciples who were going up. Ever since she saw that Ye Mo could fly on a sword a few days ago, she knew that Ye Mos power was far from what they could compare with. She hid this thing in her heart. She knew that if words got out, how much ruckus it would cause.

"Beiwei, wait for me here. I will be back in a while." Ye Mo comforted Tang Beiwei and then followed Huo Nuoping the two and left Serenity.

Hu Nuoping heard Ye Mos words and sneered inside. He wanted to come back after killing our Dian Cang people? He was dreaming!

Ye Mo followed the two onto the cliff at Serenity before he knew how they came over. It was a balloon flotation device. There was a generator and a propeller. It was a simple helicopter to be exact.

Seeing this, Ye Mo sneered. It seemed that the hidden sects were not so hidden. They even had such things. They were intact with the times.

Zhong Dan looked furiously at Ye Mo but didnt dare to attack. He could only start up the balloon device. If he could beat Ye Mo, then 100 Ye Mos wouldve been dead.

After the balloon helicopter started, it soon went into the misty Wuliang mountain disappearing amongst the mountains.

Ye Mo scanned out his spirit sense but could only see foggy valleys. There was no sense of direction at all.

Hu Nuoping looked coldly at Ye Mo and didnt say anything. In his eyes, Ye Mo was a dead person. He only needed to die at Dian Cang. This balloon helicopter passed through the mist for more than an hour before landing at a platform that was surrounded by mountains. However, there was a small temple made by bricks here. Everything around was covered by the fog and no structures could be seen. It was unknown if this place was still even in Wuliang mountain. Ye Mo applauded. There were too many mountains that were hard for ordinary people to reach in China.

Zhong Dan walked out of the balloon helicopter and looked coldly at Ye Mo sneering: "After you die, I will go down to comfort your family. I promise each and everyone of them will be very happy. So happy that they cant even die if they want to. Every single woman of your Ye family will be proud of me."

Ye Mo looked at Zhong Dan and said plainly: "Pitty, you wont have that chance." Then, he raised his hand and let out another windblade. ZHong Dan was suddenly split in half falling with shocked eyes.

"You, dare to still kill people at the foot of our sect." Hu Nuoping looked as though he was going to eat Ye Mo but he didnt dare to attack. However, he was just more shocked. Even his tone was shaky. Originally, he just thought Ye Mo had a fast blade, so fast that he didnt notice at the time.

But just now, he saw it clearly. Ye Mo didnt use a sword at all. He just swiped with his hand. Was this the legendary chi gathering to form blade? His face was like a dead man's. If this Tang Beiweis brother was really this scary, then even if Dian Cang killed him, how much price would they have to pay? He didnt dare to imagine.

Ye Mo said plainly: "Hu Nuoping, if you say anymore and not lead the way, then I will kill you as well. My patience is very limited."

Hu Nuoping shivered and turned to leave. He didnt dare to piss off Ye Mo. Although it was only a short time, he had completely understood what sort of person Ye Mo was. He was a demon. Dian Cang was also like an overlord but in front of him, Dian Cang was an old granny eating vegetables.

Seeing Hu Nuoping continue walking, Ye Mo followed but before he left, he waved his hand and two fireballs shot out turning that small temple and the hot air balloon into a gust of fire.

Hu Nuoping looked at the two gusts of fire as his mouth spasmed. He didnt say anything but walked faster.

Ye Mo followed Hu Nuoping across two dozens of meters long metal chains and crossed a few valley roads before reaching a group of ancient styled buildings. In front of these buildings, there was a 50 meter tall mountain stairs. After the stairs, there was a huge monolith a few meters tall in front with the two big words Dian Cang.

Ye Mo sighed. Whether it was temperament or environment, Dian Cang was so much stronger than Serenity. Just these ancient yet elegant buildings werent something Serenity could compare with.

"Elder Hu.." Hu Nuoping walked in front of the stone monolith and a guarding sect member greeted.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense. If he didnt come here himself, he really couldnt imagine that there was such an heavenly realm like place amongst these mountains. It seemed that there werent much disciples in this sect either. Ye Mo only saw around 100 people.

Hu Nuoping walked outside the main stadium at the huge bell and quickly rushed there. He pulled the ropes and kept knocking the huge bell.

Dang.. Dang the deep tremendous sound immediately surged through the sect. Ye Mo knew what Hu Nuoping was doing but just watched coldly and didnt stop him.

"Hu Nuoping what are you trying to do?" An old man with white beard charged out from the stadium and pointed at Hu Nuoping in anger.

Before Hu Nuoping could say anything, dozens of people came out from the big stadium. Some even had wounds on them. Ye Mos spirit sense scanned that there were at least 5 heavily injured people inside but these people were obviously divided into two sides.

"Martial brother Hu, why did you knock the alarm bell for no reason? Is someone going to annihilate our Dian Cang?" another old man walked out, his face was obviously unhappy.

Hu Nuoping dindt expect the Dian Cang people to be already gathered here but he didnt have the mood to think. He immediately went up to the middle aged man in the middle and bowed before pointing at Ye Mo: "Sect mater, this person killed multiple members of our sect and followed me to Dian Cang wanting to annihilate us. Please make the order to kill this man immediately,"

Hearing Hu Nuopings words, the dozens of Dian Cang sect members surrounded Ye Mo without the sect leaders orders. Those who still had enmity towards each other directed it to Ye Mo.

The middle aged man called the sect leader looked at Ye Mo for a long time before saying: "Elder Hu, I only see you from the people who went with you to Serenity. Are you saying this man together with Serenity killed everyone who went with you?"

"Yes, sect master, this man calls him Tang Beiweis brother. We didnt even go into Serenity and had 3 of us killed by him. Then, on the way back, Zhong Dan was killed by him. Before he came in, he also burned out Dian Cang temple at the foot of the mountain." Hu Nuoping said with gritted teeth.

Before the sect leader said anything, a big man with a face of beard pulled out his hack sword and charged at Ye Mo. In his eyes, Ye Mo killed many Dian Cang people at such a young age, it must be due to some tricks.

Crank. The mans long sword was stopped, it was a middle aged man who used a long sword.

"Yu Xianlin, why are you stopping me. This person killed this many of our Dian Cang sect members. Are you going to help him?" The bearded man yelled in anger.

This middle aged man said slowly: "Bian Feng martial brother, this man killed our Dian Cang sect members, he must die for sure but before this, should we ask or not why he killed out sect members? If it wasnt for Bian Chaos arrogance, why would he come killing our sect members?"

Seeing Wang Xianling stop Bian Feng, the middle aged sect leader showed anger, " Wang Xianling, are you going to help this outsider who killed our sect members?"

"Bian sect master, this man killed our sect members. Not matter what reason, he has to die but if it wasnt Bian Chao, why would he do that? Why would our sect members go to Serenity. Plus, this man could kill our sect members meaning that Serenity was helping him. If it wasnt for Bian Chao, why would Serenity have conflict with us?

Although Hu martial brother brought him back for punishment, I still hope that sect leader can be fair and punish Bian Chao heavily and give out your position as sect leader. Otherwise, we can disregard offending Serenity but what if we offend one of the 6 big sects next time?" this was the old man who reproached Hu Nuoping.

Ye Mo had understood now. This old things thought he was brought back by Hu Nuoping and when he came with Hu Nuoping, Dian Cang seemed to be in internal conflict.

This old mans side seemed to have conflict with the sect leaders side. They were fighting for the positon of the sect leader and then he and Hu Nuoping came in and interrupted this.

Hu Nuoping opened his mouth wanting to explain that Serenity didnt help Ye Mo but he also could tell that Dian Cang was in internal conflict.

Ye Mo sneered, "Shut up all of you. Bring out Bian Chao now, before I slaughter, I need to sever this scums legs. Otherwise, I came all this way but still havent seen the pig Im supposed to kill."

Ye Mos angry yell made this entire place silent. Everyone stared at Ye Mo. What right did this young man have to be this cocky? He was facing all of Dian Cang and he still dared to be so cocky. Hes lived enough has he?
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